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Tibhar Actium
5.00 (2 reviews) Price: $150
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A must for modern defenders
5.00 (5.00)
  • dual nature
  • control
  • head size
  • price
Blade Review: Tibhar/Nexy Actium
I am glad to review the latest defensive weapon from Nexy and Tibhar. First, let us take a look at the manufacturer’s statistics.

  • Head Size: 164mm x 157mm
  • Thickness: 6.1mm
  • Layers : 9 Wood
  • Weight: 87~89 g
  • Grip Type: Straight

Being an amateur table tennis player, I have always been a bit inclined to the beauty of chopping and fishing. Even an attacking player cannot deny the joy of winning a point through fishing or playing defensively.

First of all, I found the blade very beautiful. By design it stands out from the rest of the defensive blades. I asked Nexy for a Straight handle (87~89 g) version and they provided me with the same. The straight handle is very comfortable and easy to twiddle with. I admired the small gem placed at the bottom of the handle. The dark greenish grey color of the handle adds a nice touch to the overall looks.

Setup: Actium + FH: Mark V [max] + BH: Donic Coppa Jo Gold [max]

I chose the two very popular rubbers in India for the initial testing. With one week of testing I am publishing the results [can be updated].

Counter play: Both forehand and backhand counterplay is excellent and has nice feedback. Very good feeling. I can predict where I went wrong immediately.

Blocks: The blade has loads of control. Is this a correct sentence? Okay I repeat once again, this blade has uummmm….Well you can’t go wrong in blocking. If you can’t block properly with this one, time for a technique check.

Loops/Top-spins: Ok…Did you ask me to do a forehand or a backhand loop? Bet me 100 bucks, I can loop anything with this.

Speed: I would rate it as medium-low. [Considering HL5 as the highest in speed, so far what I have used. There may be some other Veyron’s out there, but I haven’t tried those.]

Consistency: Very consistent. Very very consistent. Doesn’t even move an inch.

Serves: I was able to perform controlled serves with lots of spin. And since the speed is not high I was able to place it near the nets.

Push: Fantastic. You mark the area will put it there. There were instances when I tried to push the ball at the edge of the table and trust me I succeeded 3 out of 4 times keeping the ball as low as possible.

Chop: Chopping with Coppa Jo Gold is a bit difficult so I used to twiddle to Mark V. Thanks to smooth edges near the wings it was really helpful. Frankly speaking I was only able to keep the ball on the table and that’s it. I was not able to provide justice to chopping with this one. I am looking forward to a pimple rubber to get an aid. And that would appear in my next testing setup.

Verdict: After one week of testing, I can testify that Actium is a very well made balanced defensive blade which can turn to attacking at any length of the table. The makers knew where to strike and have hit the bull’s eye. I would recommend this blade to the modern defensive players blindly. For those who love in and out attacking style, I don’t think this blade will suit you. But if you prefer all-round style, you are going to love this.

To buy Actium, click here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this
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