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      Posted 06-05-2015
      4.00 Good spin and control, fast enough, but short durability.
      • Good spin
      • Great control
      • Fast enough
      • Short durability
      I tried this rubber in the FH with the Xiom Zetro Quad blade, it's a great rubber for those who love adding lots of spin in their attacks, even as it has a lot of control also it has good speed, but its not at all the fastest.

      The downside, it lasted about 2 months only, and right after the first month of use it began to look worn out, losing very quickly the ammount of spin you can produce.

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      Posted 06-05-2015
      4.00 Great amount of spin, fast enough and great control
      • Great BH flick
      • Lot of control
      • Good FH loopspin
      • Short receives
      • Durability
      A soft, but fast rubber for control and spin game. I use it on both FH and BH with the Xiom Zetro Quad blade. It lets you loop with no problems at mid distance, and the backhand flick is increadibly easier with this rubber.
      You can add tons of spin in both BH and FH topspin, and even in serves, but when receiving short is a little too bouncy.
      When blocking you can feel the extra control of this rubber, as it's easier to put the ball right where you want it. When attacking its better than other rubbers I have tried, and it's very versatile as you can hit flat or with spin, could be faster, but it works just perfect for me.

      Lasts longer than an Andro Rasant Grip, but less than other rubbers, and you have to be careful to hit the table or something else as it's sponge can break really easy on the edges.

      It's cheaper than the popular Tenergy's (the softer ones, 05-fx maybe) and the quality is pretty similar in my opinion, so if you are searching for alternatives give it a try.

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