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    Reviews posted by Shiro
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    Reviews Rubbers(4)
        Posted 06-03-2017
        4.00 Beginner Tenergy
        • Decent Spin
        • Decent Speed
        • Cost

        • Slow for me
        After using the rozena, I saw blocking was very easy. The downside was the rubber did not produce enough speed and spin that i normally am used too. I would recommend this rubber to beginners who love butterfly and are not used to the high speed and spins of the game to help develop their game. Overall, a decent rubber for $50 from butterfly.
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        Posted 01-17-2016
        5.00 Great Cheap Carbon Blade
        • Feeling
        • Price
        • Look

        Before using this blade, i had used the ma lin extra offensive blade. When using the ma lin extra offensive blade, the feeling was great, but as i began to develop more, i saw the blade lacked a bit of speed, so i got the extra offensive 7 blade. This blade is basically like the ma lin extra offensive blade, but a bit faster due to the carbon. The feeling and control are the same. The speed, however, is a bit faster, which is want i wanted. I would recommend this blade to anyone looking for a nice not too fast carbon blade with feeling. I only got this blade for about $34 from tabletennis.11.com
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        Posted 10-25-2015
        5.00 The best alternative to Tenergy
        • Loop
        • Price
        • Service

        • Nothing
        This rubber is very good. I have just switched from using the Xiom Vega Europe and boy, was that an excellent choice. This rubber is a cheaper version of a tenergy. There is a lot of spin, control, and speed. There is nothing to not like about this rubber. As for receiving, it is good as well. The rubber is not as sensitive to spin as tenergy is. I highly recommend this to people who have used tenergy or want to try a rubber that is very similar to tenergy.
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        Posted 07-09-2015
        5.00 One of the best and cheapest blades EVER!
        • Great Control
        • Touch
        • Cost

        • Back from table
        This blade overall is a wonderful piece of craft. Not only is this blade pretty cheap at a value of 34-52 dollars depending on the website, but this blade offers really good control. This blade can basically help you direct the ball to any direction you want with enough control and speed to do so. The good this about this blade is that it is not to fast where you can't control your shorts, but at a medium-fast speed to control your shots well. The only con is when you play with the blade away from the table. This blade requires a bit more power/energy on your strokes in order to the ball on the table. Overall, I recommend this blade to anyone that looking for a cheap, not to fast, controllable, and named after a professional blade.
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 One of the best rubbers EVER!
        • Service
        • Loops

        • Durability
        • Cost
        This rubber is one of the best choices for any modern attacker as well as defender. This rubber not only creates spinny serves but spinny loops as well.
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        4.00 Great Backhand
        • Great Backhand
        • Good Forehand

        • Service
        • Chopping
        This rubber is pretty good but when serving, can creating a decent amount of spin but not as much as other rubbers i have tried.
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