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    Posted 05-30-2017
    4.00 Yasaka Alnade Blade
    • Good design
    • Very stable
    • Accurate in ever
    • Needs sealing
    I bought this blade recently to compare with my current Viscaria blade hoping for a replacement. I'm using boosted Battle II 39 and 38 Pro version. In general I'm very happy with my Viscaria blade and the only reason of thinking about another blade was the forehand. I have found that Viscaria is perfect for backhand but not as good for the forehand as my strength is forehand attack. So this is my conclusion after 1 hour of practice with Yasaka Alnade with the same rubbers as mentioned above:

    Alnade is a sophisticated blade and made for professional players, well I'm not a pro player now, but many years ago.
    Weight about 87 grams and produces higher pitch sound than Viscaria. It means that this blade is much harder. On loops, the ball travels lower and a bit longer. It was a disappointment in the first couple of minutes because I hoped to have a softer and higher throw blade. The blade is definitely faster than Viscaria and after a while I found Viscaria very slow.
    Surprisingly Alnade was so stable and accurate you hardly miss any shot. I'm happy that my forehand loops became stronger and more accurate, although the high pitch was a negative point for me.
    On the backhand, I should confirm that Viscaria is slightly better.
    Loop against backspin, I can say that you will get the same results, although Alnade seems to produce sharper and faster loops with both forehand and backhand.
    Serves with Alnade is much better. You can produce short and accurate serves with ease.
    Blocking is again another advantage in comparison to Viscaria, but I should mention that I'm not a blocker. I just feel that my blocks were effortless with Alnade.

    Negative points:
    The blade needs sealing, so I can admit that Viscaria has a better quality. The sharp edge near the handle needs some treatment. In general, Viscaria has a better handle in my opinion. Alnade has a slightly thiner handle, so it was not very comfortable for me.
    The harder feeling and higher pitch was a minus for me as I preferred something softer.

    In overall, I preferred to try Alnade for a while until the final conclusion. In general, I think Alnade is a wild blade and although has some negative aspects, like comfort, but I was impressed by its accuracy.

    I will post more about this blade soon.

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    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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    Posted 04-24-2017
    3.00 New Yasaka Alnade
    • Great Finish
    • Design
    Hi TTD members.
    I just received the new Yasaka Alnade blade. My initial thoughts is that the blade has a nice finish and looks great! Comparing the pitch of the blade vs. M.Maze ALC and Viscaria the blade has a higher pitch and feels stiffer than the blades from Butterfly.

    I will make a review as soon is have tried the blade.

    [EDIT] Updated with review!

    The Yasaka Alnade is a signature blade of Liang Jingkun and it should be similar to the Viscaria. My initial thoughts about the Alnade blade by bouncing the ball I could hear the pitch is higher than my Viscaria. The design is very nice and the finish is high quality. Edges is nicely sanded of the one I have received and it comes in a nice presentation box.

    Composition: Koto-PA Carbon-?-?-?-PA Carbon-Koto
    Handle: Flared
    Head size: 157x150mm
    Thickness: 5.8mm
    Weight: 91g

    Test setup: DHS Hurricane NEO 2.1mm and Butterfly Tenergy 05 2.1mm

    When driving with the Alnade I could initial feel that the blade was fast. The sweet spot is huge and this was obvious with the consistency no matter where I hit the ball on the racket.
    Setup felt a bit head heavy, but this was due to I was too lazy to remove the old layer of glue before putting it on the blade.

    Looping with the Yasaka Alnade I could feel the full potential of the blade. I did not have to add too much power before over hitting the ball pass the table. The feeling of the blade is better than the Viscaria. It is not that numb as the Viscaria. The trajectory was medium on both wings and the blade is very consistent. It feels like the blade has a bit more flex than my Viscaria and that could be the reason I needed to adjust not hitting pass the table.

    In the blocking game the Alnade is showing its force. Control, feel and stability is the words to describe about how the Alnade performs. Due to the large sweet spot it has massive control even though you try to punch ball. This is one awesome feature it has.

    Flick/short game
    With the Alnade it was nice flicking on both sides. Without a huge effort I could get good grip with the ball. With that said I struggled a bit in the short game aspect. I had problems keeping the balls low to the net. Could be me being tired or my technique :).
    Funny enough the GZLC has a soft touch although the blade is fast.

    Yasaka has made a fantastic competitor to Butterfly’s Viscaria FL. The retail price is notable lower than the Viscaria and quality wise the Alnade is up in the same league as
    Butterfly. The Alnade blade is definitely not for beginners or for players that want to develop their technique.

    I would recommend the blade to players who rely on their passive game and plays close to mid from the table. Also the player that is a hitter more than a looper and/or emphasizes the to go behind the table to make powerful loops away from the table.

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    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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