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    Reviews Rubbers(4)
        Posted 03-08-2016
        4.00 Medium hardness looping rubber
        • Easy to loop
        • Easy to block
        • mid distance

        • 3rd ball
        • active blocking
        • short game
        The blue sponge from the Bluefire series combined with the topsheet from the Acuda series make a very good kit. Looping and passive blocks are extremely easy to perform, making the Acuda P2 perfect for players who always aims for longer rallies. Since the hardness combined from both the topsheet and sponge are medium, this makes it very hard to perform at the short game, most of the times when receiving the balls either go to high or too deep in the table. Some more experienced players might be able to compensate for its bounciness.

        Third ball aggressive shots are hard to perform, since the contact time is short. So I would say this rubber has a low-medium throw.

        This rubber is perfect for players looking to aim for longer rallies and reliable shots.
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        Posted 02-27-2015
        4.00 Great for Mid-far
        • Mid-Far distance

        • Price
        Great for Mid-far table play, since its topsheet acts more like a spring it helps when performing either counterlooping or driving far away from the table. It's great for players who value driving your way out of a rally, rather than doing full force attacks.
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        Posted 02-27-2015
        5.00 Offensive play Perfect
        • Looping
        • Counterlooping
        • offense

        • Price
        One of the best Offensive rubbers ever existed. It can perform all offensive shot with ease, providing the player with the consistency required for hard shots. Gives the player so much room to work offensive plays in any situation.

        No wonder why everyone uses T05 on the FH.
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        Posted 02-27-2015
        4.00 Nice BH option
        • Consistent

        • touchplay
        I am currently using the Acuda S3 as a T64 replacement (too expensive), and its works fine. It can perform passive blocks with ease, and have very consistent looping capability. One of the drawbacks is due to its softness and grippy rubber it makes difficult to perform short pushes or touch play near the table.
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        Posted 02-27-2015
        5.00 Very consistent
        • Touch play
        • 3rd ball opening
        • Counterhits

        • 5th ball
        • counterlooping
        A very nice blade, with lots of control, feeling and speed. The blade is great for those players who love to stay close to table and keep constant pressure at the opponent. I could not get used to it to either do confident 5th attacks (after opening with a 3rd ball) or counterlooping.
        I think its because of the hardness of the blade (5ply, 2 carbon with the inner wood layer being extremely large), so the dwell time is much shorter than the usual.
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        Posted 02-27-2015
        4.00 Best for Training development
        • Consistent
        • FH Driving
        • Counter looping

        • touch play
        • short game
        One of the best blades I have used. The combination of the soft wood layers and the hard wood layers make it a great blade. Perfect for athlete development, since it can perform well in any situation. Since the blade is a little faster, heavier and hard it can be difficult to perform touch play (short pushes, flicks and stop pushes).
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