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  • Rubbers $25

    Hurricane 3 NEO

    The Hurricane 3 rubber is one of the most popular rubbers in the world due to its usage in Asia. The unique combination of medium-hard NEO sponge...
  • Rubbers $16

    Hurricane 3

    Hurricane 3 was designed for the top players who cares not only for highest speed and power, but also looking for a good control to be able to...
  • Hurricane Long 5

    Not applicable
  • Hurricane Long 3

    The blade everyone is looking for, and it is used by world champion Ma Long! It is a 7-ply blade, producing greater power and steady handling...
  • D40+

    The new DHS D40+ plastic ball which comes with a seam will be released in April 2016.
  • Rubbers $55

    Hurricane 8

    The Hurricane 8 will be released in 2015 by DHS and is a new generation rubber designed for the 40+ plastic ball. The sticky speed rubber has a...
  • Blades $48

    Hurricane 301

    New technology keeps the consistency of performance longer, which makes blades less susceptible to temperature, air humidity and more effective in...
  • Blades $27

    Power G7

    The budget version of the popular blade Ma Long used to play with named the 506. Here u get a great value for the buck. Some say it is a Stiga...
  • Rubbers $45.00

    Gold Arc 8

    "The surface of Goldarc 8 has the elasticity of a fully drawn bow, and has high grip. The elasticity comes from the robust pimple geometry. It has...
  • Rubbers $25

    Skyline 3-60

    CONTROL + LOOP Sticky Rubber + Soft Elastic Sponge Skyline 3-60: classic sticky rubber + new soft elastic sponge Classic Skyline 3, equipped with...
  • Rubbers $25

    Skyline 2 TG NEO

    An improved version of the traditional Skyline 2 with a medium to hard sponge by DHS.
  • Rubbers $25

    Skyline 3 TG NEO

    This is the most recent Skyline 3, coming in a NEO version designed for aggressive spin players.
  • Rubbers $35

    Hurricane 3 (National)

    Hurricane 3 National version was designed for the top players who cares not only for highest speed and power, but also looking for a good control...
  • Blades $210

    Hurricane Long

    The Hurricane Long blade is made up of two layers of Aril-carbon making this 7 ply blade fast. This blade has been developed for players who want...
  • Rubbers $75

    Tin Arc 3

    Tin arc 3 has been developed for players with fast strokes. The new high elasticity sponge provides the rubber with high stability and elasticity...
  • Rubbers $80

    Gold Arc 3

    This rubber is built with spring sponge by DHS. The top sheet is of the highest quality with a 'less sticky' surface produced in Japan and has...
  • Rubbers $25

    Hurricane 2 NEO

  • Rubbers $65

    Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial

    The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial rubber is slightly different to the commercial Hurricane 3 NEO. The top sheet of the NEO Hurricane 3 Provincial...
  • Rubbers $60

    Hurricane 3 NEO National (Orange Sponge)

    This is the National version (Orange) NEO Hurriane 3 which comes in a thinner top sheet than the commercial NEO Hurricane 3 which results in a...
  • Rubbers $16

    Hurricane 2

    One of the most famous DHS Rubbers. Enormous power, lot of spin and stable control makes Hurricane 2 very popular among top players which focus on...
  • Rubbers $34

    H8-80 37 degree

  • Blades $40

    Hurricane Fang Bo B2

    The Fang Bo B2 blade by DHS
  • Rubbers $40

    Hurricane 8 Mid Hard

    Hurricane 8 Mid Hard has been designed to compensate for the spin and speed lost in the 40+ plastic ball. The Hurricane 8 has 15% more elasticity...
  • Rubbers $40

    Tin Arc

    Text as seen on the back of the package: "This rubber is equipped with a new high-elasticity sponge, which adopts extreme technique with...
  • Blades $190


    W997 is a non-commercial version specially designed for Chinese National Team player Ma Long. W997 is a later version of W968 , they have similar...
  • Rubbers $30

