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      Posted 03-30-2018
      5.00 Feels like driving a car
      • Great feel
      • Matches best
      • with MXP
      • What
      • are
      • those?
      So hey! I've been ejing for a few months now constantly changing blades looking for that holy grail that will finally put a stop to this madness (LOL). The Cedric Nuytinck blade was given (at a discount) to me by my trusty Tibhar supplier here in the Philippines. I immediately removed the Evos that were glued in my previous blade (Yinhe Venus 14) which were a 2 weeks old MX-P and FX-P. To complete my Cedric Nuytinck experience, I replaced my FX-P with a new sheet of MX-P rubber thus replicating the setup of Cedric himself.

      Looking at the bare blade reminds me of the Powerspin Carbon with a high quality finish. The box says that the blade was made in Japan and I am currently confused about the composite used. In the blade it says ZC (zylon carbon?) however in the catalogue it says zylon fiber but upon closer inspection you can see the weaves of zylon fibers and carbon (make up your mind Tibs). I will compare it with PSC(Powerspin Carbon), both blades have MX-Ps on both sides.

      During fh drives I can feel the control of the blade as it is slightly slower than the PSC, the PSC is more direct and more powerful however I am more comfortable with the CN because control . During loops this is where I found the blade to be very good as in really good. With the PSC you can produce bullets that can pierce the opponent's defenses with a loud cracking sound from WW2. With the CN blade the loops have a long trajectory that dives once it reaches the other end, the sound is also very distinct it is like a deep and crunchy cracking sound which tells me that I made a quality shot. You can be creative with your shot its like there is a new horizon for attack.

      I have no problems in my backhand, due to the softer nature of the blade it is easy to absorb the incoming spin and counter the hell out of it. BH loops have a high trajectory that is enough to clear the net. I am also more comfortable with the CN blade because with the PSC blade a miscalculation means ball flying outside the table however once again the PSC is faster and more direct. Another thing is that my backhand now is more passive, more on blocks and placement the reason for my bias reasoning lol

      Flicking with the CN blade feels like cheating because of the dwell plus the power of the MXP, bang!. As demonstrated by Paul Drinkhall in reviews the PSC is much faster but requires a higher skill level to produce those quality shots. I am just a mortal who tries to copy it lol

      There is on thing that I observed with the CN blade, when you are looping with it or doing power loops the blade feels slow the shot feels slow but in actuality it is the opposite. It is just like driving in a car where 80 km/h feels like running on 40. Whereas with the PSC you can see the bullets or just an illusion made by the loud cracking sound. The CN blade just like the PSC pairs really well with MXP, as CN and PD plays with them. It is very natural that Tibhar will make a blade that pairs really well with their flagship rubber, MX-P!

      The price tag is justified because the Cedric Nuytinck blade is one of the best blades that Tibhar has made, you can really feel that the blade is high quality even better feel than say my Mizutani. Name makes a difference in perception so does my ball feel

      To conclude, the blade is made for players looking for a
      - softer ZLC alternative
      - very controlled composite blade
      - modern weapon to whoop some ass
      - another reason to buy a new blade lol

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      Posted 07-30-2017
      5.00 Feel Jung Hoon
      • Good Feel
      • Manual type
      • Dual Impact
      • Fragile wood
      I previously used Aurus and 5Q VIP in this blade but changed to Evos because I feel that Evos are better in KJH. Now I use MX-P on fh side and MX-S on the bh side as I followed Vladi and Sanil Shetty. The KJH is a blade created by Nexy for Korean star Kim Jung Hoon under the brand name Tibhar. So it is a Tibhar/Nexy blade and like all Nexy blades it has very good feeling. The dual impact technology is also present in this blade and it basically translates to gears, the blade itself is a "manual' type blade because you choose which gear to use unlike other blades which only have one or two gears.

      The KJH is for players who:
      - Prefer an allround offensive style of play
      - Close table to mid distance attackers
      - Blockers and counterers
      - Flickers in either fh or bh side
      - Prefers an allwood blade with "feel"
      - Wants a blade with a unique feel

      I switched to KJH for its feel and gears, my previous blade was the Force Pro Black Edition. I became very interested with Nexy blades because of the feel and many gears without sacrificing the speed. I wanted a blade where I can spin and block properly if forced to even in tight situations. A blade that can go from slow to super fast with minimal effort. That blade is Kim Jung Hoon paired with MX-P and MX-S.

