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  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    5.00 star(s)
    Great blade for close-to-table attacker
    This is a fantastic blade that allows you to play some really amazing shots with ease. It's made specially for Ma Lin's style, and that shows. I...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • World Champion 89 Appelgren
    5.00 star(s)
    I got this blade to test how much faster Rakza Z was compared to H3 39 provincial OS. I was playing with a Nittaku basaltec Inner. It was a...
    • Lazer
  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    4.00 star(s)
    Initially I didn't like this blade because coming from the Stiga Intensity, this was even harder and faster, but the more I used it I found some...
    • Lowday20298
  • Rakza XX
    5.00 star(s)
    Excellent speed and good support overall. The rubber feels quite bouncy due to softy top sheet and not too hard sponge. It can bottom out in large...
    • jackywongtt
  • Ma Lin Carbon
    5.00 star(s)
    First of all, a noteworthy point about the handle shape: blades in the Ma Lin series share a very well-designed handle for Chinese penhold that is...
    • jackywongtt
  • Rubbers $50

    Rakza XX

    The latest version of the successful Rakza series. RAKZA XX is a fast rubber developed to suit advanced players. Although the sponge is made of a...
  • Rubbers $48

    Butterfly Glayzer

    Butterfly Glayzer This is for those who prefer softer rubbers than Chinese or Hybrid rubbers. It’s a medium-hard rubber, with the spring sponge X...
  • Rubbers $25

    Xuperman Powerplay-X

    Xu Xin recently released a new rubber, Xuperman Powerplay-X, and used it on his forehand in the Chinese championships 2023. The rubber is very...
  • Clothing $45

    Butterfly Shirt

    Good shirt good price.
  • Rubbers $34

    H8-80 37 degree

  • Rubbers $48

    Glayzer 09c

    Butterfly's latest rubber series launched in 2023, the Glayzer series. The Grey Spring Sponge X is used in the Glayzer 09C. The topsheet combined...
  • Rubbers $48


    Butterfly's latest rubber series launched in 2023, the Glayzer series. This rubber is using the new Grey Spring Spong X. Butterfly state Glayzer -...
  • Rubbers $48

    Rakza Z Extra Hard

    The Rakza Z Extra Hard is an even harder version of the Rakza Z which uses the new sticky topsheet by Yasaka. This new production process in the...
  • Rubbers $48

    Rakza Z

    The Rakza Z is a new rubber designed by Yasaka using a sticky topsheet. This new production process in the topsheet gives more spin and grip. This...
  • Blades $40

    Dyjas Ultra Power

    For offensive players that like to play fast topspin shots. Excellent for attacking, fast, lots of penetrating power, hard and with good control...
  • Rubbers $40

    Super Ventus

    Super ventus is the new flagship of our outstanding Ventus series! Our Japanese TSP material experts succeeded in designing an innovation...
  • Rubbers $49.99

    Gear Hyper

    The Gear Hyper is the latest professional rubber we released in April 2020. Gorgeous as it looks, but it is more than just good looking. Pixel...
  • Rubbers $55

    Hexer Grip SFX

    Spin, feeling, tolerance, control. Create magic spin: The advanced top sheet made of 100% natural rubber, allows maximum spin and magical...
  • Rubbers $35

    Tau II

  • Rubbers $38

    Ventus Soft

    Ventus Soft is an ultra-soft, high-prcision and fun-to-play offensive rubber offering excellent control. When designing Ventus Soft, The TSP...
  • Rubbers $30

    Vega X

    Table tennis players from around the world have experienced and appreciated the "VEGA" rubber series over the past decade. VEGA made its...
  • Rubbers $33

    DNA Future M

    The DNA series is STIGA’s first table tennis rubber manufactured in Germany. These table tennis rubbers are designed for a wide range of table...
  • Rubbers $42.51


    The new Yasaka Rubber Valmo is made in Japan using the latest Japanese technology called "JP Hybrid". The top sheet has a large proportion of...
  • Rubbers $35

    Battle 2 Provincial blue sponge

    Provincial rubber Friendship 729 Battle 2 with blue sponge is designed for forehand, is a combination of hard Chinese sponge and specially treated...
  • Rubbers $29

    Battle 2 blue sponge

    Serves: Service with Battle 2 blue sponge is very good, it has a high rotation. Short service is very comfortable to play. Short game: Short game...
  • Rubbers $30

    Battle II

    Friendship 729 Battle 2 is a high spin rubber, the ball doesn't jump off the racket. The serve, return, chop, block and topspin are excellent. The...
  • Rubbers $43

