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    Reviews posted by fshimon
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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 07-16-2017
        5.00 Great light offensive blade
        • Light
        • Fast
        • Great control

        Like this blade very much. Tried a lot of middle priced offensive blades. Most of them lack control. This one is different.
        It is light. Fast, but not very fast. The control is also very good. You can play short game with no problem. Lift underspin balls easily and also play far from table.
        The price is also affordable (45$).
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        Posted 05-31-2017
        5.00 Great value for money
        • Balanced
        • Fast

        This rubber has good balance between speed and spin. It is not very fast but fast enough. Can lift heavy underspin balls with no problem. Playing it on cornilleau aero off+ soft carbon. The short game is also very good. For the price you can get those rubbers today (under 30$) it is no brainer. Can recommend also the Xiom Euro and Pro rubbers (slower+softer and faster+harder) - good rubbers for intermediate level players.
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        Posted 05-31-2017
        5.00 The ball for me
        • Perfect

        From all the plastic balls I tried so far (except the new DHS) this is the best I came up. It has the best balance between hardness, durability and roundness.
        Also the quality of the balls is good, not many "eggs". Can't go wrong with this.
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        Posted 05-31-2017
        5.00 Flared
        • Excellent contr.
        • Durable

        Like this blade very much. I have the WRB handle but the older model. Very good touch for the ball. Speed is also enough if you are playing faster hard or medium hard rubbers, and playing lower level league. The flared handle is perfect.
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