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  • Rubbers $50


    With professional insight and development from Germany's National Coach and former World Champion, Jorg Rosskopf, Rhyzm sets a superior standard...
  • Blades $120

    Aruna OFF

    The new Joola Aruna OFF is the first blade in the Aruna series. Quadri Aruna is the 2014 ITTF Star Awards Champion and has developed this new...
  • Blades $72

    TPE Nature

    Very light natural limba veneers are a true rarity, but the use of this special ply ensures exceptional feeling. A classic all-wood blade with...
  • Blades $145

    TPE Fight

    Joola's TPE Fight blade which uses Kevlar carbon, Ayous, Hinoki and Koto wood.
  • Blades $67


    The Joola Fever blade is ideal for strong offensive players who require very good speed in their attacking shots. As well as speed, the blade...
  • Rhyzer 48

    JOOLA presents a completely new technically top level rubber series - the new rubbers Rhyzer 48 and Rhyzer 43. They compensate the peculiarity of...
  • Rubbers $80

    Maxxx 500

    Hard sponge combined with the new dynamic micro pore and softer pimple geometry provides extreme feeling and spin for attacking players of the...
  • Rubbers $80

    Maxxx 400

    Designed for league and tournaments players wanting to play an all round aggressive game.
  • Golden Tango

    The JOOLA Golden Tango is "Made in Germany", combining the advantages of a tacky upper rubber, usually characteristic of Chinese rubbers, with the...
  • Rubbers $55

    Rhyzm 425

    JOOLA RHTYHM 425 has been developed for modern loop players who like to play with power. One step down in hardness from the original Joola Rhythm...
  • Rubbers $50


    P like precision, P like professional, P like Poly-ball. GeoGrip-Power-Technology is used - this develops significantly more grip of the ball for...
  • Rubbers $80

    Maxxx 450

    Developed for spin-oriented attackers with an emphasis on feeling.
  • Rhyzer 43

    Joola's latest rubber the Rhyzer which comes in 43 and 48 equipped for the plastic ball. Released in late 2017, Joola's most advanced rubber to date.
  • Rubbers $42

    Samba 27

    The new Joola Samba 27 Rubber has been designed for advanced players with a strong attacking, technical game. Japanese Manufactured, the Joola...
  • Blades $80

    Greenline Fast

    Fast offensive blade with balanced control, suitable for all offensive players developed by JOOLA. The grey fineline upper layer guarantees...
  • Rubbers $35


    The original anti spin rubber - unrivalled for total control. The best answer to topspin and strong spin. Sponge medium soft Strategy DEF-/DEF...
  • Rubbers $40


    This rubber has been made in China and has been factory tuned. The rubber which has a mediu to hrd sponge has been designed for Chen Weixing...
  • Rubbers $48

    Energy X-Tra

    This rubber comes with a soft sponge which offers the same feel as the speed glue effect for attacking players wanting spin and speed. It has been...
  • Rubbers $48

    Energy 325

    The Energy family have produced this super soft version that still maintains the 'Green Power' effect. This is the newly re-branded version, as...
  • Rubbers $55


    Joola have developed this rubber from their previous Express series of rubbers. A fast attacking rubber for players wanting spin on their game.
  • Rubbers $50

    Rhyzm 375

    Designed the same as the original Rhyzm however this comes with a softer sponge. Rhyzm 375 shares the same top sheet as Rhyzm but gives you a...
  • Blades $55

    Eagle Carbon Extreme

    Hard twin carbon core combined with soft kiri wood, offers great feel to this carbon blade.
  • Blades $220

    JOOLA Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-c 90

    I switched to the Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-c 90 about a year ago. I have commonly used softer outer layer blades with more touch like hinoki outer...
  • Rubbers $59.95

    Dynaryz AGR

    I've been using Dynaryz AGR on my forehand for around a year and a half, switched from Golden Tango as I wasn't sure if using the harder tacky...
  • Blades $45

    Rosskopf Allround

    This is JOOLA's classic allround blade which is designed for controlled strokes such as the block, country and topspin.
  • Balls $7

