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Calix - Who can dare to dream of it? This is what Nexy tried so much to consummate as though all those knights ran their lives searching for this; Calix. Who can dare to dream of it, but else NEXY? Streaming swing movement will follow from wherever the ball comes, due to 5mm thin and flexible blade's agility's grace. Burn through all body, it has no more to give away, but to focus and strive. Well baked surface grips the ball into it's heart, even only a moment is given to it, hard-enough to hold the energy on the whole-carbon layer makes the whole of it not weak as much as other thin blades might be. Small vibation, generated by whipping rhythm possible by it's flexibility, will allow you to enjoy the power you can not get easily ever. Burn through the whole body, it has no more to give away, but only to strive and endeavor. NEXY tried to make this blade, but has not been able to complete this way, until this moment. So happy to show this blade to you. So will you be happy as much as Nexy is now, when you grap this into your hand. Meet the dream of NEXY, and stop pilgrimage searching for the better. This is what we challenge all other brands with. Are you ready to be happy now?
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    Posted 08-03-2015
    5.00 Calix 1
    • Very Flexible
    • Multiple Gears
    • Controlled
    • Rocket
    I tend to switch between the ever popular viscaria and the calix 1 over and over. The moment i hit a few balls with my viscaria i realize again that the calix is just a better blade in almost all aspects "except a bit of speed" same rubbers on both blades btw. t64 on FH t05 BH


    Feel------ Calix>Viscaria

    The calix has more vibration than the viscaria and if what you like is to actually feel the ball before you launch it at your opponent then the calix blade wins this one easy.

    Control----- Calix>Viscaria

    This is caused by the feel IMO. also the fact that the blade is very thin. Even though the calix has two layers of carbon in it, it plays closer to an all wood 5ply blade than a carbon blade.

    Blocking----- Calix>Viscaria

    this is by a landslide. the calix makes blocking feel like a dream. Most of this is due to to feeling of vibrations when you block the ball. With more control comes easier blocking.

    Speed------- Viscaria>Calix

    This was an easy test. Viscaria out performed the calix in speed easily. Although over the table shots were harder to land because of the speed of the viscaria, hitting the table from mid to long distance was extremely easy to do with good pace on the ball.

    Off the table Loops------- Viscaria = Calix

    This was a hard one to judge, the calix out performed viscaria in a few ways while the viscaria out performed the calix in others. Loop/drives were easily more powerful with the viscaria, however the dip that the calix performed on the ball was unmatched. The calix put an insane amount of topspin on the ball compared to the speed it put out. This caused the ball to dip down very early. Slow spinny loopers would absolutely adore this. With the viscaria, when i missed the table it was from hitting the ball too far. With the calix, it would be from the ball dipping almost too early to where the ball would hit the net. But even with the ball hitting the net, it had enough topspin to often creep it's way over anyway. Again, this blade has an all woody blade feeling so looping is extremely easy to do with it.

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    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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    Posted 02-23-2015
    4.00 Thin Carbon flexible OFF- Attack !!!
    • Very Thin !!!
    • Flexible
    • Buckets of Spin
    • VERY Thin
    The Calix is the original Nexy 2nd Gen blade designed with "Dual Impact" which means it has low and high gears on different impacts. this can help your soft topspin defence and your power attacks, even if the overall speed of the blade isn't in the knockout class. You are not seeking to knockout your opponent on the first ball with this blade. Calix has all the control and flex of an ALL+ blade, but a higher top end, yet it still has that short game touch. Some players (like me !!!) want a blade with better top end. You are not gunna have it with Calix. This blade is all about control and spin with a reasonable fast top end. Go to the Calix II if you want a higher top end and similar feel for the ball while giving up a step of control. This blade doesn't compromise on a lot.

    It has very smooth outer ply, so you gotta really make your glue job strong, or it will not adhere. this is common with sealed blades or blades with a really smooth outer ply. It is also very thin, so if you do a John McEnroe and throw your blade all over the place, you just threw away some serious money!

    User stats

    • Speed
    • Control
    • Hardness
    • Durability
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