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  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    5.00 star(s)
    Great blade for close-to-table attacker
    This is a fantastic blade that allows you to play some really amazing shots with ease. It's made specially for Ma Lin's style, and that shows. I...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • World Champion 89 Appelgren
    5.00 star(s)
    I got this blade to test how much faster Rakza Z was compared to H3 39 provincial OS. I was playing with a Nittaku basaltec Inner. It was a...
    • Lazer
  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    4.00 star(s)
    Initially I didn't like this blade because coming from the Stiga Intensity, this was even harder and faster, but the more I used it I found some...
    • Lowday20298
  • Rakza XX
    5.00 star(s)
    Excellent speed and good support overall. The rubber feels quite bouncy due to softy top sheet and not too hard sponge. It can bottom out in large...
    • jackywongtt
  • Ma Lin Carbon
    5.00 star(s)
    First of all, a noteworthy point about the handle shape: blades in the Ma Lin series share a very well-designed handle for Chinese penhold that is...
    • jackywongtt
  • Shoes $100

    Wave Drive 7

    Low to the ground table tennis shoes for quick movements. Heel wave plate and ap+ ensure optimal cushioning and lightweight properties...
  • Rubbers $50

    V > 01 Stiff

    The Victas V > 01 Stiff rubber is for advanced players. The Stiff rubber has been developed by the German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) to...
  • Blades $55

    Drinkhall Offensive Classic

    The Drinkhall Offensive Classic is designed for attacking players who are looking for great power without losing control. The blade is developed...
  • Rubbers $65

    Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial

    The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial rubber is slightly different to the commercial Hurricane 3 NEO. The top sheet of the NEO Hurricane 3 Provincial...
  • Rubbers $50


    FastArc is one of the ideal built in tension offensive rubber which pursues "Fast" and "arc". The most suitable combination between power sponge...
  • Shoes $65

    Petra Plus

    Nexy's latest shoes which are an upgrade to the Petra shoes. They are called the Nexy Petra Plus and are designed with good grip and durability...
  • Rubbers $55

    Acuda P2

    The new Donic Acuda BLUE rubber captivate by its outstanding playing characteristics such as very good control and complete the features of the...
  • Rubbers $55

    Acuda P1

    The new Donic Acuda BLUE rubber captivate by its outstanding playing characteristics such as very good control and complete the features of the...
  • Rubbers $53


    Tibhar's latest rubber in 2015. The newly designed rubber surface provides maximum catapult and thus supports the energy transfer of the ball...
  • Rubbers $60

    Hurricane 3 NEO National (Orange Sponge)

    This is the National version (Orange) NEO Hurriane 3 which comes in a thinner top sheet than the commercial NEO Hurricane 3 which results in a...
  • Blades $60

    Gewo High-Power 6.5

    For the total offensive play. Optimum for a spinny and direct offensive play. For the absolute will to win the points fast. GEWO offers you here...
  • Blades $98

    Fire Fall FC

    Fire Fall FC is the blade of the VICTAS Fire Fall series with the greatest feel. The well-balanced ply composition and the soft Fleece Carbon...
  • Blades $50

    Allround Classic Carbon

    - Lightweight allround 5-ply blade with two carbon layers - An updated version of the world famous Allround Classic blade - With two added carbon...
  • Blades $70

    Extra Offensive 7 power

    Extra Offensive 7 Power In the last few years, Yasakas EXTRA OFFENSIVE has been a big success, appreciated by players all over the world. With...
  • Rubbers $54

    Rasant Beat

    Huge sound, big fun! The Beat Box among all soft rubbers! High potential for monsterspins! Impressive failure tolerance! More balls reach their...
  • Blades $70

    Marcos Freitas

    The former Youth European Master Marcos Freitas mixes now with the European men leaders (3rd place at the European Championships in doubles in...
  • Blades $50

    Baum Esprit

    The artificial Aramid-Carbon fibre in combination with high quality wood plies ensure a precise ball return and outstanding offensive quality to...
  • Blades $50

    Offensive Classic

    STIGA's popular attacking blade which is lightweight and build for fast and technical offensive play.
  • Blades $50

    Timo Boll ALL

    The Timo Boll ALL blade offers a high level of control that is suitable for the passive all-round and well balanced player. Perfect choice for...
  • Rubbers $70.00

    Evolution MX-S

    Thanks to the new pimple geometry of the rubber surface the ball contact time is expanded creating a spin geared dynamic version of Evolution with...
  • Shoes $80

    UTOP 1

    Combines comfort, support and light weight, with the design enabling the shoe to be laced according to personal preference. The extremely grippy...
  • Rubbers $50

