• Rubbers $50

    Speedy Soft D.TecS

    We combined the short pimples of Speedy Soft with the proven D.TecS technology. The result is astonishing because the short pimples do not only...
  • Rubbers $45

    Speedy Soft

    Ball control, speed, pimple effect - these are the most important characteristics for players who want to play an active, fast and always...
  • Rubbers $13


    Due to the adhering surface and the soft sponge, this rubber is especially adapted to the Allround game with rotation variations.
  • Rubbers $13

    Learn Spin

    This rubber was especially created for learning different stroke techniques. The grippy surface combined with a soft sponge provides the necessary...
  • Rubbers $22


    Unbeatable Allround rubber ‘Made in Germany’ at a very competitive price: this rubber possesses a lot of energy. The controlled Allrounder has a...
  • Rubbers $27


    TIBHAR Dang was developed for TIBHAR by Chinese technological experts and adapted to European play by European top coaches. The grippy rubber...
  • Rubbers $33


    This anti-topspin and anti-rotation rubber with disturbing effects is different because of its breaking effect thus conferring an unequalled ball...
  • Rubbers $37

    Rapid Soft

    The soft version of the classical Rapid rubber. Its construction is based on a sponge with a big portion of synthetic caoutchouc parts, which at...
  • Rubbers $37


    The most classical of all offensive TIBHAR rubbers! The mid-soft sponge and the extremely elastic surface make Rapid in 2.0 mm and max. a very...
  • Rubbers $45

    Vari Spin D.TecS

    Due to the D.TecS technology this Allrounder is a wonder as far as ball control and spin are concerned. The built-in tension in the rubber surface...
  • Rubbers $50

    Super Defense 40 Soft

    The soft version of Super Defense 40 offers even better control with excellent potential for spin variations. It is capable of disturbing...
  • Rubbers $50

    Super Defense 40

    Defensive players most especially are more and more looking for a variable play, thus constantly increasing their material requirements. Super...
  • Rubbers $50

    Speedy Spin FX Premium

    Thanks to a slightly softer sponge underlay, Speedy Spin FX Premium confers more elasticity and rotation. If your orientation is a rich topspin...
  • Rubbers $50

    Speedy Spin

    The classical japanese attacking rubber was constantly updated to meet the latest technical requirements and standards. Extremely fast and...
  • Rubbers $50


    Nimbus without the speed glue application has the incredible Spin-Speed-Dynamic plus typical sound and ball contact feeling of a freshly speed...
  • Rubbers $53

    Sinus Sound

    Thanks to its pronounced ball curve the ‘loud’ variety of the Sinus series is making it the ideal partner to forgive almost all mistakes. Sinus...
  • Rubbers $53

    Sinus Alpha

    Sinus Alpha possesses a softer sponge and develops its strengths especially during a passive game, because it provides even better control. It is...
  • Rubbers $53


    TIBHAR Sinus was developed especially for high-performance sport. Because high performance players always favoured harder sponges for powerful...
  • Rubbers $58

    Genius Optimum Sound

    The soft version of Genius Optimum has an extremely strong catapult effect paired with a light playing sensation. You’ll feel how the energy...
  • Rubbers $64


    Nianmor is unbeatable in terms of speed. It is perfectly adapted to the mid-distance offensive game and allows topspin and counter topspin...
  • Rubbers $64

    1Q XD

    1Q is now available in a newer version, 1Q XD. This new version possesses a higher potential of penetration. The adhering rubber surface and the...
  • Rubbers $64

    5Q Sound

    5Q Sound offers approximately 15% more spin. Combined with a softer sponge, it confers an extraordinary playing sensation fitting perfectly into a...
  • Rubbers $64


    1Q (One-Q) is simply THE fastest, most dynamic rubber enabling a high ball curve. The more robust rubber surface enables an explosive game rich in...
  • Rubbers $65


    Butterfly have used their High Tension Technology to compensate for the loss of speed most soft pimples experience.
  • Rubbers $30

    Carbo MC

    Carbo MC is designed for club and tournament players looking for a spinny rubber that has more control. Carbo MC is perfect for player who want to...
  • Rubbers $30


    Carbo offer a tremendous catapult effect, more speed than ordinary rubber, and loud sound when striking the ball.
  • Rubbers $80

    Calibra Tour S

    Calibra Tour S has a soft sponge. Equipped with the brand new APS-technology from Stiga, it provides very high speed and the fantastic possibility...
  • Rubbers $55

    Traction MS Soft

    The Traction MS Soft is a softer version of the MS Pro and is ideal for players looking to spin and control. The unique pink sponge has a grippy...
  • Rubbers $65

    Traction MS Pro

    The Traction MS Pro is a hard rubber for the attacking player. The pro rubber has a unique pink sponge with a grippy surface.
  • Rubbers $55

    Coppa X1 (Gold)

    The Coppa X-series has a higher arc at maximum speed. Coppa X1 (Gold) has a medium hard sponge, which provides more precision, control and feel...
  • Rubbers $55

    Coppa X1 Turbo

    The Coppa X-series has a higher arc at maximum speed. The turbo version has a medium to hard sponge and is suitable away from the table.
  • Rubbers $45

    Vario Big Slam

    This rubber has a built in speed glue effect developed by Donic using their latest state of the art technology. The rubber maintains the original...
  • Rubbers $55

    Coppa Speed

    Donic Coppa has been developed in Japan. The rubber has a grippy surface to impart maximum spin on the ball.
  • Rubbers $45

    Neos Tacky

    Neos Tackyis a very light rubber with a an innovative Air Capsule System Technology within the rubber. ACS technology is applied to the sponge and...
  • Rubbers $45

    Neos Sound

    Neos Sound is an extremely light rubber with a an innovative Air Capsule System Technology within the rubber. ACS technology is applied to the...
  • Rubbers $60

    Magna TX

    Magma TX has been developed for those players wanting to achieve lots of acceleration in their shots due to the high tensioned sponge.
  • Rubbers $55

    Magna TS II

    Due to the success of the Tension Clic and Tension Sound sponges from the Boost series of rubbers. Stiga developed a new version of these sponges...
  • Rubbers $55

    Boost TP

    Stiga have developed the Boost Series of rubbers for an answer in the non-glue era! Boost rubbers with the new TTS Technology with 'TransTension...
  • Rubbers $60

    Tackifire Drive

    Tackifire Drive has been developed with a special sponge formula with a tacky surface and soft sponge. This rubber produces a tremendous amount of...
  • Rubbers $60

    Roundell Soft

    Roundell soft is the soft version within the Roundell series.
  • Rubbers $60

    Roundell Hard

    Roundell hard is the hard version within the Roundell series.
  • Rubbers $60


    Roundell is a fast rubber. The top sheet is very flexible allowing great speeds whilst maintaining control. The sound is similar to the noise of...
  • Rubbers $55

    Sriver G3

    Sriver G3 includes built in High Tension technology. Sriver G3 is an advancement of Sriver with both speed and spin.
  • Rubbers $80

    Bryce Speed FX

    Bryce Speed FX is a softer version of Bryce Speed. The second generation of High Tension technology combines with the latest Japanese technology...