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      Posted 10-16-2015
      5.00 Good ball enough to be used in ITTF matches
      Got one of this from my friend, nice ball, the bounce feels good. When I do topspin shot, the ball really spins fast. The ball is hard enough. Perfect ball.

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      Posted 10-16-2015
      3.00 Low arc rubber good for blocking and punching
      • Good Control
      • Easy to block
      • Good for flathit
      • Low arc
      Overall this is a rubber suited for player who like flat hitting and punch block due to the low arc.

      Speed is fast, spin is there, but due to the low arc I dont find this rubber suitable for people who like spinning. Fast drive punching shot is preferred more on this rubber.
      Sponge hardness is medium, I find it really easy blocking using this rubber. Especially for punching slow spiny topspin.

      I use it on the backhand, when I first tried it the ball often goes to the net due to the low arc, but after a while I can get used to it, but still I dont like low arc rubber

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      Posted 10-15-2015
      5.00 Perfect Blade for me!
      • Great control
      • Perfect speed
      • Perfect flex
      • Expensive
      This blade is the perfect blade for players who attack close to mid from the table.
      The speed is fast enough to win you point on third ball attack, but not godly fast that makes you lost control.
      The ALC makes the blade vibrate a little when hitting, which I really like.
      Superb blade for blocking, really easy to return crazy fast ball loaded with spins as long as you get it on the center of the blade.

      My viscaria weighs 88gr. I use it with H3 NEO on forehand, and I can loop underspin ball easily.
      Counter looping against topspin feels so great. I can produce high amount of spin, resulting my shots are often in.

      The only con is it's expensive. I bought it around 95 USD... but well, you live only once

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      Posted 10-08-2015
      5.00 Garaydia T5000 is a replacement for Schlager Carbon
      Basically Garaydia T5000 is a replacement of the Schlager Carbon. Probably because Schlager no longer is active/sponsored by Butterfly.

      So this blade should feel exactly like Schlager Carbon.

      This blade is a 3+2 blade. Known for its fast speed with decent control.

      I suggest you search for Butterfly Schlager Carbon review to know what this blade feels like

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