Reviews by Freddie Mercury

  • Great speed
  • Very durable
  • Better bounce
Ok, just to start this review I'd like to say that these balls where used during the European Para Table Tennis Championships and I as an umpire, didn't see or experience any balls breaking. I never found one broken ball, and that was from early in the morining to late afternoon during a whole week.

I also got to play with them a little, and the bounce is definitely better (at least I like it that way) as it bounes higher and remarkably longer. The speed is much higher, so it requires less work go get decent speeds, something that I like a lot, as I love speed. The balls seem to be a little darker in their color, and a little more glossy than any other ball I've used, I don't see this as a pro or con, as it really doesn't matter to me.
Most of the balls are round and nice, but there are a few exeptions and that's something you should be aware of. During racket control in the EPTTC I also checked all the balls my players where to use (if they didn't choose themselves) and I found a few eggs amongst otherwise great and perfectly round balls.

The reason I have speed at 10, is because it's probably one of the fastest plastic balls there is, not as fast as celluloid, but fast. They have a crisp feel, but they don't sound as bad as other plastic balls, not as "broken".
Overall I like them. They are without doubt the best balls I've played with so far, and I've played with a lot. This is the closest thing I've found to celluloid and I can't wait to buy a few more myself, as I only managed to get hold of two balls at the EPTTC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if theres anything you're wondering about, feel free to leave a comment or send a private message.
  • Consistent
  • Extreme control
  • Fast and direct

I've been playing with the Carbonado 190 for two month now, and I'm plesantly surprised. I made the switch to the Carbonado from the Timo Boll ALC after it broke during a backhand smash. I paired the 190 with the same rubbers as the ALC- Tenergy 05 for forehand and 80 for backhand.
I thought that the TeExtreme carbon giving a wider sweetspot was nothing but marketing and that it would be of almost no significance, I was wrong.
It's a little faster than the Timo Boll ALC but a lot more controlable, making blocking and accurate placed loops and drives a lot easier, almost too easy.

I noticed the increased contol immediately during my first training session, even during my first few hits.

Now, for some stats.

Speed: This is certainly a fast blade, about 8.5 out of 10.

Control: I knew I was getting a very fast blade, and was afraid that I'd lose a lot of control, I didn't. Blocking, looping, driving, lobbing, cutting, serving, no problem at all.

Throw: The throw angle i relatively low, which is part of the rason blocks and counter hits on loops is so easy. You just land the balls fast and with a direct trajectory on the table. This makes short and mid-distance loops drives and blocks easy, but far from the table requires a lot of effort and an open bat angle, or you'll hit the ball in the net. This is part of the reason I'm pairing it with T05 for forehand, as it has a medium to high throw.

Stiffness: The blade is very stiff, which is something I really like, as it gives you great feeling when hitting the ball.

Looping: Looping with this blade is a dream. The amount of contol and spin which can be generated is incredible. But be aware, it has a low throw, which gives a very flat and direct trajectory, so I recommend you to pair it with rubbers that has a medium to high throw as it evens it out perfectly.

Driving: Giving the blades wide sweet spot and direct trajectory, driving with this blade is a dream. I felt like I had a lot more room for error with this blade than I had with the Timo Boll ALC.

Blocking: I fell like I've said this man times now, but blocking is a dream. The wide sweet spot allows you to have much room for error, making your blocks consistent, almost anywhere the ball hits your blade. Accurate plaement with a lot of speed and feeling is what this blade offers.

Conterhitting: Amazing!! The amount of speed combined with the control combined with the high speed results in devestating counter loops and drives. This is where the the 190 outshines anything I've played with before.

Close to the table: This is where the blade truly shines. Close to the table loops, counter loops and blocks are so effortless with this blade. It truly is as good as it gets.

Mid distance: The Carbonado 190 is also great for mid distance play, as it gives you excellent speed and spin. But, it requires a little more effort because of the low throw.

Long range: This is the the only raal weakspot I can think of when it comes to the 190. Long rage loops and drives requires a lot of effort combined with a very open angle of the racket. It also requires very precise timing as it's really difficult to get that nice "wide" trajectory that you need to lift the ball from under the table.

Serving: The blade is allows precise serves with a lot of spin, but it requires a bit of finesse to keep the serves short, as the blade is very fast and "active".


The Stiga Carbonado 190 is the perfect for the player who relies on fast, direct shots combined with a lot of control. If you're a close to mid distance player who like to play fast and spinny counter loops, this blade is for you. I you need a blade with a little higher throw and wider trajectory the Carbonado 145 is more likely better suited for you.
The Carbonado 190 is a high quality blade, made for world class play, but the wide sweetspot is also great for learning players.
The handle is also great and gives you a amazing grip, but it's not as comfortable as the Boll ALC handle, but nothing really is.
Overall I prefer this blade to the Timo Boll ALC, but it all comes down to your playing style.

Excuse me for any misspellings, weird formulations and a weird summary order. I'm a new reviewer and english is not my main language.
  • Amazing spin
  • Amazing speed
  • Durable
This is a fantastic rubber. I've tried used all Tenergy rubbers, and 05 is my favourite for both backhand and forhand. It provides you with amazing speed and spin, just what an attacking player needs. I'm currently using it on the Stiga Carbonado 190 and it's amazing. You can truly feel the catapult effect of the sponge, working together with the topsheet to give you huge amounts of speed and spin.

The only complaint I have for the 05 is short game, you tend to hit the ball a little high and long, which makes it easy for you opponent to attack, but, nothing practise won't fix. I love T05 for opening and counter looping, blocks can be hard to contol, as the rubber is quite senstive to incoming spin.

If you need a rubber that provides you with huge amounts of speed and spin, combined with decent control, Tenergy 05 is for you.
  • Very controlable
  • Good spin
  • Durable
  • Pricy
  • Lacks power
I've used Tenergy 80 with both my Timo Boll ALC (which broke!!) and now currently using it with my Carbonado 190.
The rubber offeres a great amount of contol while blocking and spinny loops. I've only used it on my backhand, and I prefer it to Tenergy 05 when it comes to opening and blocking, but nothing else.
Theres just something about this rubber that I don't like, but I'm not quite sure what it is. I'm a player that relies on hi-speed shots combined with a lot of spin, and Tenergy 80 just doesn't provide me with what I want.

If you're a player that needs control and spin, this is a great rubber for you. It's also great for the allround player that needs a mixture of control, speed and spin. If you're like me, and relies on fast, direct shots, you'll be dissapointed.
For me, Tenergy 05 is perfect for both forehand and backhand, as it's better for fast counterhits and powerful loops.