    Hurricane 3 (Provincial)

    This rubber is the provincial version to the popular Hurricane 3 designed for the top players who care not only for highest speed and power, but...
  • Rubbers $130

    Hurricane 3 NEO National (Blue Sponge)

    This is the National Team (Blue Version) of the popular Hurricane 3 NEO.
  • Blades $35

    Ma Long Light

    Very light, quite thick and fast offensive blade. Light weight gives comfortable feeling for the hand
  • Blades $90

    Hurricane Hao

    This is the original of the Hurricane Hao series developed by DHS.
  • Blades $160

    Hurricane Hao III

    This DHS Hurricane Hao III blade is used by Wang Hao. The blade is made out of 5 ply with one layer of fiberglass-carbon in the middle for great...
  • Blades $210

    Hurricane King III

    China's 3 x world champion Wang Liqin played with the Hurricane King III blade. This blade has two layers of fibre glass carbon adding to the...
  • W968

    Custom blade that the World ranked no.1 Ma Long is using.
  • Rubbers $12

    PF4 New

    Classical Chinese rubber with hard sponge and sticky rubber surface. One of the most famous DHS rubber suitable for quick attack both with...
  • Rubbers $13


    The sticky surface combined with relatively hard and very elastic sponge provide players with more power and spin in loop attack from the medium...
  • Rubbers $16

    Skyline 3 TG

    More direct and fast version of Skyline rubber. More speed and power allows to play aggressive topspins near the table or from medium distance...
  • Rubbers $13

    Cloud & Fog 3

    Special shape of the long pimples and highly elastic rubber combined with hard sponge gives you the opportunity not only for effective chop...
  • 2 star 40+

    DHS 2 star 40+ table tennis ball is made from the new plastic material.Approved by Chinese Table Tennis Association.
  • Hurricane 3.50

    Not applicable
  • Tin Arc 5

    TinArc 5 combines both great feeling with powerful elastic shots. TinArc 5 rubber allows the ball to absorb and penetrate easily, ideal for feel...
  • Balls $9

    1 star 40+

    DHS 1 star 40+ table tennis ball, made from the new plastic material. Approved by the Chinese Table Tennis Association.
  • Balls $12

    3 star 40+

    DHS 3 star 40+ table tennis ball made of new plastic material.Approved by ITTTF.
  • Balls $10.71

    D40+ ITTF World Tour

    DHS 2019 ITTF World Tour T.T. D40+ 3 Stars Ball Plastic With Seam Ball Material Plastic 40mm+ Ball ABS Ball 2017-2020 World Championship Ball. The...
  • Tg7 AL

  • Blades $55


    High pressure ballonet technology is applied to the DHS TG-T7 blade. The integrative structure of the interior 5 timber layers form a "ballonet"...
  • Rubbers $35

    Tin Arc 5 Soft

    Tin Arc 5 has excellent feeling due to its soft sponge offering powerful loop execution. The combination of the highly elastic topsheet and soft...
  • Rubbers $35

    Tin Arc 5 Mid Hard

    Tin Arc 5 offers exceptional feeling for powerful strokes. The soft sponge and highly elastic topsheet is ideal for quick loops and control near...
  • Rubbers $70

    Hurricane 3 Provincial No. 22 Blue Sponge Version

    2012 newly released 22# blue sponge H3 provincial version by DHS! 22# blue spongy is advanced product by best pange technology of DHS in high...
  • Rubbers $12


    Package: This rubber adopts specialclear concave design on the top of the pimples which is contrary to traditional design. The special pimples...
  • Glues $10

    No. 15 50ml

    Designed by Chinese T.T Team & DHS Technology Center NEW GLUE V.O.C. FREE No hazards and excellent elasticity while the ball speed enhanced...
  • Rubbers $11


    Good beginner rubber for getting the basics down and fundamentals speed is pretty good for a cheap rubber. Mediocre spin and control is something...

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