    Airoc Astro S

    The STIGA Airoc Astro soft is a progression from the earlier STIGA Airoc soft. Rubber coming soon...
  • Rubbers $50

    Airoc Astro M

    The STIGA Airoc Astro medium is a progression from the earlier STIGA Airoc Medium. Release date: 2015
  • Blades $53


    Compared to the Thriller OFF the Thriller OFF- has a 0.5 thinner core which increases the control significantly. The target of the development has...
  • Blades $85

    Li Ping KiTex

    DONIC developed the sensational new Li Ping KiTex blade expressly for Li Ping, a young Chinese National Team player who is one of China's hopefuls...
  • Shoes $70

    Attack Excounter TPA327

    ■ upper: body-artificial leather + synthetic fiber-reinforced-steel artificial leather ■ outer sole: rubber soles ■ inner sole: replace expression...
  • Shoes $60

    Blue Spirit

    Pretty much the same as Stiga Instinct with some minor cosmetic design differences (like blue motif). Very comfortable, sizes true. Very low...
  • Blades $50

    Pure Wood

    5-ply Allround blade, maintaining the playing characteristics that Vladimir Samsonov is renowned for after two decades as a world table tennis...
  • Blades $67


    The Joola Fever blade is ideal for strong offensive players who require very good speed in their attacking shots. As well as speed, the blade...
  • Blades $88

    High Technology Plus

    This 2nd generation of our offensive blade offers a very good control for all strokes. A new gluing technique together with the already existing...
  • Shoes $65

    Petra Plus

    (From This is the Nexy Petra Plus logo Table Tennis shoe. These TT court shoes have the style and flash, plus they are very grippy...
  • Blades $80

    Peter Pan

    (From Peter Pan is designed to be a flexible attacking all-wood blade for a player who likes to do it all. Blade is flexy for easy...
  • Blades $100


    (From (Nexy Korea description is in KOREAN) Lissom is a multi-geared flexible all-wood blade with White Ash outer veneers. You play...
  • Blades $60


    From (Nexy Korea Description is an Encyclopedia) Spear is an early generation dual-impact blade for control offensive players. Soft...
  • Shoes $60


    Yasaka's luxury shoe for demanding table tennis players looking for maximum grip on all floor surfaces.
  • Glues $50

    Oil Booster

    DianChi Oil (Chinese 典馳 典驰 油) is one of the most popular boosters in the world.
  • Glues $60

    Free Chack

    Butterfly's popular glue to attach rubbers to blades. 100% liquidized natural caoutchouc, Easy to remove from sponge and racket.
  • Rubbers $55


    Butterfly's Bryce has been used by Kalinikos Kreanga and Werner Schlager during the speed glue era. It has been designed to reduce the energy loss...
  • Blades $70


    Offensive, mid distance looping blade. Thinner (6.1mm), more flexible profile provides a higher ball arc and greater spin.
  • Blades $99

    Earth E-4

    The "Earth" series of blades are all 5-ply blades meant for mid-distance looping. The blades are all about 5.7mm thick giving a flexible blade...
  • Blades $80

    Greenline Fast

    Fast offensive blade with balanced control, suitable for all offensive players developed by JOOLA. The grey fineline upper layer guarantees...
  • Blades $55

    Aria Lite

    RIA LITE is recommended for the aggressive topspin players of modern Chinese style. ARIA LITE is also suitable for modern all-round strategy.
  • Blades $75

    Extra Special

    Yasaka EXTRA SPECIAL is the ultimate pure wooden blade for demanding players who like hot power strokes.
  • Blades $60

    Silver All Wood

    It gives a really good ball feel, and together with the hard outer veneers also enough power for attacking play.
  • Blades $50

    Ma Lin Extra Offensive

    The Ma Lin Extra Offensive has been developed by Yasaka to add a touch more speed than the popular Yasaka Offensive blade. This blade has an...
  • Blades $72

    Ma Lin Carbon

    This is Yasaka's traditional carbon blade used by Ma Lin. It has great speed with a good balance of control due to the high quality of wood...
  • Blades $60

    Waldner Senso Carbon

    Famous Donic WALDNER SENSO CARBON blade in the legendary "drop" shape played by many times World Champion JO Waldner. The length of the blade is 4...
  • Blades $60

    Ovtcharov Carbospeed

    It is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with...
  • Blades $60

    Waldner Legend Carbon

    The blade has been designed with great care. The choice of wood plies - Hinoki outer ply in combination with carbon layers and a soft inner ply...
  • Blades $60

    Epox Carbotec

    The ideal blade for attacking players who value spin and speed variation. The Formula DONIC rubbers such as Coppa X or Acuda S are a perfect match...