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    Reviews posted by Matt Hetherington
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        Posted 08-25-2016
        5.00 Changed to this after 6 years of WSC
        • Fast Pace
        • Inner Carbon
        • Great Spin

        • Adjustment Time
        • Price
        I made a hard decision after nearly 6 years of using the Donic Waldner Senso Carbon blade that it was time for me to look for something new, something with a bit more speed but still a softer carbon touch.

        I tried the Mizutani ZLC on the advice of one top international player but found it was a little stiff for my liking. When I heard about the Apolonia ZLC I messaged the man himself to get an idea of what it was like. He appeared to be loving it, so I figured I would give it a try.

        Initially I found adjustments a little tough as the WSC was a great control blade and not quite as fast. After trying the blade for 5 or so sessions I felt it had worn in and I had made the necessary adjustments and the improvements have been clear.

        I love the inner layer carbon concept and the Apolonia combination of carbon close to the core cushioned by a double layer of softer limba wood really creates a unique situation. The speed of the ZL Fibres along with the improved spin and touch from the outer wood layers creates an amazing composition for playing with incredible spin and great speed but without being too stiff to control the game.

        I have been playing with it daily for a couple of weeks now and it grew on me really quickly. I'm happy to say it will be a permanent fixture and I have decided to make the changeover!

        Check out my review below:
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        Posted 10-14-2015
        5.00 Market Leader? I think so!
        • Great Balance
        • Powerful
        • Great Spin

        • Price
        I've used Tenergy05 on both sides now for the past 2 years and I haven't felt any sudden urges to change, this rubber is reliable and a perfect attacking rubber. In my opinion T05 is the market leader in offensive rubbers!
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        Posted 03-06-2015
        3.00 Don't Get the Hype
        • Higher Bounce

        • Roundness -
        • Durability
        A lot of people have been saying these are the best plastic balls but I heartily disagree. They are prone to break anywhere on the ball surface and don't appear to be any more durable than the better seamless balls. They also have an inconsistent bounce and are not always round. I tried these on a couple of occasions but eventually decided to stick with the seamed balls.
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        4.00 Another OK Plastic Ball
        • Ok Quality
        • Speed Average

        • Breakage Common
        • Lack Feeling
        These balls are in the middle range of the pack, they are ok. We use them to train and they are more durable than some of the other balls like the Joola and the Double Fish. They are difficult to spin, the speed is okish and the bounce is not too bad. They are a relatively good level of roundness.

        I did a review on my first impressions of the DHS plastic ball and it seemed ok at the time, it's growing on me still
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        2.00 Average
        • Relatively Round

        • Too Slow
        • Non Durable
        • Hard to Spin
        Not much of a fan of the Joola Super P ball. They break frequently and feel a little slower than some of the other plastic balls. Let's be honest, all of the plastic balls are fairly terrible at the moment so it's hard to give a good review. Joola are probably in the bottom half in terms of performance and quality. I have trained and competed with a wide range of plastic balls and Joola are probably one of the ones which need most improvement.
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        5.00 World Class Soft Rubber
        • High Arc
        • Great Spin
        • Soft Feel

        • Edges Flake
        I used this rubber on and off for 2-3 years during University and it was my go-to forehand rubber. I loved the soft feel of the sponge, the ball really sinks in and offers good feeling. It is perfect for producing a high arc and safety on opening balls as well as offering a spongy impact for blocking and control. The only thing I can say wrong about it is that the edges do start to flake after 2-3 months as it is very soft.
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        5.00 Best New Ball Rubber? Maybe!
        • Great Spin
        • Good Power
        • New Ball +

        • Not Forgiving
        This rubber is absolutely great with the new ball. It has a good balance of porous but firm sponge with a tacky topsheet. This allows for a high level of power and spin combined with accuracy and a relatively good level of control to keep it all together. It is great for 3rd ball and low trajectory attacking plays and also is very effective in serve and return. I reviewed this rubber with tt11 and thought it was really good!

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        Posted 02-22-2015
        4.00 Most Stable Attacking Rubber Ever?
        • Well Balanced
        • Reasonable Price
        • Long Reputation

        • Outdated
        This is probably the most stable attacking rubber out and was incredibly popular for many years in the sport. It has a strong mix of spin, speed and control all carefully mingled together. This was dubbed as the perfect rubber for developing and intermediate players at one point and is good value for money also. It's a classic!
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        3.00 Best Cheap Rubber Out!
        • Cheap
        • Tacky Spin
        • Firm Sponge

        • Limited Ability
        This is a fantastic rubber for it's incredibly low price. It is a typical cheap Chinese rubber, tacky surface for producing decent amount of spin. Firm sponge gives a crisp impact on the ball and the control ratio is OK. It's not the best rubber out there by a mile but for dollar value it's certainly a good one!
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        5.00 Superb Offensive Rubber
        • Good Pace
        • High Spin Ratio
        • Good Price

        This is a fantastic rubber and was one of the leading tensor rubbers. Noted as one of the best alternatives for attacking to Tenergy series and at a lower price. This rubber produces high speed and high accuracy shots with a reasonable amount of control. It is fast and for the all out attacking player.
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        4.00 Great Spin for New Ball
        • High Arc + Spin
        • Great Control

        • Lacks Power
        Stiga Airoc M is a great rubber for producing spin with the new ball and maintaining superb control. While it lacks power it is well suited as a backhand rubber or a forehand rubber for a control spinning and more consistent attacking player. It produces a good arc and has a great safety margin on opening balls.

        I did a video review with tt11 which covers most areas
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        Posted 02-17-2015
        5.00 My Excalibur
        • Great Feeling
        • Balanced Carbon
        • J.O-like Control

        • Some Vibration
        The J.O Senso is a carbon blade with a hollow handle, has great spring feeling and is superb for control spinning and blocking. Really allows the ball to sink into the rubber with it's softer feel. I have been using the J.O blade since 2011 and have tried changing a couple of times, but always came back to it. It might just be my blade for life!
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