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      Posted 07-30-2017
      5.00 MaXimum Spin!
      • Huge SPIN
      • Sensation
      • Gears
      • Heavy
      I used this rubber on 3 blade which are PowerSpin Carbon, Force Pro Black Edition, and my current blade Kim Jung Hoon. I asked Sanil Setty his setup and said that he uses MX-S on his backhand while his forehand is MX-P. In the first two blades I used the MX-S on my forehand but after discovering that Vladi and Sanil uses it on their bh I also followed. I transferred my MX-P and MX-S on my Tibhar Kim Jung Hoon blade and used MX-P for fh and MX-S for bh.

      In my forehand side the MX-S feels like a boosted Hurricane rubber with a softer topsheet while on my backhand it feels literally like the back of my hand. I never imagined that a heavy chinese like tensor on the backhand would be this good. The ball goes where I want it to with the depth and length, very precise. I always watch Vladi's match and I wonder how he does is on MX-P until I discovered that it was MX-S all along!

      I can say that MX-S is:
      - A lot spinnier than MX-P
      - Insensitive to incoming spin
      - Very good in blocking and counter blocking
      - A humiliating rubber that you can literally slap a spinny loop
      - Surprisingly very good on backhand
      - Slower than MX-P
      - Really really spinny

      I found my perfect backhand rubber with MX-S, spinny when looping yet insensitive when blocking. Now I understand why Vladi has so much control in his backhand. Did I mention that MX-S is slightly heavier than MX-P which adds power and stability on the fh side. Overall a very perfect rubber for bh but can also be used in the fh side if you prefer chinese style rubbers on fh.

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      Posted 07-30-2017
      5.00 MaXimum Power!
      • Feel
      • Power
      • Spin
      • Shrinkage
      • Uncontrollable->
      • at first ;)
      I have used this rubber on many blades and is my current forehand rubber along with the Evolution MX-S for my backhand. This rubber is used by many pros including Vladi, PD, and my new idol Sanil Shetty. I used a lot of rubbers but I came back to MX-P for my forehand paired with an insensitive MX-S for my backhand. My setup is very perfect for me.

      During drillings I can feel the ball go onto the sheet, sponge, and through the blade with each hit. I always get my "palo" (strokes) very easily after a few drillings with the MX-P. My shots are loaded with spin plus the tensor technology that made me abandon Tenergy. I really love the MX-P's cracking speedglue like sound when power shots are timed very well. When I hear the cracking sound I already know that it is a sure killer or will come back very high for another pummeling. I feel like Thor passing judgement with every forehand stroke I release to my opponent. Now I know what Paul Drinkhall meant when the feel is perfect that made him change from Tenergy 05 to MX-P.

      In matches:
      - Serves are spinny and deceiving
      - Blocking requires little effort and a lot of touch
      - Countering is easy to execute just close the racket
      - Shots are loaded with spin and has a lot of power
      - Flicks are a breeze
      - Cracking sound when timed very well

      This is one of the best rubbers on the market that can compete very well against Tenergy. You can't say that the other is better if your only reason is that many players use this or that, you have to use it and embrace their differences to truly judge. We all have different touch and timing but I will be staying with my MX-P and pass judgement to my enemies.

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      Posted 07-30-2017
      5.00 Tibhar DOC
      • Dwell
      • Feel
      • Crisp
      A client ordered a TDOC paired with Tibhar Evolution MX-P for fh and FX-P for the backhand. It was a complete Tibhar racket with a Tib racket case and edge tape. I played with him and he let me use his racket.

      The TDOC has a very "deep" feel like my Ebenholz 5 blade but the TDOC's feel is a bit deeper. During drillings, the racket is very controlled because it can tame a beast, the MX-P. When I spin the ball with power the racket produces a very addicting cracking sound and the crack is even louder with the FX-P.

