Items by ControlledSpin

  • Blades $48

    Hurricane 301

    New technology keeps the consistency of performance longer, which makes blades less susceptible to temperature, air humidity and more effective in...
  • Rubbers $45.00

    Gold Arc 8

    "The surface of Goldarc 8 has the elasticity of a fully drawn bow, and has high grip. The elasticity comes from the robust pimple geometry. It has...
  • Blades $40

    Offensive S

    The Xiom Offensive S table tennis blade utilizes traditional 5-ply construction with a special layer construction. It is perfect for speedy drives...
  • Blades $90


    Seven plies of powerful wood result in this weapon of choice for players looking for a fast and powerful blade.. Good feeling are the words most...
  • Rubbers $5

    729 OEM

    729 OEM rubber
  • Blades $70


    This is the original version of the Avalox blade, the one that made Kong Linghui famous and is still being used by almost the complete Chinese...
  • Blades $80


    This very powerful light weight 7 ply blade is popular among member of Chinese National Team. Convenient handle, very attractive colour and ideal...
  • Rubbers $8

    CJ8000 (Biotech)

    Palio CJ8000 Biotech rubbers use the classic CJ8000 topsheet, fairly soft and half-tacky for a very nice blend of speed and spin. The new topsheet...