Reviews by v100ev

  • Good control
  • High spin
  • Durability
  • Not enough speed
So I've used Xiom Omega 5 Europe in max thickness on a Nittaku Redshank blade.

Throw angle:
The rubber has a high throw on slow and medium paced shots but on fast strong shots the throw angle lowers. This fact led me to a conclusion that the rubber is good for backhand and not so good for forehand if you hit hard.

Spin on serves is good.
Spin on slow shots is very good. The rubber is great for a nice spinny opening topspin.
Spin on fast loops is OK. Can't say that it's very spinny or not spinny - just OK.

The rubber is medium fast. It's slow on slow shots and not very fast on fast shots (for example Tibhar MX-P is about 30% faster in my opinion)

Just great! :)

What I didn't like:
I didn't like the change of the throw angle on fast killing shots (it just drops and that's why it's pretty hard to loop kill a nicely pushed ball). Again with MX-P a have no such problem for comparison.
After 2 months of regular play (4h a week training + about 2-3hours of free play) it lost a lot of grip (a significant drop in performance).

What I did like:
It's a great rubber for backhand (high throw and medium catapult help a lot here).
It's great for serve in receive - very controlled and very good for opening shots.
The rubber has great control and using passive shots with it is very easy.

All in all it's a great allround rubber with emphasis on spin. It has great control, good spin and medium speed so it's a great weapon for a player that likes to play a controlled tactical game.