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    Reviews posted by ping fun
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    Reviews Rubbers(2)
        Posted 08-06-2016
        4.00 lovely rubber

        I bought donic acuda turbo for my forehand but after having tenergy 05 i switched it to my backhand side and I,m satisfied with it , to be honest its so fast but not as spinny as tenergy 05 . about the hardness i can say its not a soft rubber at all . some times you think that your blade doesnt have any rubber on that . its causes the rubber to give u more powerful hits ... but over all a lovely rubber . it deserve it
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        Posted 08-06-2016
        5.00 dream
        • soft
        • speedy
        • spinny

        • durability
        It s one of the best rubbers for forehand . I felt if soft and full of spin , After using Tenergy 05 I learned mored about spin i mean i felt side spin and under spin and totally every kind of spin better . Incredible for looping but its speed doesnt let me to hit my bh as good as my fh . I guess its a little speedy for bh .
        Fortunately i got my pairs of tenergy 05 from a give away ,,, but looking at the price it appears expensive .
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        Posted 08-06-2016
        4.00 attackers favorite
        • fast
        • light
        • power play

        • control
        First of all primorac carbon seemed lighter to me . I m so sensitive to the blade weight and this blade was my dream in comparison with heavy mazunof that i had before . A revolution happened in my game style after buying this blade . my hits became more powerful and faster . actually its a very suitable blade for an attacker . my flicks goes better with this one . about control , i say its so so , but it relates to your skill as well, My grip is FL and I,m so comfortable with this . My tenery 05 fits to primorac carbon so well and the spin is amazing .. try it everybody
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