      During matchplay:
      - The MX-P is tamed by the blade
      - Service is very heavy due to the dwell
      - Shots are precise especially blocking and flicking
      - Pushing does not pop out
      - There is confidence in attacking cause balls do not go long
      - Very forgiving even when out of position
      - Crispy sound in power shots and punches
      - Very easy to flick with

      If you can't control or do not like composite blades but want to try PD's blades the TDOC is highly recommended. The feel and dwell is very good and is comparable or even better than high end allwood blades. The feel is on par with my Ebenholz for example and I hate to admit it but the TDOC is even faster and more solid than Ebe 5. The comfortable grip is a plus and the very appealing red handle. This blade is one of my all time favorite allwood blades along with Force Pro Black Edition,Ebenholz and Nexy's Zealot.

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      Posted 07-30-2017
      5.00 Tibhar Saurus
      • Spinny
      • Very Direct
      • Hard Rakza
      • Heavy
      • Predictable
      I used this rubber last April and it was glued on a Tibhar Kim Jung Hoon blade along with a 5Q VIP for the backhand side. I waited for a week before I can use my new setup because I was on my OJT during that time. During the initial inspection the Aurus looks and feels like a harder Rakza 7 rubber. A week has passed and it was time to use my new beast.

      During drillings the rubber felt hard at contact but the speed was there. I tried to brush the ball but I didn't feel that I spun the ball however my blocker said that the ball was heavy. I also felt that the Aurus pairs well with the very controlled KJH blade because the feel and control was there.

      I used my new setup in a match and what I found was:
      - The rubber is very unforgiving and demands you to be in position always
      - It is hard to use when hitting lobbed balls
      - It feels that it can't "grip" the poly ball well
      - Service is very low
      - Lifting underspin demands perfect timing but very rewarding
      - Blocking is perfect because the ball returns low
      - The rubber is very direct
      - Well timed forehands are killers and can end the point outright

      Overall my initial hunch was right that it feels like a harder Rakza rubber with a higher gear for those finishers. The balls produced with Aurus are fast, spinny (although Rakza is slightly spinner due to the dwell). and very direct (yes pinpoint direct and predictable). I wish to try the poly ball version of Aurus which is the Prime and Select version because what bugs me the most is the Aurus' performance with the poly ball.

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      Posted 03-12-2017
      5.00 Paul Drinkhall Spirit
      • Powerful
      • Spin generated is high
      • Crispy like chicken
      • High skill is needed
      • if you want to use it
      • with powerful rubbers
      So the ejing began again, after playing with Force Pro Black Edition for some time, I decided to try Paul Drinkhall's signature blade. It is named the Powerspin Carbon but I named it Paul Drinkhall Spirit, as it is Tibhar's blade designed for Paul who used Timo Spirit previously. Obviously, the PDS is faster than the TMS even I can't believe my eyes that in Dan's review the balls were shooting like rockets. I finally began to realize when I used PDS with Evolution rubbers that even mortals can create ballistics.

      Rubbers used:
      FH: Evolution MX-P
      BH: Evolution FX-P

      Spin and Power:
      The first time I hit with the PDS, I can already feel the power of the blade using only short strokes. The blade is really direct that I can shoot the ball anywhere I want. Using brush stroke, the balls produced are really heavy and fast. When using power, the ball blasts off from the blade with incredible speed. A single powerloop can end the point outright because the ball is really low and fast. When the ball is blocked, it is very easy to reloop and continue attacking.

      Like all composites, minimal effort is needed when blocking and what I like about the PDS is it's ease in countering balls. A loop can be smacked to humiliation. The blocks with PDS is very stable, I can vary my blocking from counter the chop block next with ease. The blade is better if the user has very active strokes.

      Flicking, Pushing:
      As shown in Dan's review, flicking is made easy with this blade due to it's direct nature. When I first used PSC, I used it with H3 NEO and pushing is very deadly because the ball is loaded with heavy spin and the ball is very low. When I used it with MX-P I had trouble at first but adjusted afterwards. The blade is also very good with the two types of flick, the chiquita (sidespin) and the drive due to it's dwell and a kick of power at the end of the stroke.

      Conclusion and comments:
      - Paul Drinkhall Spirit works well with the Evolution rubbers (not a marketing scheme)
      - Due to the blade's power, I can't control MX-P sometimes
      - For really aggressive players that want to attack everything they see
      - Control is a plus, specially when looping
      - Ballistics, ballistics, ballistics!! when timed well

      This blade can compete with Butterfly's ALCs because PDS has more feel than Viscaria and Timo Boll. Comparing it with the Timo Spirit, the Drinkhall Spirit has more dwell, more feel, faster and more powerful. Another plus is that the PDS has minimal artificial feel (ultra carbon vibration) and I really like it as an allwood lover.

