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  • Rubbers $85

    Dignics 09c

    Dignics 09c is the latest rubber released by Butterfly on the 1st April 2020. It's the latest addition in the Dignics series using a newly...
  • Blades $100

    Infinity VPS V

    The Infinity VPS V - with Diamond Touch (OFF) with the brand new VPS technology (Veneer Precision System) is built with two hand-selected middle...
  • Rubbers $40

    Vega Pro

    The Vega series is focussed on spin. The two new technologies built into the rubber HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE make this Tensor rubber give a...
  • Rubbers $16

    Hurricane 3

    Hurricane 3 was designed for the top players who cares not only for highest speed and power, but also looking for a good control to be able to...
  • Dignics 05

    Dignics "Raise your game". Dignics guides your game to a higher level. The combination of the new and improved Spring Sponge X technology with an...
  • Genesis M

    The new STIGA Genesis Medium rubber will be release this Spring 2016. The rubber has been made in China. The Genesis rubber also comes in a soft...
  • Shoes $90


    Stiga's 2014 shoe has been developed for the tough and intense movement patterns used in the modern game of table tennis. The shoe has extreme...
  • Rubbers $82

    Tenergy 19

    Butterfly's latest rubber released in 2021. The key difference between Tenergy 19 19 and Tenergy 05 is the pimple structure with the pimples on...
  • Rubbers $60

    Performance P7

    This is one of the hardest sponges from the Adidas Performance rubbers developed for mid distance players.
  • Blades $500

    Jun Mizutani Super ZLC

    This Jun Mizutani Super ZLC blade is the latest model in the Super ZLC range from Butterfly. The fibres are more densely woven than other ZL fibre...
  • Blades $220


    The Nittaku Violin table tennis blade is hand crafted in Japan using techniques and woods usually associated with string instruments! This...
  • D40+

    The new DHS D40+ plastic ball which comes with a seam will be released in April 2016.
  • Tomokazu Harimoto Innerforce ALC

    The new Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade was developed in close cooperation with the Japanese 15 year old wonder kid who is world...
  • Blades $110

    Ovtcharov True Carbon

    The Donic Octcharov True Carbon will be released in June 2016. The True Carbon comes packed with five precious wood veneers and two layers of...
  • Rubbers $72

    Rasant Grip

    This new rubber from Andro was released in 2014 and has a medium-hard sponge. It is for those players who are looking for a rubber with maximum...
  • Rubbers $45

    Nano Flex FT48

    nanoFLE is a new development by GEWO using the latest state of the art technology. This has been designed to have a high catapult effect for...
  • Rubbers $48

    Glayzer 09c

    Butterfly's latest rubber series launched in 2023, the Glayzer series. The Grey Spring Sponge X is used in the Glayzer 09C. The topsheet combined...
  • Rubbers $45

    Rakza X

    RAKZA X table tennis rubber from Yasaka is the latest addition to the popular and highly successful RAXZA series of Yasaka rubbers. The top sheet...
  • Shoes $200

    Energy Force 12

    Butterfly's cooperation with ASICS have produced high class table tennis shoes.The strong stability, firm grip and its dampening effect offer...
  • Blades $195

    Garaydia ZLC

    New for 2015, Butterfly have released the Garaydia ZLC, designed to give high rebound with ZL-Carbon focused on superb balance between speed and...
  • Mantra M

    STIGA Mantra M has been developed in Japan. The rubber comes in 3 versions soft, medium and hard. The rubbers will be available in Spring 2016.
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

    Top surface: spin-elastic - similar sponge hardness to JP 01 (47,5°), open-pored sponge - increased dynamic that is easily controlled - maximum...
  • Blades $200

    Innerforce Layer ALC

    Butterfly's new blade for 2015, the Innerforce Layer ALC. This blade is incorporated with a mixture of Arylate and Arboni. A high quality model...
  • Eternity VPS V

    STIGA's first blade launched in 2016, 1 of 7 the STIGA Eternity VPS V will be launched in May 2016! Video sneak peak...
  • Rubbers $48

    Rakza Z

    The Rakza Z is a new rubber designed by Yasaka using a sticky topsheet. This new production process in the topsheet gives more spin and grip. This...
  • Rubbers $46

