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  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    5.00 star(s)
    Great blade for close-to-table attacker
    This is a fantastic blade that allows you to play some really amazing shots with ease. It's made specially for Ma Lin's style, and that shows. I...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • World Champion 89 Appelgren
    5.00 star(s)
    I got this blade to test how much faster Rakza Z was compared to H3 39 provincial OS. I was playing with a Nittaku basaltec Inner. It was a...
    • Lazer
  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    4.00 star(s)
    Initially I didn't like this blade because coming from the Stiga Intensity, this was even harder and faster, but the more I used it I found some...
    • Lowday20298
  • Rakza XX
    5.00 star(s)
    Excellent speed and good support overall. The rubber feels quite bouncy due to softy top sheet and not too hard sponge. It can bottom out in large...
    • jackywongtt
  • Ma Lin Carbon
    5.00 star(s)
    First of all, a noteworthy point about the handle shape: blades in the Ma Lin series share a very well-designed handle for Chinese penhold that is...
    • jackywongtt
  • Balls $30

    3 star 40+

    XSF's exclusive technology creates balls as a single unit, not by fusing parts together under old methods. By getting rid of seams, we also got...
  • Blades $30

    Arylate Carbon

    This Gambler blade has been developed for the combination style attacking play. Unique blend of Limba and multiple different types of Cypress...
  • Rubbers $48

    Sriver G2 FX

    The Sriver G2 FX is a newer version of the Sriver G2 which comes with a softer sponge powered by Butterfly’s High Tension technology.
  • Blades $40


    YinHe recommends this blade for fast looping players who play close to the table.
  • Blades $40

    Sweden Classic

    Unsurpassed ball feeling gives a perfect blade for players that can mix technical attack near the table and topspin play short distance from the...
  • Blades $43

    Battle Balsa

    In the BATTLE BALSA Yasaka has combined the best balsa-quality with Scandinavian pine to produce a faster blade, but still with a low weight.
  • Blades $41


    A great choice for the modern top spin game.
  • Blades $43

    Extra 3D

    The Yasaka Extra 3D (previously known as Yasaka Gatien Extra 3D) is designed for players who are looking for more power but still want control...
  • Blades $50

    Ma Lin Extra Offensive

    The Ma Lin Extra Offensive has been developed by Yasaka to add a touch more speed than the popular Yasaka Offensive blade. This blade has an...
  • Blades $35

    Ma Long Light

    Very light, quite thick and fast offensive blade. Light weight gives comfortable feeling for the hand
  • Rubbers $45

    Rakza X

    RAKZA X table tennis rubber from Yasaka is the latest addition to the popular and highly successful RAXZA series of Yasaka rubbers. The top sheet...
  • Rubbers $43

    Omega V Asia

    Dynamic Friction rubber grabs the slippery Plastic balls far more firm and solid at the contact. Control of your ball with Dynamic Friction is...
  • Rubbers $43

    Omega V Europe

    Dynamic Friction rubber grabs the slippery Plastic balls far more firm and solid at the contact. Control of your ball with Dynamic Friction is...
  • Rubbers $35


    The original anti spin rubber - unrivalled for total control. The best answer to topspin and strong spin. Sponge medium soft Strategy DEF-/DEF...
  • Rubbers $50


    P like precision, P like professional, P like Poly-ball. GeoGrip-Power-Technology is used - this develops significantly more grip of the ball for...
  • Rubbers $36


    KILLER is an astonishing new development among offensive pimple-out rubbers. Actually it is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubbers that...
  • Rubbers $36


    This short pimpled rubber will be a real challenge for your opponents. Blocking on topspin or smash will produce very disturbing returns, the ball...
  • Rubbers $25

    Skyline 3-60

    CONTROL + LOOP Sticky Rubber + Soft Elastic Sponge Skyline 3-60: classic sticky rubber + new soft elastic sponge Classic Skyline 3, equipped with...
  • Rubbers $27

    Sonex JP Gold

    The Sonex JP Gold is suitable for Attacking players
  • Rubbers $35


    For aggressive offensive players who operate with top spin, counter top spin and block technics and who win their points with hard strokes. The...
  • Rubbers $35

    JO Platin

    We recommend the DONIC COPPA JO PLATIN from Jan-Ove Waldner to the following players: The harder Coppa JO Platin is predominantly recommended for...
  • Rubbers $36

    Slice 40

    The DONIC SLICE 40 has a sophisticated pimple design with a soft rubber surface tuned for defensive strategies. It is remarkably quicker as the...
  • Rubbers $46

    Bluefire JP 02

    This version is a thrilling addition to the JP family. This sponge, in the medium range, produces a perfect combination of spin, speed and...
  • Rubbers $46