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      Posted 02-01-2017
      5.00 Force Pro: The Dark Side
      • Control
      • Sensation
      • Blocking
      • Hard rubber
      • compatibility on
      • the backhand
      The FPBE blade is a very interesting blade, I promised myself that I would only EJ after my competitions and here I am lol. I am fan of Vladi so I really wanted to test this blade wondering if I can emulate his superb control and blocking and I was right (psychologically)

      I used MXP on fh and Tenergy on backhand in the first sesh but had a change of heart afterwards and glued a Hurricane 3 commercial rubber and Rakza 7 on the bh side. The flared handle feels very nice to hold and the blade is really balanced. There are no sharp edges as it is sanded for comfort.

      At the first hit of the ball one thing struck me, the blade feels soft or maybe a carryover effect from using carbon but nah the last blade I used was the Apolonia. The blade feels direct so I can place the ball anywhere I want with ease. The control and feel is fantastic cause I feel like Vladi at times lol. The proper term to use for it is not feel but sensation, as if the racket was part of my hand and there are rubbers glued on it haha
      Once I started spinning, the blade flexes at hard impact making it easier to impart heavy spin and direct the ball. The blade feels stiff at light brushes and blocks. Blocking is one thing I liked with this blade the feel is so superb that blocking was made easy, block like Vladi. The only thing I don't like about the blade and Apolonia cause they share the same characteristics which is difficulty of using a hard rubber on the backhand. It is not a gluing problem but 05 or MXP feels really dead or just preference to softer rubbers caused I changed from 05 to Rakza 7 and Rakza feels softer than 05.

      During matchplay I had a lot of confidence in using the blade cause the ball goes where I want it. I can continually attack the opponent and vary the placement with ease (something Vladi would do). My consistency went up after using the blade due to the sensation of the blade, every contact is felt and "sensed".

      This blade is best suited for players who really likes to:
      - Attack with a lot of placement
      - Humiliate the attack of an opponent with a punch block
      - Block around
      - Feel each ball
      - be like Vladi

      P.S. In the future I would like to us the Force Pro: Light side edition too hehe

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      Posted 11-07-2016
      5.00 Butterfly Apolonia Innerforce ZLC :)
      • Woody feel
      • Sweetspot
      • Blocks and Flick
      I recently changed form Ebenholz to Apolonia due to the polyball. I felt that I needed a faster blade yet has woody characteristics. I picked my 2 year old Mizutani Super ZLC and posted it online for sale, the blade is a first gen but pretty expensive. I changed it from for sale to for trade and someone offered me a brand new Tiago Apolonia ZLC blade. I agreed and waited for three days because the blade will be coming from Japan. When the blade arrived I glued a Hurricane 3 Provincial and Evolution MX-P aaaaand if you read my MX-P review I replaced the Hurricane with MX-P due to injury and fatigue issues.

      For the record this would be my second "Innerforce" blade as the Akrasia I previously used was IF style. I also tried my friend's Samsonov Stratus Carbon which like the Akrasia is Arylate Carbon. I noticed that the Apolonia is bouncier, has more vibration(better feel which I like), and has a larger sweetspot than the two. If compared to traditional carbon blade wood-carbon-wood-core-wood-carbon-core setup my traded Mizutani for example, the Apolonia has better dwell and makes spin production easier.

      The control of this blade is ridiculous cause I can topspin consistently and felt like I was still using my Ebenholz but faster and a little harder(in power shots). When I loop the ball it feels like it is stucked in the blade for a moment then shoots it. Backhand looping never felt easier and I felt my consistency went up. I can produce stable, spinny, and fast shots in my forehand and backhand.

      This is where I excel at especially in my backhand, as a left-handed player my backhand is abused with attacks lol. Blocking with Apolonia feels very stable whether passive or active blocking. I also found the blade in conjunction with MX-P really easy to punch the ball. During matchplay with the Apolonia blade when my opponent powerloops I rarely block the ball because punching is the better choice. When the opponent heavy loops the touch and great feel of the blade makes is easier to absorb the incoming spin and redirect it to the other side of the table.

