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Butterfly Primorac
5.00 (7 reviews) Price: $50
Posted 1449582486 ago
Primorac Carbon Off+ , a fast but controllable blade
5.00 (5.00)
  • high speed
  • good control
  • unbreakable
  • price
I had this blade (Primorac Off+, which is on the photograph) since the last 15 years. blade... It is expensive (in Germany ~120€) but the durability is amazing, nearly unbreakable. I flip out sometimes after hard matches and smack it against my upper leg and so on (nothing cool though) but the blade was at every time fully intact. The blade is very hard and stiff, so you can feel the ball touching via vibrating. It´s a fast blade, able to generate maximum speed but with good control. I think it´s perfect for players in middle distance with offensive topspin play style.
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