i thought i could make a short review on this blade since i couldn’t find any reviews on this blade in the equipment centre.

i have played with Donic Blackthunder for maybe six month, i’m using it together with Tenergy 80. It’s a very stiff blade and it’s extremely fast, I like the power when playing hard strokes far away from the table, i also like the feel and the sound.

The problem is that this blade is to fast and very hard to control. i think it’s hard to get my returns short and i have noticed that i often play to long balls when i’m out of position. this blade is made for advanced players who like fast blade, i would say this blade is OFF or maybe even OFF +.

i can recommend it for very skilled players but for me i have noticed that i need a blade with more control. i’m glad if you can recommend me some other good blades in the comments below.