      Short game:
      My short game includes pushing and flicking. Pushing with the Apolonia feels familiar because I feel I am still using an allwood blade. I can push the ball really short and sometimes with no spin which confuses my opponent a lot. I also do the banana flick as my main weapon to receive service, due to the dwell mixed with the bounciness of the blade the success rate of my banana flick rose(lol cause in an allwood blade you need a really precise timing).

      I really like the combination of MX-P with Apolonia because the abnormal power of MX-P is manageable and it doesn't feel that fast. It doesn't feel that fast due to the feel yet the ball shows otherwise. Looping and powerlooping with Apolonia is the best because the ball is somehow held by the blade for a moment then shoots out like a cannon. P.S. This is subjective with the rubber used lol

      The blade is best suited for my style of play, close to mid distance attacker that is ready to block the ball when returned. If you are looking for a faster blade that has woody characteristics (e.g. feel, dwell, and control) this blade is a great choice. IMHO the hande is too small that is why I used a grip tape to compensate. Finally, the blade is beautiful +1 pogi(handsome) points as we filipinos say

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      Posted 11-04-2016
      5.00 Evolution never stops
      • Crisp and Loud
      • Linear
      • Very Fast
      • Not for mortals
      I was a Tenergy user on both sides for a long time then switched to Hurricane on forehand cause it's cheaper and reduced the total cost of the rubbers. But I got more prone to injuries and the Hurricane really needs a lot of effort. I was skeptical at trying the MX-P based upon the reviews of many people comparing it to Tenergy. I really needed a new backhand rubber and tried many, I tried Skyline 3-60 the sponge lacks power then tried Rakza 7 Soft but the ball behavior is really abnormal and it was kinda mushy. When the EL-S came out I tried it I was happy at first but as time went by, I felt the heaviness and effort needed to produce amazing balls(I was using Ebenholz at that time). I switched to MX-P and I was happy, flicks are fast and spinny the blocking was stable heck no need for block cause you can punch the incoming spin.

      I changed my blade for the polyball and now use Tiago Apolonia ZLC. I glued new sheets of Hurricane Provincial and MX-P in the backhand side to battle the polyball. The same problem occured, injuries due to the heavy chinese rubber my senses told me to switch to MX-P on both sides. Last week I bought a new sheet of MX-P to replace the Hurricane on my forehand and this is what I found.


      When I switched to MX-P I had a few adjustments in the forehand and in order to use the rubber properly the stroke is a mix of hit and brush. I can produce tremendous spin with the MX-P plus the added catapult plus the satisfying cracking sound. The rubber was very linear so I can direct the ball anywhere I want it to go. Lifting backspin is really easy with MX-P, you can have the choice of brushing it or kill it with a forward stroke. My training partner told me that the ball was faster and heavier with MX-P due to the catapult effect.

      My backhand technique is kinda flicky and a lot of blocking but can brush too when needed. When spinning with my backhand I can hear the satisfying cracking sound that indicates that the timing is right(for me). The ball flies in a straight line showing the rubber's direct nature. The spin produced is comparable with Tenergy 05.

      Blocking is really easy with MX-P cause the catapult helps a lot whether it is in the forehand or backhand side. The rubber is spin sensitive(05 is more), sometimes when an opponent attacks my backhand side I punch the ball, power against power. I find it easy to punch the ball with the MX-P on the backhand and to counter the ball on the forehand side. When countering in the forehand side little effort is needed and it is easier than 05 where you need to close the angle so the ball won't fly.

      Flicking is one of my favorite shots specially the forehand flick and with MX-P the ball is fast and furious. The backhand flick is a breeze with MX-P cause the grip grabs the ball and the catapult to finishes it off.

      The MX-P shines in attacking close to the table for finishers and in mid distance cause the ball is really fast and quite annoying with a little sidespin. My training partner noted that the MX-P is a bit "shocking" due to the loud sound and speed of the ball. Compared to Hurricane and Tenergy 05 the spin is comparable however the speed is not cause the MX-P is faster than the two. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the MX-P and I felt my game went up since I changed. The rubber feels better than 05 in my opinion as it is faster, throw is lower and more controllable than 05.

