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        Posted 08-17-2015
        4.00 Donic Bluefire M2: For the skilled attacker
        • Catapult effect!
        • Medium Arc
        • Spin n Speed

        • Control
        • Learning Curve
        • heavy
        I have been using Donic Bluefire M2 on my forehand and backhand for last 1 year. Here are my impressions about this product from Donic

        Blade(s) used: Tibhar Stratus Powerwood, Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon

        Durability: Very good durability, my sheets lasted almost an year! I used to play 4-6 hours per week for 5 months and later I started playing 10 hours in a week. After 8 months, I relglued the rubbers and the life was extended for almost 4 months more. So overall, I am really happy with the life of the rubber.

        Speed: I was using Donic JO Platin previously on my forehand and backhand I used to feel that the spin generation by JO Platin rubbers is less as compared to Sonex JP Gold, which I used previously for 8 years. I read very good reviews about Donic Bluefire M2 and was compelled to try it out. I found this rubber having very good speed. Almost too good for my level. I realized that it is very important to select an OFF-/OFF ply for this rubber. Anything higher and control suffers big time. Donic Bluefire M2 offers medium to medium-high arc on first opening loops with very good depth. It is easy to just lift a backspin ball without putting efforts once you control this beauty. However, if you tend to stiff your arms or hold your blade tightly then your strokes will suffer and you will be inconsistent. This rubber rewards active strokes. Even on serve receive, I have to play the ball and just cannot keep the rubber and expect things to happen. Due to high speed, it is important that you move a step or half back after first opening loop. Since due to catapult effect, the follow up topspins are fast, low and very deep. It is easy to make errors on aggressive strokes using this rubber. Blocks with this rubbers are too good as you can keep the ball low, fast and deep in your opponent's court. So as per me, this rubber has a learning curve. How fast you can control it? Well, it totally depends on your level and how you play and how many hours you spend practicing with this rubber.

        Spin: I was able to generate very good spin on my serves, push, and topspins. Counterattacks and counterloops are easy, however, it surely requires a skilled hand. Beginners will find this rubber very difficult to use since it reacts to incoming spin, thus making life difficult on passive receives. Opening loops are fairly easy. If you time the ball early then with a short stroke you can generate awesome spin.

        Control: Well, this is a subjective aspect. I found this rubber difficult to control initially, when using it on Tibhar Stratus Powerwood. I later moved it to Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon and had better control. But, you must know that I have used Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon for 8 years, may be this is the reason for this observation. If you are ready to invest time, then you will find the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

        Weight: It is a heavy rubber, I feel that it is difficult to use this on both forehand and backhand if you don't like heavy setups.

        Thank you for reading. Hope this review helps you and you enjoy your game more and more! God bless.
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        Posted 03-09-2015
        4.00 A Very well balanced rubber
        • Speed + Spin
        • Light weight
        • good B/H rubber

        • Durability
        I have used 8 sheets of Donic Sonex JP Gold on both forehand and backhand. Each sheet used to last me for 6-7 months on regular play of 2 hours / 5 days a week. However, the performance of rubber used to decrease after 4-5 months and needs regluing to revive it back. It is a light-weight do it all rubber which is not too fast. For players who are learning the sport or who need a forgiving rubber, this would work well on both F/H and B/H. Its not too sensitive to incoming spin so it makes service receive easy. Also, it can generate really nice arcs on loops against backspin. It provides medium-high throw so looping underspin becomes relatively easy. Suitable for close to the table to mid-distance offensive-allround players.
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        Posted 03-05-2015
        5.00 Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon - A Do it all blade!
        • light weight
        • control+speed
        • Many gears

        • Head heavy
        I have been using WSUC V1 for 7 years. The beauty of this blade is that it has lot many gears, it can play slow on touch shots and short pushes and can really unleash its power while topspinning and hitting the ball.
        One unique aspect of this product is its hollow handle which Donic calls as Senso technology. It is made to give more feedback during ball contact directly to your palm. From user perspective, I would say that this mechanism helps in determining the sweet spot. Since you get an awesome feel when you contact the ball on the sweet spot. This really helps in understanding the quality of the shot which you have executed. I have played with Soft and medium hard rubbers on this blade. If you are more of a spin oriented player then go with softer rubbers. The spin on your serves will surely increase as this blade offers very good dwell time. If you want to add additional punch then go with rubbers like Donic Coppa JO Platin or any new generation ESN rubber which offers longer trajectory and more depth.
        Due to its hollow handle, this blade tends to be head heavy. So be cautious on what rubbers you choose for this blade. However, I personally feel having the weight more towards the head gives better results more oomph for those who snap fast with their forearm on their topspin strokes.
        This blade is more suited for players who play close to the table and at mid-distance. Farther away from the table, it looses power and needs much more effort to hit the ball.

        After moving away from this blade for approximately 1 year, my game started suffering. I have again started using this blade and I see immediate improvement in my strokes. I think it is the amount of control which you get along with the speed which inspires you to hit without hesitation. I will give this blade full marks now in terms of control and versatility.
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