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    Reviews posted by Vrael
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        Posted 01-25-2016
        5.00 Feel
        • Feel
        • Fast

        That blade is very fast, yet it is controllable. The trajectory is pretty low, so blocks are great with it. Flicks, smashes and loops are amazing.
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        Posted 01-25-2016
        5.00 Consistent
        • roundness
        • durable

        • slow
        I have trained with that ball for a whole week and they were most durable balls I have hit with last year. The quality was very good, roundness of all of them was perfect.
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        Posted 01-25-2016
        5.00 Spin Spin Spin
        • Spin
        • Trajectory

        • Price
        It is my rubber of choice for fh. My game depends pretty almost only on fh loops, counter-loops and reverse pendelum serves. I have tested many blades and almost every time I was happy with tenergy 05 on fh. You need to have decent technique to handle that monster and short game might be tricky, but I couldn't find any other rubber that suits my aggresive fh better than 05. The only disadvantage is price.
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        Posted 10-31-2015
        5.00 block/punch machine
        • Sweet Spot
        • Consistent

        I was able to play Carbonado 190 thanks to Stiga's lottery on facebook. I amvery glad for the opportunity.
        The first thing I noticed was the low throw (even with t05). It is perfect block/punch blade. My first top spins where landing behind the table, that blade is really fast, but very consistent. My flips from bh had a lot of power, almost like full swing top spin. I am not playing with that blde bcause it is too fast for me and weights too much. I am used to ~84g blades. I would reccomend that blade to really avanced players. While I had no problems with keeping the ball on the table with Innerforce ZLC, the first balls with Carbonado where often too long, but if You can controll that monster it is really great weapon.
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 Hinoki special
        • control
        • weight

        That blade is just amazing. You can be late for the ball and still be able to hit it with so much power. Control is out of this world. It goes well with tenergies and any other medium, medium-hard rubbers. Dwell time is great. Nothing can compare to hinoki blades in terms of feel/touch. The only thing it may lack in the highest level of play is speed and that's probably no pros are playing with it. Short game is super easy, third ball attack and service also amazing. If You are looking for zylon blades because they give more "dwell" time, but You have always plaed all wood blades I would reccomend to try hinoki speial first before buying more expensive composite blades
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        Posted 05-05-2015
        5.00 Butterfly Innerforce ZLC
        • Feeling
        • Speed
        • Sweet Spot

        • short game
        • price
        This blade feels like composite blade, but You can tell the difference from non-zylon carbon blades. It gives much more "feel" and longer ball contact time.
        It is not a blade for beginners and it is quite fast, but if You want to try composite blade I would reccomend innerforce series for sure. Counter looping, serving, block is just amazing. the only con I have found is short game. It can be tricky, but with Innerforce zlf or alc I don't think it would be any problem. Price is also high, but it goes with great quality.
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