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        Posted 07-31-2016
        4.00 Decent Ball
        • Durable

        The ball does not break as easily as others. Its roundness is comparable to other quality balls. The quality between each ball varies from time to time, but that's just a plastic ball problem.
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        Posted 07-31-2016
        5.00 Solid Choice For Anyone Looking For Control
        • Forgiving
        • Versatile
        • Controllable

        • Not As Powerful
        • Some Quality ==>
        • Issues
        Used with Hurricane 3 Neo, Hurricane 8, T80, T64, Bluefire M1, Nittaku G-1, Acuda P2, etc.
        This blade is a solid choice for control. Although it is not as powerful as a Viscaria, it provides enough power to finish a point. Blocking and doing pretty much anything close to the table is a ease with this. Mid-distance looping is very comfortable because it is pretty flexible. Overall, this is a great choice. I bought two of them at its fantastic price.
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        Posted 07-31-2016
        5.00 Perfect Rubber For Some
        • Spinny
        • Controllable
        • Inexpensivish

        • Too Hard
        • Unforgiving
        This rubber is spiny, powerful, and controllable in the hands of people who know how to use it. Whether it is boosted or not, this rubber will stick to most blades.
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