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  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    5.00 star(s)
    Great blade for close-to-table attacker
    This is a fantastic blade that allows you to play some really amazing shots with ease. It's made specially for Ma Lin's style, and that shows. I...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • World Champion 89 Appelgren
    5.00 star(s)
    I got this blade to test how much faster Rakza Z was compared to H3 39 provincial OS. I was playing with a Nittaku basaltec Inner. It was a...
    • Lazer
  • Ma Lin Extra Offensive
    4.00 star(s)
    Initially I didn't like this blade because coming from the Stiga Intensity, this was even harder and faster, but the more I used it I found some...
    • Lowday20298
  • Rakza XX
    5.00 star(s)
    Excellent speed and good support overall. The rubber feels quite bouncy due to softy top sheet and not too hard sponge. It can bottom out in large...
    • jackywongtt
  • Ma Lin Carbon
    5.00 star(s)
    First of all, a noteworthy point about the handle shape: blades in the Ma Lin series share a very well-designed handle for Chinese penhold that is...
    • jackywongtt
  • Blades $60

    Ovtcharov Carbospeed

    It is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with...
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluestorm Z1

    A storm brews ! BLUE ALERT A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating...
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluestorm Z2

    A storm brews ! BLUE ALERT A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating...
  • Rubbers $85

    Airoc M

    Stiga's 2014 rubber designed for the new plastic ball. This rubber has a medium, blue sponge using OCS sponge technology (Oxygen Capsule System)...
  • Rubbers $50

    V>15 Extra

    Victas latest innovation released in 2015. The ultimate weapon for aggressive offensive players who want spin and power in their shots.
  • Rubbers $50

    Rasanter R50

    The Rasanter series launched in March 2017 is the latest innovation by andro. The Rasanter R50 has been designed for the 40+ plastic ball. The...
  • Rubbers $50


    With professional insight and development from Germany's National Coach and former World Champion, Jorg Rosskopf, Rhyzm sets a superior standard...
  • Shoes $90

    Liner Shoe

    STIGA's latest table tennis shoe, the Liner. The upper part of the shoe is constructed with lightweight breathable material. The soles creates...
  • Rubbers $80

    Tenergy 05 FX

    The Tenergy series are combined with the innovative 'Spring Sponge' with High Tension technology. Out of the series, Tenergy 05 FX is a softer and...
  • Rubbers $50

    Rakza PO

    The Yasaka Rakza PO is one of the new rubbers developed with a new topsheet by the manufacturer. This improves the grip and spin which is combined...
  • Rubbers $65

    Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial

    The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial rubber is slightly different to the commercial Hurricane 3 NEO. The top sheet of the NEO Hurricane 3 Provincial...
  • Blades $56

    Venus V-14 PRO

    The 30th anniversary of YinHe company, they released the new version of the famous Venus V-14 blade with polished look and updated manufacturing...
  • Blades $90


    Seven plies of powerful wood result in this weapon of choice for players looking for a fast and powerful blade.. Good feeling are the words most...
  • Rubbers $50

    V > 01 Stiff

    The Victas V > 01 Stiff rubber is for advanced players. The Stiff rubber has been developed by the German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) to...
  • Blades $58

    Samsonov Force Pro

    The new blade of the multiple European Champion and World Cup winner impresses by its varied speed reserves. The Limba outer layers confer its...
  • Rubbers $60

    Omega V Tour

    The Omega V Tour is an advanced Tensor rubber by Xiom and has been designed for professional players.
  • Blades $80

    Peter Pan

    (From Peter Pan is designed to be a flexible attacking all-wood blade for a player who likes to do it all. Blade is flexy for easy...
  • Blades $55

    Aria Lite

    RIA LITE is recommended for the aggressive topspin players of modern Chinese style. ARIA LITE is also suitable for modern all-round strategy.
  • Rubbers $80

    Maxxx 400

    Designed for league and tournaments players wanting to play an all round aggressive game.
  • Blades $99

    Earth E-4

    The "Earth" series of blades are all 5-ply blades meant for mid-distance looping. The blades are all about 5.7mm thick giving a flexible blade...
  • Rubbers $50

    Rasanter V42

    The Rasanter has undergone the most intensive and groundbreaking development ever attempted with a German rubber. The goal was to develop a...
  • Rubbers $55

    Acuda P1

    The new Donic Acuda BLUE rubber captivate by its outstanding playing characteristics such as very good control and complete the features of the...
  • Rubbers $50

