Reviews by Lzrby

  • Price
  • Control
  • Dwell time
  • Hard layer chips
This was my second blade after the YEO 7 Power with the same rubbers. I use reverse penhold backhand (RPB) and my playing level is currently around 1700 US rating. This is a very underrated blade. Similar to the Yasaka Sweden Extra, but with a noticeably bigger sweet spot (due to the harder outer surface).
In comparison to the YEO 7 Power:
-More dwell time. I could immediately feel that it was easier to lift underspin balls with this blade, especially on the backhand. My coach even commented that my loops were more spinny after I switched to this blade.
-More control: Blocking is much easier due to the slower speed. Looping half-long underspin balls out of position is also much easier to keep on the table, since the blade is slower and has more dwell. I probably earned 30% more points as before because I had a lot fewer unforced errors due to this blade.
-Not lacking in power. From mid and far distance, this blade does not lack power as long as your technique is good (using hips and forearm snap). Having faster rubbers that have higher throw angle will also help (I use boosted hurricane 3). I can backhand loop (RPB) far from the table as well if I add wrist and a little body.
-Sweet spot is around the size of a baseball. It’s slightly less than YEO 7 Power, but let's be honest: YEO 7 Power has a HUGE sweet spot that can rival that of the Butterfly ZJK super ZLC. So the sweet spot on this is a good size for an all wood blade, but you can definitely tell when your contact is clean or not – helped me realize when I should slow down a bit on the loop to control the contact point.
-Feeling is very noticeable – When you hit the sweet spot, it’s about the same amount of vibration as the YEO 7 Power. But the feeling itself isn’t really crisp in quality like the YEO 7 Power. It’s more like a low-frequency tuning fork (that doesn’t vibrate as long).
-You might have to add a coat of lacquer to the edge of the blade since the soft center layer of wood might stick to your edge tape and peel off in little bits. Also, if you accidentally hit the table when “pushing” no-spin short serves, the edges of the red outer layer might break off just a little bit (a millimeter or two). But it’s very minor and I haven’t had issues with delamination in the couple months I’ve had this blade. (And for this price, replacing it 9 times in a row would still be less expensive than a high-end butterfly blade)
-The value is PHENOMENAL. I got it on sale for $29 from TT11. This is an unbeatable price. Will buy again for sure.