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        Posted 11-26-2014
        5.00 Very Balanced Offensive Blade!
        • Control + Feel + Sweetspot
        • Wide Range of Gear
        • Good Speed

        • Ain't Cheap
        • Still Testing Durability
        Timo Boll ALC is an outstanding blade.
        -In my opinion, one of the blade with best control and touch for its speed range.
        -Suitable for players seeking to win through precision in addition to speed and power (not suitable for total powerplay or hard hitters imo).
        -Arylate carbon provides larger sweetspot = larger margin for quality shots even during unfavourable position + consistent ball feedback and return.
        -Ply formation gives wide range of gear - supports various strokes in all phases of the rally (your skill is most likely the limit!).
        -Blade head comparatively small = good maneuverability over the table for quick shots such as backhand banana flick.

        Rubbers reccomendation:
        Your preference, the blade is compatible with quite an extensive range of modern rubbers.
        I personally prefer medium to medium-hard rubbers on this blade (currently using the blade with H3Neo Provincial 39deg on FH and Bluefire M2 on BH).

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