    Aurus Select

    The Tibhar Aurus Select rubber released in 2017 has a 45º sponge hardness, ideal for players who want to generate a lot of spin in their game. The...
  • Blades $55

    Drinkhall Offensive Classic

    The Drinkhall Offensive Classic is designed for attacking players who are looking for great power without losing control. The blade is developed...
  • Rubbers $50


    The rubber for the ambitioned player striving to play topspin strokes in any situation. The new technology combined with the ultra soft rubber...
  • Blades $70

    Blue Thunder P777

    The Avalox Blue Thunder 777 is a 7 ply blade that is nice a light and yet very fast. Designed in Sweden for the Chinese National Team!
  • Blades $67

    Black Carbon

    Developed and conceived in collaboration with blade specialists from China and Korea, this stiff blade offers extreme acceleration possibilities...
  • Blades $50

    Offensive Classic

    STIGA's popular attacking blade which is lightweight and build for fast and technical offensive play.
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution EL-S

    Tibhar's latest rubber for 2016, the evolution EL-S which has a grippy topsheet combined with a medium to hard sponge for speed and extreme spin...
  • Rubbers $50

    Aurus Sound

    The softest version of Aurus produces a great sound and pure playing pleasure. The balanced playing sensation of the soft sponge and the elastic...
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluestorm Z3

    A storm brews ! BLUE ALERT A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating...
  • Shoes $90


    Comfortable feeling during long hours of activities thanks to VTUBE technology. Microfiber and extremely light material minimizes the deformation...
  • Blades $100

    Arctic Wood

    Stiga's seventh and last blade 2016 ! The blade will be aviable in the end of march .
  • Rubbers $60

    Acuda S1 Turbo

    The turbo version of the Acuda series is most effective due to the maximum in-built speed effect. Effective for efficient top spin attackers.
  • Rubbers $80

    Maxxx 500

    Hard sponge combined with the new dynamic micro pore and softer pimple geometry provides extreme feeling and spin for attacking players of the...
  • Blades $80

    Greenline Fast

    Fast offensive blade with balanced control, suitable for all offensive players developed by JOOLA. The grey fineline upper layer guarantees...
  • Rubbers $55

    Acuda P2

    The new Donic Acuda BLUE rubber captivate by its outstanding playing characteristics such as very good control and complete the features of the...
  • Blades $75

    Koji Matsushita

    The VICTAS Koji Matsushita is a defensive blade used by Olympic athlete and one of the worlds greatest defenders Koji Matsushita! The 5 ply blade...
  • Rubbers $55

    Rhyzm 425

    JOOLA RHTYHM 425 has been developed for modern loop players who like to play with power. One step down in hardness from the original Joola Rhythm...
  • Blades $70

    Balsa Fibretec 75

    An extra light blade, the Balsa Fibretec 75 is perfectly suited to aggressive offensive rallies. Its 7.5 mm thick Balsa core provides high speed...
  • Blades $50

    Kinetic Explorer

    Faster, Better Feeling, Optimized in Detail The Kinetic system provides more energy when playing the stroke so the blade becomes more speedy...
  • Blades $97


    Avalox AVX Ruiba Bloodwood Carbon. The first Swedish-made Avalox carbon blade. With 5 wood plies and two carbon plies, it features a relatively...
  • Rubbers $72

    Rasant Grip

    This new rubber from Andro was released in 2014 and has a medium-hard sponge. It is for those players who are looking for a rubber with maximum...
  • Rubbers $72

    Rasant Power Grip

    This new rubber from andro was released in 2014 and has a hard sponge. It is for those players who are looking for maximum power in their shots...
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution FX-S

    Tibhar's latest rubber for 2016, the evolution FX-S which is the little brother of EL-S. The FX-S has the same spin as the MX-S however the power...
  • Rubbers $60

    Bluefire M3

    Donic's new Bluefire is a completely new rubber development offering top speed The new high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula...
  • Rubbers $52

    Baracua Big Slam

    A newer version of Baracuda which has even more sound and control due to the softer sponge.
  • Rubbers $60

    Acuda S3

    The Acuda series has been developed for the fast offensive play with more emphasis on spin. Acuda S3 has a very soft sponge designed for powerful...
  • Blades $65

    Challenge Force

    The adidas Challenge Force is a 5 ply blade for the offensive game whilst maintaining a high level of control. Limba wood of medium hardness is...
  • Rubbers $55

    Fastarc P-1

    The Nittaku Fastarc P-1 is the newest rubber in the Fastarc series. Released in 2015 designed for the plastic ball (40+). The rubber has a strong...