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        Posted 02-22-2015
        5.00 It's all been said before...

        Still the best of the celluloid balls. Rarely if ever see a bad one. Very consistent bounce until they give up the ghost. Yes they get dirty quite quickly, but it doesn't seem to affect the play. They make a truly wonderful sound off the bat when you catch them right, and seem to be able to take any amount of spin you have the ability to give them. So what if they cost a little more ? Be glad we play TT and not golf !
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        Posted 02-22-2015
        5.00 Does it for Me
        • Fast
        • Bags of spin
        • Affordable

        • Not much
        I have this on a K7 - a nice hard blade and perfectly suited to the rubber as someone else said. It works (for me) just as well on forehand and backhand. Hard-hit shot and loops travel very fast indeed, on the other hand when you get into a pushing competition with some boring defensive merchant it's just as easy to play soft and short. The only thing I do find is that drop shots tend to die into the net if you're not careful - the rubber is very slightly tacky and you need to remember that because of this the ball won't rebound off a stationary bat unless it was travelling at a speed to start with. But overall - what's not to like ?
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