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        Posted 02-29-2016
        3.00 Still needs work

        I find this ball breaks easily after only a few hours of play. I have also found that the ball is considerable slower compared to other poly balls but a bit harder too. As I was a big fan of the celluloid balls from Nitakku I was fairly disappointed.
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        Posted 05-03-2015
        5.00 Great Rubber for All Players
        • High Control

        • Slightly Slow
        A rubber with great control is the major positive of this rubber, which is also why the rubber is ideal for anyone wanting to improve on their strokes. This rubber is a bit slower than most though however, so if you are playing with a fast rubber such as Tenergy then switching to this may not feel very good.
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        Posted 05-03-2015
        5.00 Quality with Stiga
        • Quality Wood
        • Fast

        • Expensive
        This is a very high quality blade which you will notice as soon as you hold the blade in your hand. I think this is suited for the attacking player and perhaps a more experienced player too as the blade is quite fast. I was previously using the Ma Lin Carbon blade which is very light so I can't really comment on the weight of this blade as it does feel a bit heavy in comparison to my previous blade - but not enough to affect performance. Although the price of this blade is expensive I do believe Stiga products are of the highest quality.
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