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  • Rubbers $50


    FastArc is one of the ideal built in tension offensive rubber which pursues "Fast" and "arc". The most suitable combination between power sponge...
  • Balls $9

    Premium 3 star 40+

    Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls are a new non-celluloid plastic ball. It is made in Japan. It is ITTF approved and legal for all ITTF sanctioned...
  • Blades $220


    The Nittaku Violin table tennis blade is hand crafted in Japan using techniques and woods usually associated with string instruments! This...
  • Blades $135


    Made with "String Instrument Technology" Thicker and softer material than Violin were used. Due to this has very stable characteristics when...
  • Blades $190

    Barwell Fleet

    The Barwell Fleet is the newest premium high end blade from Nittaku. It utilizes hard wood outer plies with sheets of glass fiber directly under...
  • Balls $7

    Premium 3 star

    Used in the 2001 World Championships in Japan. ITTF Approved.
  • Blades $170

    Acoustic Carbon

    The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is the carbon version of the popular wood blade Nittaku Acoustic built with "String Instrument Technology". The blade...
  • Rubbers $50

    Fastarc C-1

    The Nittaku Fastarc C-1 rubber is an offensive rubber with a tensioned sponge for fast shots and great arc. The top sheet is strong providing a...
  • Blades $103.34

    S-series S-CZ

    The S-Series is a product of German Craftsmanship and European Spruce wood. The Spruce tree is well known as an exquisite wood that is used in the...
  • Rubbers $38

    Fastarc S-1

    The Nittaku Fastarc S1 is the soft version from the Fastarc family. The rubber has excellent speed and control. The soft sponge gives extra...
  • Rubbers $55

    Fastarc P-1

    The Nittaku Fastarc P-1 is the newest rubber in the Fastarc series. Released in 2015 designed for the plastic ball (40+). The rubber has a strong...
  • Blades $220

    Ma Long Carbon

    This blade is dedicated to Ma Long for his powerful play. Ma Long Carbon has better control values than DHS Ma Long 5, which has more aggressive...
  • Large Ace R

    Nittaku Large Ace R blade
  • Blades $90


    Seven plies of powerful wood result in this weapon of choice for players looking for a fast and powerful blade.. Good feeling are the words most...
  • Blades $170


    The Nittaku Tenor has been produced with the String Instrument Manufacturing Technology" and is the thickest and fastest blade in the Violin...
  • Blades $165


    Outstanding blade, made to the specifications of top players. This quality 7-ply offensive blade provides a hard feel upon impact and great power...
  • Balls $4.14

    SD 40+

    The new (January 2018) plastic Nittaku competition ball. In top quality with optimum roundness and hardness of a Nittaku ball. Made in China.
  • Balls $12

    Superior 2 star 40+

    The Nittaku Superior 2 Star Balls are the new plastic balls by Nittaku made in Japan and released in 2016. The balls are the second best thing to...
  • Blades $55


    5 ply wood, based on “KASUMI BASIC” "Anyone can achive things if they really want to. That's why they say your efforts will always pay off" The...
  • Acoustic Carbon Inner

    The new ACOUSTIC CARBON INNER is one of the most popular blades from the Acoustic series. The veneer composition is identical to the Acoustic...
  • Balls $7

    SHA 3 star 40+

    Nittaku's ITTF Approved 3 star 40+ plastic ball.
  • Blades $135

    Septear Carbon

    The Nittaku Septear is a 7 ply blade that combines 7 plies of Hinoki plywood with AD carbon. The addition of the carbon makes the blade...
  • Rubbers $55

    Moristo SP Ax

    Moristo SP AX is a very fast and powerful short pips. It features low, horizontal, conical, hashed pips on a thin top sheet which allows a 2.2mm...
  • Blades $90

    S-series S-7

    The S-Series is a product of German Craftsmanship and European Spruce wood. The Spruce tree is well known as an exquisite wood that is used in the...
  • Blades $73

    S-series S-5

    The S-Series is a product of German Craftsmanship and European Spruce wood. The Spruce tree is well known as an exquisite wood that is used in the...
  • Balls $28.95

    Nittaku Japan Star 40+ / 2 dozen

    New! Excellent 1-star practice ball, made in Japan! The Nittaku Japan Star 40+ are white balls in a package of 2 dozen (12) balls. Made by Nittaku...
  • Blades $290


    Made in Japan and released in 2013, this offensive blade has been built for long pimpled players. The blade has a heavy weight of 100g with the...
  • Blades $4000


    The story behind the resoud blade begins in the 1990’s. whereby Mr. Nakata who is the product development manager at one of the worlds most famous...

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