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    UpSideDownCarl's review on OSP Virtuoso +

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    OSP Virtuoso +
    5.00 (3 reviews) Price: $106.00
    5.00 [5.00]The Perfect Blade for Me
    • Great Feeling
    • Great Dwell Time
    • Loads of Spin
    • Soft All Wood
    • Not Too Fast
    Virtuoso +

    OSP Blades, made the old fashioned way: hand made, built after you order it.

    Blade construction: Limba-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Limba

    Okay, I think this is the perfect racket for me right now. It is an Off (speed rated) blade. It is fast enough but not too fast. The outer plies are fairly soft and it has great touch for the short game. So pushing the ball short or looping or flipping short are easy and the blade allows you to make all kinds of touch shots.

    You can make your pushes very short and nice and spinny. This helps make receiving serve much easier. Flipping short balls is also pretty easy because this blade allows you to do all touch shots with good control.

    It also has great feedback and really nice wood feeling. So it is easy to feel exactly where on the blade surface you have made contact.

    The blade has excellent dwell time so you can loop with control and a lot of spin. It feels like I can put the ball exactly where I want to. But it also has good gears so that when I swing harder I can make shots with great power.

    The blade is good at looping from any distance. When I am backed up I have no problem playing from far. But the blade really shines close to the table and at mid-distance where you can make power loops with precision.

    This blade is ideal for an Allround Offensive player who does a little of everything and values spin and placement on his shots but also wants to be able to put the ball away with power shots when the opportunity arises.

    The blade has some flex but not as much as the Virtuoso. The blade has a really nice deep pitch on contact that makes me want to keep driving the ball and making power loops. This blade can make you addicted to the feeling of a good loop or drive.

    All in all, this blade feels like the ideal blade for an intermediate to advanced offensive minded player.

    A friend of mine who is a semi-pro player has one of those 6mm Clippers which he got in 1991. He also has two Nittaku/Avalox P-700s from back in the same year. Those two blades feel unreal. Before I felt this and my Virtuoso (OFF-), those three blades felt better than any other blade I had tried. The Virtuoso + and the Virtuoso (OFF-) feel just as good but a little bit slower with more control and dwell time. But they have that big wood feeling that I really love.

    Some people who don't like it say it is too soft. I asked for it to be, basically, as heavy as possible: I have the small head (150mm x 157mm) and it is over 90 grams which is what they list as the heaviest weight. That is perfect for me, especially since the handle is NOT hollow so it is NOT head heavy which I also like.

    It is center balanced. Not too much weight in the handle. Not too much weight in the head. So some people will like that and others will not. Like Der_Echte will want more weight in the handle and someone else will want more weight in the head. But for me it is perfect. [emoji2]

    And one person told me he didn't like it because it freaked him out how he could feel exactly where the ball was on the blade face when he hit. That also is not a downside to me.

    A lot of people will complain it is too slow, I definitely don't think so. But those people who want Sardius or Schlager Carbon speed will. Someone who is used to a TB ALC will notice it is a bit slower but, if that is not a concern, they will adjust to it.

    For me it is more than fast enough even though my technique is good enough to handle a Schlager Carbon. [emoji2]

    I just like the all wood, moderate speed thing and generating my own power.

    Oh, one more positive. For a long time I have felt that Butterfly blades are the most solid I have seen. You bang the side on the edge of the table by accident while serving and they seem to sustain the least damage.

    Somehow this one seems indestructible. My Virtuoso (OFF-) and my V'King are both solid and about the same in terms of sustaining blows as a Butterfly blade.

    But this V+ is a tank. It may be because they made the small head with the highest weight. But I have slammed it into the edge of the table a couple of times and it barely got scratched. I was actually amazed by how solid it is. I have never seen a blade as strong as this one.
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