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    Reviews posted by massa
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        Posted 07-29-2016
        5.00 Soft, Spinny and fast enough
        • Controllable
        • Spinny
        • great for blocks

        • far from table
        It's my BH rubber (from 1,7-1,8m to 1,9-2mm, always with 2-3 layers of Falco).
        Really great for near the table fast topspins and blocks (passive or hard blocks).
        It has a good arc (my blade isa Cornilleau AeroSoft Carbon Off+ with low trow) and it's not too heavy.
        It also chops well in the table and itis very predictable.
        Will try FX-S to see if it has a little bit more spin when brushing
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        Posted 07-29-2016
        5.00 Great Spin, High Arc, Fast Enough
        • Huge spin
        • Not too heavy
        • Fast w/ booster

        • Spin sensitive
        • could be harder
        It's a great looping rubber with good grip. To me feels better than tenergy 05 to drive the ball.
        It's fast enough with 2 layers of booster, it has a linear behavior and due to my tendinitis is way lighter than a MX-P (my previous rubber)
        It's a little bit spin sensitive at passive blocks put if you counter top ou usea little wrist it'll be fine.
        It's specially good at near the table attacks.
        If it was 1 or 2 degrees harder it would beeven better
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        4.00 Great for learning basic stokes
        • Easy to use
        • comes with net
        • good oscilator

        • not suited 4 40+
        It's an easy to use robot, with 3 functions: speed, ball frequency and oscilator speed.
        It can send the balls to 6 different locations, ajustable but with one type of spin at the time.
        Comes with a net collector.
        It's fast enough and can give you a good amount of balls per minute.
        Sometimes it jams (about every 150-200 balls) with 40 mm balls.
        The 40+ balls tht I've tried went random direction.
        You can train blocks, drives, topspin, service returns and loops.
        Best suited to learning the basic stokes or to train at home. It's also easy and quick to set it up
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