      The rubber shrinks when you remove it from the blade but can be stretched out, just use water based glue and stretch it. Remove the rubber when it is time to change or when the glue dries out(like what happened to mine).

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      Posted 08-21-2016
      5.00 Evolution is real
      • Tremendous Spin!
      • Control
      • and more control
      • Slipprery
      • when
      • wet
      My EL-S arrived last friday and glued it in my backhand replacing H3-50. The sponge has a faint smell of booster like what you will expect in MX-P but the smell in MX-P is stronger. It was raining last friday night when I tested it so the rubber is moist. I did backhand mini topspin drill and I was surprised that the ball shoots fast, faster than MX-S and slighltly faster than MX-P. The feeling was meh and there is nothing special about it. I did match play and surprisingly I struggled with my backhand or maybe because of the moist. I went home really disappointed and I was just staring at the rubber thinking (I should have gone with MX-P) lol. The following day the weather was good and when I started doing backhand drills. As if the rubber was repenting about the night before, the ball was even faster and more controllable and grabs the ball really well. I did matchplay and what I found was...

      I tried it twice the underspin was really heavy and deceptive. It looks like a float ball but weighs a ton.

      Receiving on the backhand side was really easy especially when doing the banana flick. Pushes are loaded, short and controllable due to the low catapult effect.

      Flicking is a breeze the rubber grabs the ball well and adds sufficient. no, rather tremendous spin that helps it clear over the net.

      I had struggle in blocking at first but when I adapted it is much easier than 05. I think due to slightly lower spin sensitivity. after a few adjustments I can do different types of block very well. Punching, counterspin, nullification and even chop block.

      This is the best part, I was very skeptic about the claims in the forum and found myself smiling like a fool. This rubber produces more spin than 05 and MX-S. They were having a hard time blocking my backhand topspin due to the tremendous spin and it is very funny cause I am unaware of it at first. the ball feels heavier in 05 due to the help of spring sponge. I let my friend try my racket and blocked his backhand and I was surprised of the spin that I had to really close the angle or nullify the ball to return it successfully.

      Due to the cheaper price and fantastic spin this rubber will probably stay in my backhand and one thing is for sure, it plays really bad when moist. The sponge feels really hard but adjustable. The rubber is really suited in my backhand cause chinese rubber in the forehand is still better hehe. One last thing, about the dominance of Tenergy 05 IMO this rubber can replace it if you can get rid of your decision making bias. As a psychology student I notice many decision making bias among players.
      Especially numbers 3, 5, 8, 9, 17 and 13 which is the placebo effect

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      Posted 08-02-2016
      5.00 EB babes
      • Crispness
      • Control
      • Super Feel
      I take back what I said about Ebenholz haha after using Nexy Zealot for quite some time I realized I need speed because Zealot is a pure control blade but lacks the power to kill the ball cause it's all about control. defeating opponents through placement and the really low arc of the ball.

      The most prominent feature of this blade is the incredible ball feel. I sanded the NCT coating in my forehand side for more feel cause I hated the loud cracking sound in my forehand and my Hurricane rubber is so hard to glue. When I sanded the fh side of my blade I noticed more feeling a deeper feeling of holding the ball for more spin. The report about the backhand is true at first but when adjusted my backhand was much better as you can see in the video I posted in the post your multiball thread. Another thing I noticed about the blade is the hollow handle making the blade head heavy. Which in turn feels that the blade is part of your hand. The blade pairs very well with Chinese rubbers compared from the blades I owned and adding Tenergy in your bh makes it a truly deadly Chinese-style weapon.

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      Posted 08-02-2016
      3.00 Easy to break
      • Cheap
      • Durability
      • Roundness
      This ball breaks easily. We can break this ball in just one game holy cow there goes my money. But fortunately it's cheap and when used in drills it's slightly durable. I still prefer the Nexy balls over this.

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      Posted 06-24-2016
      5.00 The Zeal deal
      • Sticky Feel
      • Superb Control
      • Dual Impact
      • Addictive
      I got this blade from the Nexy raffle. I was not a fan of allwood back then and favored the faster and numb composites(Gergely, Mizutani, Viscaria). After receiving the blade I glued a Globe 999 and Rakza 7 soft I was not impressed lol. I was using Akrasia back then timeskip after training in Manila they suggested me to use an allwood 5-ply blade. I had my eyes set on the Stiga Ebenholz 5 and bought it.I was enjoying the blade but after a month or so I started to feel it's uncontrollable throw and one factor is the Hurricane 8's catapault. I had trouble landing the ball in the table after that my instinct told me to use the Zealot. I glued my H8 and 05 there and it is now my current weapon.

