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        Posted 03-09-2015
        4.00 Excellent Blade-Magical
        • Gears-power away
        • Control
        • Easy mid distanc

        • Odd sound
        • Speed at table
        FH: Tibhar Evolution FX-P
        BH: Nexy Elpis

        This blade is incredible. On my backhand up at the table, I was getting a little frustrated with the lack of speed at the table. It felt like I was not able to put enough speed into the ball without a big stroke, and if you look at the modern players, they all have short strokes up at the table. So, I moved back a little. All of a sudden I felt like I had the best setup in the world. I could spin the ball, power through the ball, on both forehand and backhand, and it would land on the table just the way I wanted. The farther back I moved, the faster the ball reached the table. I think this blade is MAGICAL.

        If you are like me, you are a mid distance looper who has the advantage in the point if the point lasts a long time and there are counterloops and fishing. You want to make the ball hard for the opponent to kill but only kill the ball yourself if you have the shot. You want to develop your game. If you are like me, this is the blade for you. You can develop your strokes up at the table, and when you move back, even a step, your game is perfect. No ball you can reach is too hard to return if you know the bat angle. The ball goes where it would on a shot you would make on a controlled racquet, but ten times faster. I made so many backhand winners with this, counterlooping kills.

        I still can't understand how it seems to give you just the amount of power you want from the distance, giving less as it comes closer, more as it goes back, but it is an incredible feeling.
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        Posted 02-23-2015
        5.00 Nice
        • Great Blocks
        • control the pace

        • Nonduurable
        Compared to the T80:
        Lower throw
        More dwell

        But it's still fast. It is good for blocking once you figure out the throw. You can easily punch some more power into the blocks. You can loop easily, and do everything that you would want to do on the backhand. It is good far and close. It is not the most consistent rubber, and it requires control, but it is easy to spin and speed. It is too expensive. It starts to crumble in a month and a half.
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        Posted 02-23-2015
        4.00 Getting Better
        • Seems like cell.

        • SLOW
        First of all, the design is really nice. It also is very round, and it isn't much harder than the "old" ball. It isn't lacking in spin. If anything it is MORE spinny than the "old" ball. However, it is MUCH slower. I hit shots that would never go on, and they land short of the edge of the table. It seems like the ball floats instead of cuts through the air. If anything is going to make rallies longer, it's this thing.
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        Posted 02-23-2015
        3.00 Don't get this

        • breaks
        • unspinny
        • slow
        I take out the box. I show my friends, and everybody excitedly looks in and gets ready to hit. We take one out. I drive first, slow hits, to someone's block. Then I pull away to start looping. I strike the ball. It hits the opponents side and literally does not bounce. It sits there. My partner picks it up, drops it on the table, and it breaks in two. In 2 minutes, the first ball has broken. This keeps happening for all the balls, and soon my six are all broken. DON'T BUY THIS. It says it's a 3 star ball, and I'm giving it three stars. It truly deserves less. I can't give an accurate description of it's attributes (spin, speed, ect), because THEY ALL BROKE BEFORE I COULD TEST ANYTHING
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        Posted 02-23-2015
        5.00 Best so far
        • Consistent
        • Spinny
        • Similar

        • harder
        These balls are made in the same factory as the XSF balls, and therefore are the same. I have tried both, but either way the review would work for either.

        These are the most similar to the "old" balls out of the poly balls I have tried. The spin seems nearly the same, there is a slight decrease in speed, and there are no roundness problems. It is also more durable than any of the other poly balls. People say the Nittaku PREMIUMs are the best, and I have not tried those, but these seem like the best of the many that I have tried.
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        Posted 02-19-2015
        4.00 Viscaria Review
        • Speed+Control
        • Many gears
        • Chinese+Euro RB

        • short game
        • Breaks
        • not much feeling
        83 g:
        This blade is less stiff than other carbon blades, and more control. On the other hand, it is also slower. Mine is much faster than others, and I don't like that. The handle is wider than most, and you need to sand it or else your fingers will get blisters.

        I say this is like a fast allwood. The carbon gives it power while the arylate gives it control. Again, I like other people's better because they are slower. There is much less feeling than in an allwood.

        Forehand off the table with this is easy. It'll help you pick up a half long serve or kill-loop a ball inches from the floor that you misanticipated. I find that if I miss a ball, I only put too much effort into it.

        My backhand technique is fairly awful. I make only 65% of my BH loops against underspin and I can't really blame that on the blade or rubber.

        The problem comes over the table. It is harder to flip. It is harder to push short. A different blade would help you bring the ball over the net. This has been the biggest downfall of the blade.

        Blocking is consistent and excellent. The blade is consistent everywhere on it.
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