    Traction 2

    This new technology guarantees optimum speeds and best possible control. - A perfect combination of a grippy top surface, ensuring speed, together...
  • Rubbers $46

    Bluefire JP 01

    This is a new type of pimpled rubber in combination with the proven, dynamic blue sponge but with a somewhat finer pored structure. This lends the...
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluefire M1 Turbo

    The successful Bluefire M and JP rubber series leaves nothing to be desired. Two turbo versions – Bluefire M1 Turbo and Bluefire JP01 Turbo...
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

    Top surface: spin-elastic - similar sponge hardness to JP 01 (47,5°), open-pored sponge - increased dynamic that is easily controlled - maximum...
  • Rubbers $46

    Bluefire JP 03

    The Japanese have influenced an outstanding rubber development "Bluefire" which DONIC have successfully incorporated in the production of Formula...
  • Rubbers $25

    Shifter Powersponge

    andro Shifter Powersponge is the ideal choice for players who put their focus on control. Its soft and elastic sponge provides an excellent...
  • Rubbers $30

    Hexer Duro

    HEXER Duro is designed for all players who demand from their rubber strong spin and speed characteristics combined with very good durability. The...
  • Rubbers $37


    The new type, aggressive pimple design successfully creates topspins as well as effective block and counterattacking strokes. In combination with...
  • Rubbers $40

    Impuls Powersponge

    Looking for the complete package of speed, spin and excellent ball-control? Then choose Impuls Powersponge! By ideal matching of these...
  • Rubbers $45


    The mixture of 100% natural rubber in the upper layer results in increased grip and a longer impact time. This effects in improved trampoline and...
  • Rubbers $38

    Vega Asia

    Xiom's vega Asia is a fast and more balanced version of the VEGA series. The new Hyper Elasto top layer of the rubber provides exceptional spin...
  • Rubbers $40

    Sigma I Pro

    Xiom's Sigma series has installed an extra power effect, giving a speed glue like feeling. This Hyper Elasto rubber has built in Internal Mechanic...
  • Rubbers $35

    Vega Europe

    The Vega series is focussed on spin. The two new technologies built into the rubber HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE make this Tensor rubber give a...
  • Rubbers $40

    Vega Pro

    The Vega series is focussed on spin. The two new technologies built into the rubber HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE make this Tensor rubber give a...
  • Rubbers $35

    Vega Elite

    The rubbers main focus is spin. The rubber has high stability and ensures secure control and feel for the player. This rubber is based on tensor...
  • Rubbers $45

    Vega Japan

    Xiom's Vega Japan has been developed using new technoloty called Hyper Elasto IMB which opens up a new opportunity for VEGA players. The rubber...
  • Blades $41

    Techno Power Contact

    All+ blade conceived with Vladimir Samsonov‘s assistance, this somewhat slower blade still confers enough speed. It distinguishes itself by the...
  • Blades $44

    Chila Offensive

    The blade of the team European Champion and Olympic bronze medallist in double, Patrick Chila, is a real light weight thanks to the middle Balsa...
  • Blades $45

    IV-S SGS

    The offensive Ayous layer combination is now also available with the new SGS grip comfort system. The optimised racket shape adapted to the grip...
  • Rubbers $50

    Rakza 9

    The Yasaka Rakza 9 is the fastest of the Yasaka Hybrid Energy rubbers and is suitable for offensive players, using high speed and spin.
  • Rubbers $50

    Rakza 7

    Rakza 7 has been developed with Yasaka's "Power Sponge" to work in perfect synergy to produce the latest generation of hybrid rubbers.
  • Rubbers $44

    Mark V

    One of the very first rubbers that stating blending natural and synthetic rubbers. A traditional attacking rubber since 1970. It has been used in...
  • Rubbers $40


    This rubber has been made in China and has been factory tuned. The rubber which has a mediu to hrd sponge has been designed for Chen Weixing...
  • Rubbers $48

    Energy X-Tra

    This rubber comes with a soft sponge which offers the same feel as the speed glue effect for attacking players wanting spin and speed. It has been...
  • Rubbers $48

    Energy 325

    The Energy family have produced this super soft version that still maintains the 'Green Power' effect. This is the newly re-branded version, as...
  • Rubbers $50


    With professional insight and development from Germany's National Coach and former World Champion, Jorg Rosskopf, Rhyzm sets a superior standard...
  • Rubbers $50

    Rhyzm 375

    Designed the same as the original Rhyzm however this comes with a softer sponge. Rhyzm 375 shares the same top sheet as Rhyzm but gives you a...