      When spinning you will notice the sticky feeling which is quite annoying at first lol. Due to the dwell time plus the H8 and 05 I can produce tremendous amount of spin in my forehand and backhand. The blade boosted my confidence in spinning because I had no fear that the ball will go out. When I was using Ebenholz 5 the ball was a bit wild but in Zealot the ball's trajectory is really stable and quite confusing to the opponent because it seems that the ball will go out.

      During close the table loop because of the long trajectory of the blade and dwell the ball is really hard to block because the ball goes long and spinny I had no trouble in looping close table. If I want to make the ball land shorter or make it dip I just do a more forward stroke and it does the trick.

      I can say that this is one of the best blade that I used in the blocking department. I can kill the ball easily with Zealot through absorption or punch block, chop block. and the 05 is a great blocking rubber lol the 05's throw is somehow muted by the Zealot but will be there when you need it due to the Dual Impact system. My colleagues laugh at me saying no such thing exists but changes their mind when they tried my blade. Because one of them is using an 05 in bh.

      I really loved the Zealot and H8's combination in flicking the dwell plus tacky and med throw rubber produces fast and low flicks. I can do the chiquita fairly easy with Zealot and with a low trajectory too! bh flicks are a breeze and sometimes they misjudge the ball cause it contains a lot of spin but looks like a normal push lol

      It is very easy to receive using Zealot whether it is a drop shot, flick, push or mini topspin. I have a lot of trouble receiving using the Ebenholz especially the strong sidespin cause it pops a lot yet I can now attack it with Zealot because of the dampened 05 throw.

      PS. It is best to pair Zealot with med to high throw rubbers because of it's low throw nature and for me H8 and 05 is the best combo. Happy Spinning!

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      Posted 03-23-2016
      5.00 Should be named Spin Art :)
      • Spin Machine
      • Aggressive block
      • and more spin
      • Price
      • Consistency
      • wrong name lol
      This is my current rubber on both sides. Uncontrollable at first coz all my shots went out
      after some time of taming and understanding I was finally able to control the beast. It is still the best
      there is no need for reviews because I know that you know how this rubber performs. My biggest mistake was
      to look for an alternative lol which greatly weakened my spin and confidence in attacking. Now I came back
      and put two 05's as a sign of repentance.(or just the advice of many people saying that my game was better with 05)

      One problem is the price, here in the PH this beast is yours for only $94 a sheet. holy sheet
      unless you know of a supplier that buys directly from Japan which can save you $25
      another one is the inconsistency because two 05's are never the same in fact my rubbers are imbalanced.
      The red sheet is heavier than the black and performs better too. and lastly my personal problem because
      this rubber is wrongly named this should have been named Spin Art lol

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      Posted 03-23-2016
      5.00 Tenergy blade lol
      • Feel and dwell
      • short-mid d game
      • Blocks and flick
      I bought this blade in 2014 looking to replace my Viscaria because I felt it lacks the speed and power.
      I was searching for a blade that has the control and dwell of the Visca yet faster than it. then came out this blade
      slapped a Tenergy 80 for fh and the fx version for the backhand. My wish was granted a fast blade with excellent feel and dwell
      a year later I changed rubbers and put 05 and 64 the hidden potential of this blade was revealed. The ball stays so long that I felt
      the spin produced by the 05 was amplified. My spins were golf balls and the 64 for backhand was the best in terms of blocking actively or passively.

      As my level improved due to experiences from National games I started to like the Mizu even more specially in counters and long table rally.
      Now I am using two 05's to compensate for the slower polyball. Still producing golfballs whether in the forehand or backhand side.
      Long table play,flicks,block and control in service is still the same. artillery in long table, crunchy flicks, stable blocks and Mizu like serve.

      PS. I changed my Mizu for Akrasia for some time buuuuuut eventually went back
      as it is more stable and my spins here is more consistent.

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