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    Reviews posted by Patrick Hrdlicka
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        Posted 08-06-2016
        5.00 Excellent 40+ ball
        • very durable
        • round
        • hard

        • none
        The 3-star XSF 40+ ball, and its various clones, is in my humble opinion - the best and most durable 40+ on the market. It feels large, relatively heavy and hard and is more difficult to impart spin on. It has a consistent and high bounce, is perfectly round even after prolonged use, and has outstanding durability. It is less expensive than the 3-star Nittaku 40+. Excellent quality/cost ratio.
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        Posted 08-06-2016
        4.00 A very deceptive SP rubber
        • very deceptive
        • spinny for a SP
        • touch

        • control
        • flat hits
        The Xiom Zava is a very interesting short pip rubber. It has a very soft topsheet and almost plays like a medium pip. BH drives produce a very deceptive dip making it very difficult for opponents to return the ball. The soft nature of the topsheet, however, can render block and opening flat hits challenging as they are very dependent on accurate timing. If you hit it right, your opponent will be in trouble. The safer approach, however, is to roll the ball, which also is possible from mid-distance. The Zava offers excellent touch for short game and can produce very spinny pushes for a short pip. All-in-all, an excellent short pip for anyone who uses a mix of strategies and isn't a flat-out hitter.
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        Posted 08-06-2016
        5.00 A great all-wood looping blade with lots of touch
        • Balance
        • Touch and feel
        • speed/control

        • lacks kick
        • not super fast
        The Adidas Challenge Force has a classic limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba 5-ply construction, similar to the Butterfly's Petr Korbel blade. It offers a great, softish feel and touch for looping and short game and is reasonably fast. It is well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Excellent speed/control ratio. While it lacks the kick of composite blades, or blades using caster core plies, it provides plenty of speed when using Euro/Jap rubbers to finish of points. I find it to be slightly too slow in combination with Chinese rubbers like DHS H3 or H8.
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