    Bluefire JP 01

    This is a new type of pimpled rubber in combination with the proven, dynamic blue sponge but with a somewhat finer pored structure. This lends the...
  • Blades $60

    Waldner Senso Carbon

    Famous Donic WALDNER SENSO CARBON blade in the legendary "drop" shape played by many times World Champion JO Waldner. The length of the blade is 4...
  • Genesis S

    The new STIGA Genesis rubbers are released this year in 2016 and are made in China. This is the soft version.
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution EL-S

    Tibhar's latest rubber for 2016, the evolution EL-S which has a grippy topsheet combined with a medium to hard sponge for speed and extreme spin...
  • Rubbers $25

    Skyline 3-60

    CONTROL + LOOP Sticky Rubber + Soft Elastic Sponge Skyline 3-60: classic sticky rubber + new soft elastic sponge Classic Skyline 3, equipped with...
  • Balls $4.5

    Easy Ball 40+

    The Butterfly Easy Ball 40+ is made with new plastic material, made in Germany stable and durable pronounced roundness precise bounce made in...
  • Blades $120

    Aruna OFF

    The new Joola Aruna OFF is the first blade in the Aruna series. Quadri Aruna is the 2014 ITTF Star Awards Champion and has developed this new...
  • Rubbers $72

    Rasant Power Grip

    This new rubber from andro was released in 2014 and has a hard sponge. It is for those players who are looking for maximum power in their shots...
  • Rubbers $45

    Vega Japan

    Xiom's Vega Japan has been developed using new technoloty called Hyper Elasto IMB which opens up a new opportunity for VEGA players. The rubber...
  • Rubbers $50

    Bluefire M1 Turbo

    The successful Bluefire M and JP rubber series leaves nothing to be desired. Two turbo versions – Bluefire M1 Turbo and Bluefire JP01 Turbo...
  • Rubbers $60

    Omega V Tour

    The Omega V Tour is an advanced Tensor rubber by Xiom and has been designed for professional players.
  • Blades $40


    YinHe recommends this blade for fast looping players who play close to the table.
  • Rubbers $50

    Rasanter R50

    The Rasanter series launched in March 2017 is the latest innovation by andro. The Rasanter R50 has been designed for the 40+ plastic ball. The...
  • Rubbers $70


    Andro's Rasant has been designed for maximum acceleration which has a green coloured sponge with built-in Tensor effect. Its new topsheet has been...
  • Blades $160

    Emerald VPS V

    STIGA's new offensive blade of 2014 is packed with VPS (Veneer Precision System and Diamond Touch Technology. The Emerald VPS V blade is 5 ply and...
  • Blades $60

    Ovtcharov Carbospeed

    It is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with...
  • Blades $145

    TPE Fight

    Joola's TPE Fight blade which uses Kevlar carbon, Ayous, Hinoki and Koto wood.
  • World Champion 89 Appelgren

    The Donic World Champion 89 Appelgren blade has been designed using Spruce Pressing Technology (SPT) "Made in Germany". This is using the finest...
  • Rubbers $48


    Butterfly's latest rubber series launched in 2023, the Glayzer series. This rubber is using the new Grey Spring Spong X. Butterfly state Glayzer -...
  • Rubbers $35

    Vega Europe

    The Vega series is focussed on spin. The two new technologies built into the rubber HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE make this Tensor rubber give a...
  • Rubbers $50

    Airoc Astro S

    The STIGA Airoc Astro soft is a progression from the earlier STIGA Airoc soft. Rubber coming soon...
  • Rubbers $43

    Omega V Europe

    Dynamic Friction rubber grabs the slippery Plastic balls far more firm and solid at the contact. Control of your ball with Dynamic Friction is...
  • Blades $65

    Waldner Black Devil

    Carbon and Balsa have been combined by DONIC for the first time. Incredible power and speed can be achieved with the hard Koto middle plies and...
  • Blades $145

    Garaydia ALC

    The Butterfly Garaydia ALC is new for 2015 and is a 5 ply blade packed with 2 layers of Arylate-Carbon fibers. This gives the blade its great...
  • Blades $180

    Ice cream AZX

    The worlds first hybrid table tennis blade, the XIOM ice cream AZX which has a unique carbon construction. This unique 7 ply blade has two...