Items by Kuba Hajto

  • Rubbers $30

    Vega X

    Table tennis players from around the world have experienced and appreciated the "VEGA" rubber series over the past decade. VEGA made its...
  • Blades $100

    Omega Tour

    Xiom Omega Tour is an offensive 7-ply blade made with a Jointless one piece veneer without material - saving joint fabricated structure...
  • Rubbers $14

    Burst Thors Hammer

    Gambler Burst Oh-Toro is an aggressively tacky attack rubber for players who wish to use heavy spin. It is suitable for close table attack, 3rd...
  • Blades $40

    Dyjas Ultra Power

    For offensive players that like to play fast topspin shots. Excellent for attacking, fast, lots of penetrating power, hard and with good control...