    SUPER-P 40+

    The new JOOLA-P plastic 3* ball is made from high quality plastic and specially selected.
  • Blades $310

    Vyzaryz Trinity

    The JOOLA Vyzaryz Trinity is a complete game changer! In a JOOLA first, this blade employs the ground-breaking X3, a state-of-the-art super...
  • Blades $236

    Vyzaryz Freeze

    Quality meets innovation with the 5+2 ply JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze! Using the highest-grade AL-C this cutting-edge blade gives a hard and powerful...
  • Blades $285

    Vyzaryz Hybrid

    The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is the dual-threat blade you’ve been searching for! It’s customized to account for the differences in forehand and...
  • Blades $39

    Falcon Fast +

    its an affordable and good blade for beginners, stiffness and hardness is around seven meaning it would be good for a european set up (hard blade...
  • Rubbers $55

    Samba Tech

    JOOLA's latest rubber in 2017 the Samba Tech. This rubber is an advancement to the Samba Plus which has been developed in Germany. The very large...
  • Blades $150

    Aruna OFF+

    The new Joola Aruna OFF+ is the second blade in the Aruna series. Quadri Aruna is the 2014 ITTF Star Awards Champion and has developed this new...
  • Blades $125

    AIR Fibre

    The Joola AIR Fibre blade has been put into the lowest weight category at 60grams due to the dying process of the storage of the wooden veneers...
  • Blades $148

    AIR Carbon

    Joola's two new blades of 2016, the Joola AIR Carbon and the Joola AIR Fibre. The Joola AIR Carbon is the offensive version of the new series. The...
  • Rubbers $56

    Rhyzm Tech

    Another chapter in the success story of the popular Rhyzm rubber is written by the JOOLA Rhyzm-Tech. Due to modifications of the sponge, which has...
  • Glues $10

    X-Glue Green Power

    Joola's solvent-free glue for applying rubbers to blades.
  • Blades $65


    This is a new build of the legendary Rossi Viva blade. This blade has been constructed with 7 layers for maximum spin.
  • Blades $90

    Wing Fast

    The WSI Technology in the handle and the Hinoki surface provide a totally new playing feeling-good speed without loss of precision. The weight of...
  • Blades $160

    TPE Feeling

    The TPE Feeling is a classic blade made by JOOLA.
  • Blades $160

    TPE Feeling XS

    This blade has been developed for intermediate players and has been produced with JOOLA working with players to create the optimum blade. The...
  • Blades $40

    Falcon Medium

    The Falcon Medium is a 5-ply blade made for control. Its two outer layers are composed of Ayous veneers, while the center layer is Tung-wood...
  • Blades $35

    Rossi Jr

    This blade has been designed by JOOLA for the beginner. This has been developed for a child's hand and is a perfect blade to start in table tennis...
  • Blades $65

    Wing Medium

    This new blade developed by JOOLA has the new WSI (Wing Shaft Integration) technology which gives a total new feel. The handle is shaped like a...
  • Blades $50

    Eagle Medium

    High control, good speed, very low weight and a fabulous price are the secrets of the EAGLE MEDIUM. The blade that allows ambitious table tennis...
  • Blades $75

    Spirit ALL+

    The MCS 4.5mm thick central core of balsa and blue ayous is topped with koto, which guarantees excellent allround characteristics and the special...
  • Rubbers $33


    Nothing sounds better! The most popular JOOLA rubber, due not only to its fantastic sound when speed glued but also because of its longevity...
  • Rubbers $40

    Samba Plus

    The JOOLA Samba plus sets new standards in development of soft rubbers with incorporated speed glue effect. Experience the special Samba feeling...
  • Rubbers $50

    X-Plode Sensetive

    The softer version of X-plode! The sensitive-touch effect conveys ball feeling of a special kind. While the first ball contact is extremely...
  • Rubbers $50

    Toni Hold Anti Top Spin

    The original anti spin rubber - unrivalled for total control. The best answer to topspin and strong spin. Sponge medium soft Strategy DEF-/DEF...
  • Duomat

    This is a competition table by Joola made in Germany. It is ITTF tested and approved for international competitions.

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