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- 5-ply offensive blade with great feeling and control - Great trajectory and speed with an outstanding balance - For the controlled attacker - The NCT allows you to hit the ball harder without sacrificing any control - Used by Xu Xin
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    Posted 03-28-2016
    williamlimpo's Avatar williamlimpo Reviews(18)
    5.00 Stiga Intensity NCT
    • Loops, Topspins
    • Trajectory
    • Shorts, Drives
    • Blocking
    • Smashing
    After I buy The Rosewood NCT V, I'm sad that the trajectory of the Rosewood is mdium low. Just hours ago I started to order the Intensity NCT Penhold. When it arrives I immediately glue my H3Prov and T64 into it and test it. Amazing Penhold blade. Its good even with RPB. Good for serves, shorts, flicks, drives, open loops, counter loops, forehand counter topspin and drop shots. The only less thing is power. This blade has controllable power that makes me like it. Only need more effort when blocking and smashing. Has ultra amount of dwell time that makes me create a large amount of spin. Has many margin for error and my friends came and and practice with me, gets so many difficulties. This blade is also ultra light. Amazing penhold blade from Stiga. Thats why Xu Xin using this ultimate weapon.

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    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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    Posted 11-16-2015
    Mika Pylkkänen's Avatar Mika Pylkkänen Reviews(2)
    4.00 Stiga Intensity NCT
    • fast
    • controll
    • good durability
    • expensive
    I have used this blade for about 2 years now and i feel that this blade is the right choice for me. I prefer this blade because i really like to increase the speed in my rallies and win the point.

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    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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    Posted 10-31-2015
    5.00 light and fast
    • good quality
    • good control
    • powerfull
    For certain players this is a very(!) nice blade. You might be able to find it in variable weights; mine is 84 grams which is pretty light for such a powerfull blade.

    It is fast and it has a nice look. I did hit the table a few times and it doesn't show any dents. I played with it for almost a month, changed rubbers a few times and no damage yet, so durability is good. It is a hard and flexible blade. It's a good blade for looping.

    I would recommend it to a controlled looper that likes something light but powerfull.

    User stats

    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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