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    Tibhar CCA Unlimited reviews
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    Viewed 7010 times
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    The oversized sweet spot of CCA Unlimited confers the necessary amount of control in an offensive game. The fast acceleration potential of this wood is the result of the balanced combination of its carbon fibres with catapult friendly layers, even when playing a topspin game at half distance from the table, without losing the necessary stability when playing counter and block. Adapted to an offensive game with the perfect balance between hardness and sensation.
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      Posted 06-02-2016
      5.00 Perfect match for MX-P

      The blade is well made, which is expected considering the price of this new Tibhar blade.

      My previous blade was all wood and a bit slower: Tibhar Force Pro Black Edition (FPBE).
      The carbon feeling of the CCA is not too dominant and I keep plenty of control so the transition was pretty smooth (except for the price! ;))

      It is 6mm thick. The carbon layer is next to the outer ply.

      I have been playing with this blade for several weeks.
      FH : Tibhar Evolution MX-P
      BH : Victas V>01 Limber then very recently Tibhar Evolution MX-P

      It has some mild vibrations which I like.

      The handle of the FPBE is quite massive, so the weight is very well balanced, even paired with heavy rubbers. The handle of the CCA Unlimited is more standard, thinner, therefore the whole setup is head heavy.
      With 2 sheets of MX-P I end up with a setup slightly over 190g and a bit head heavy. It was quite disturbing at first compared to the FPBE then I quickly got used to it. You might dislike it though.
      Perhaps the reason why Vladi's using a grip : enlarge the handle for his large hands and balance the weight.

      Paired with Evolution MX-P, it's a dream match.
      The more power you give the more dwell time you benefit. Counter-hits and active blocks are easy and accurate.
      The blade is fast but I never feel it is too fast.
      Given the speed (of both the blade and rubbers), the short game is very good and you get plenty of touch. The grip of MX-P shines when performing back-spins.

      I usually play with a soft and control oriented rubber on BH but with this blade I can afford to play with MX-P on BH and keep the ball on the table with a great variety of strokes.

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      4 people liked this review
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