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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 awesome rubber
        • well made
        • nice design
        • good package

        • easy chip
        • around the edge
        Very good rubber for forehand for any beginner, and very good for any good players for back hand , especially away from the table. Very fast rubber , counter spin is pretty awesome. Price is nice too, around 60$
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 Excellent blade for offensive power
        • very well made
        • Nice package
        • nice design

        Coming from the Ma long 1, so i adapted very well, this blade is very fast, great control, and very nice feel, not only good for looping but return short ball as well. Good craftsmanship, very well packaging , very solid blade. Great for both wings looper , over all its a very good blade.
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 Very good blade for beginner or intermediate
        • very well made
        • solid design
        • beautiful craft

        It was my 1st blade , i played with it over a year , i still have it for back up. Overall its very solid blade, pretty fast and good control. Nice craftsmanship, design, texture is solid. Recommended for offensive players, that play Chinese style of looping, especially both wings looper. Its best to pair with Chinese rubber forehand, like National hurricane Orange , or National Hurricane Blue sponge . For backhand if u r close to table then i'll recommend Tenergy 05 , mid stand and away from the table i'll recommended Tenergy 64. Hope that's help
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 Best all around balls
        • excellent ball

        • not enough stock
        I did ordered a few boxes of 3 each , of all the new balls i got from different brands . This one is the most durable and the most feel compare to the old celluloid ball. i'll recommended to anyone. Oh yeah a bit heavy the ball tends to sink pretty fast .
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