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        Posted 06-22-2017
        4.00 The better Rozena?
        • Spin
        • control
        • ease of play

        • Bouncy
        • max+ sponge?
        Ok, so the headline is provocative, but Aurus Select comes at least 10 Euros cheaper than Rozena over here and basically gives you the same.

        It is a medium-hard, easy to play rubber with above average spin, not too fast, perfect for close to the table variable offensive game and enough power for casual away from the table counter topspins.

        In max+ thickness its sponge (though 45 degrees) and topsheet (softer than that of Aurus Prime) give you the overall impression of a soft rubber, which I thought a tad too much. I guess the 2.1 version will work even better (and one can only imagine how an andro Rasanter R37 soft rubber may feel with an ultramax sponge ...)

        Neither Prime nor Select are third ball attack rubbers, Prime gives tons of spin on opening shots and power in open game, while Select enables consistent "on the table" shots with good quality. A "killer" rubber it is not, but if your game relies on quality shots and placement, you might want to give it a try.
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        Posted 06-22-2017
        5.00 Excellent touch, but you´ll have to work for it
        • Spin
        • Contact

        High-spin rubber with excellent feeling on impact, gives the impression of prolonged ball contact. Excels in open topspin game, but due to the stiff topsheet demands good timing. Less forgiving than Evolution MX-P with the same nominal sponge hardness. Feels harder, too. Good for short game, linear characteristic, medium catapult. Tested on Carbon and all wood, worked with both.

        Concept of max+ thickness sponge works well with the new topsheet. Would be vary of stiff topsheet on thinner sponges, but may appeal to users of previous regular Aurus.
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        Posted 12-26-2015
        4.00 Very fast, very good, but with limited appeal
        • Fast, direct, light
        • For open game
        • Looks sturdy

        • Expensive
        We have had time to test the new Bryce Highspeed this afternoon, a black 2.1 rubber on a Primorac Carbon blade.
        The rubber has no obvious weakness and its strength is definetely its directness and speed in the open game, away from the table in spin on spin or close to the table in blocking.
        It´s a medium rubber about as hard as tenergy 64 and performs with no noticeable speed glue effect/sound. It´s light, cut to racket size only 42 grams.

        I played the rubber on my forehand first and had little trouble opening vs strong underspin from a defense player several levels above mine. In direct comparison I felt my other rubber, in this case a Bluefire M1, produced more spin, but not more speed.
        I tried the Bryce on the backhand then and found it easy to control and ultra-precise in blocking the heavy topspin balls from my partner. The blocks are fast and difficult to handle for the attacking player.

        Later I tested the rubber in matchplay versus another attacking player (approx my level). On the forehand everything felt easy enough, spinnier balls for opening or fast balls for direct points were no problem. Maybe I´d like a little more contact, but the balls landed where they were intended and control was good.
        When I tried the Bryce as backhand rubber I found that I like a lot more contact on that side, or a softer rubber. While blocking was good, the topspin rate was below average.

        I played a few more games vs another defense player and came to the same conclusion, on forehand the Bryce Highspeed works ok for me, on backhand it feels difficult except when blocking.

        Lastly, a friend tried the rubber and also found the Bluefire considerably more spinny, the Bryce overall good, but nothing we haven´t seen before.

        I think players going for the maximum speed will find Bryce Highspeed an attractive rubber. But I think there are direct and fast tensor rubbers already that cost less, and an Acuda turbo might do the same job as efficiently.

        If your game is fast and straight, try this rubber. But if you´re happy with the speed and especially the spin of something like a Tibhar Evolution MX-P there is quite probably no reason to be tempted.

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