    Nexxus EL PRO 53

    To break the rules, you must first master them! GEWO Nexxus Pro Hard The best choice: The rubber series for top players and players enjoying...
  • Blades $39

    Falcon Fast +

    its an affordable and good blade for beginners, stiffness and hardness is around seven meaning it would be good for a european set up (hard blade...
  • Rubbers $26

    Hybrid K2

    - HYBRID K2 - the new generation of Chinese "Hybrid rubbers - made in Germany - issued from the development of the K1 and K1 Plus pimple rubbers...
  • Rubbers $40

    Nexxus XT Pro 48

    Gewo's new Nexxus XT Pro 48 rubber
  • Rubbers $40

    Nexxus EL Pro 48

    The master class of the Nexxus series. The GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 will amaze you: whether fast, powerful opening topspins or slower, spin-focused...
  • Rubbers $27.99


    The tacky but thin topsheet on Nitrx 4z gives you the advantage of heavy spin on serves, while being more forgiving when receiving spinny shots...
  • Blades $50


    The Yinhe M201 contains a newly developed Carbon combination by Yinhe known as High Polyethelene. Its high strength, light weight and toughness...
  • Rubbers $50

    Hexer Powergrip

    Released in August 2018, andro's latest rubber, the Hexar Powergrip. Perform Like Hell / Magic Spin - Spin, power, consistency, precision. -...
  • Rubbers $43

    Hexer Grip

    Magic Spin / Amazing Control. * Spin, feeling, consistency, control. * Create magic spin: The advanced, plastic ball-optimized top sheet made of...
  • Rubbers $32


    The Yasaka Rigan Rubber
  • Rubbers $40


    TARANTULA The latest generation of Anti-Spin rubbers sets a new benchmark! We have managed to further enhance the effectiveness of Anti-Spin...
  • Rubbers $25


    Rubber with very high rotation. It has adhesive tips. If it is on the 1.0 mm backing, it is best for the block. With OX the best to play in the...
  • Rubbers $40


    Full review: I played the material specialist firestorm on a 2.1 sponge on the offensive blade. I...
  • Blades $50


    The Yinhe M202 contains a newly developed Carbon combination by Yinhe known as High Polyethelene. Its high strength, light weight and toughness...
  • Blades $35

    E. Lebesson

    The blade of the European Champion 2016 in single and French National Champion 2009, Emmanuel Lebesson stands for modern, athletic attacking table...
  • Blades $48

    Hugo Calderano Foco OFF+

    The Hugo Calderano OFF+ is the fastest version to the newest Calderano blades which work perfectly for attacking offensive players. This blade is...
  • Blades $48

    Hugo Calderano Foco OFF-

    The Hugo Calderano OFF- is the controlled version to the newest Calderano blades which work perfectly for mid distance spin.
  • Blades $40

    Zeta Offensive

    Number of Layers : 7 approximate weight (g) : 85 Blade Type : OFF thickness (mm) : 6 The Zeta Offensive goes through an improved drying process...
  • Rubbers $30

    Musa III

  • Blades $48

    Hurricane 301

    New technology keeps the consistency of performance longer, which makes blades less susceptible to temperature, air humidity and more effective in...
  • Blades $45

    Simon Gauzy Quest ALL+

    The Simon Gauzy Quest ALL+ blade was released in 2017 designed and built by Cornilleau and Simon Gauzy. The 5 ply blade uses Limba as the outer...
  • Blades $45

    Simon Gauzy Quest OFF

    The Simon Gauzy Quest OFF blade was released in 2017 designed and built by Cornilleau and Simon Gauzy. The 5 ply blade uses Ovengkole as the outer...
  • Blades $40

    Hurricane Fang Bo B2

    The Fang Bo B2 blade by DHS
  • Blades $40

    Offensive S

    The Xiom Offensive S table tennis blade utilizes traditional 5-ply construction with a special layer construction. It is perfect for speedy drives...
  • Rubbers $45.00

    Gold Arc 8

    "The surface of Goldarc 8 has the elasticity of a fully drawn bow, and has high grip. The elasticity comes from the robust pimple geometry. It has...
  • Rubbers $35


    ROYAL - Royal features a medium sponge with STIGA’s fastest short pips-out surface - If you want to finish the point quickly, Royal delivers...
  • Rubbers $35

    Target 40+ Turbo

    The new 40+ version of the Target National seems to be frustrating. Just like the Euro Target version the new 40+ Target seems to have a very low...
  • Rubbers $30

    AK 47 Blue

    Deadly Blue, with 38-40 degree sponge is a breakthrough in evenly distributed foaming teachnique. It provides strong elasticity and support with...
  • Rubbers $28

    Vega Intro