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    Paccheco's review on Nittaku Acoustic

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    Nittaku Acoustic
    5.00 (5 reviews) Price: $135
    5.00 [5.00]Dem feels bro
    • Feeling
    • Control
    • Spin
    • Price
    • rubber dependant
    I decided to buy it when i got my hand on an Acoustic Carbon. This blade is amazingly controlable yet fast and spinny, i got an urge to know how tis lil brother would perform.

    I wasnt impressed at first, when knockin ball on bare wood. I wasnt impressed too when i glued Omega IV Asia and Fastarc S1. Did not have confidence in FH strokes and neither on my BH, the feeling wasnt right.
    I DO was impressed when i glued pair of rakza 7. The feeling is just a bit harder than my Nittaku Avalox P500, but more consistent, more pace. It had that dwelly dwelly feel, like time stops when you swing.
    And it is strange since im used to play with either hard rubber 47+ and soft rubber 42- but it didnt go well.45 degrees is the magic number i think.

    I does has a good amount of vibration but not exaggerated, sweetspot is ok. This blade really excels in short game and close to table loop and loop drives, it goes wherever you want. It is also very easy to vary the spin, due its high dwell and throw, i can close or open my bat without risk performing the same swing.Despite being a 5ply blade relatively thin, it has linear characteristics.

    Does it worths the money? Yea. If you have a good budget and want more feel than performance, totally go for it, you will fall in love.
    If budget is shorter and want more performance than feel, there is a bunch of 5plies that does it like Nittaku Avalox P500, Avalox P500, Xiom offensive S, Korbel, Infinity VPS V, Yasaka Extra/sweden, YEO, Latika and many others. The main competitor to Acoustic is the OSP Virtuoso- and as aint that impressed with acoustic, you should check OSP first
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