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    Reviews Rubbers(4)
        Posted 05-30-2016
        5.00 Great control
        • Control
        • Performance
        • Price

        • Thin outer layer
        Great blade at a good price. Lightweight blade with small vibrations, allows you too make controllable loops and topspins. The difference between both sides is slightly noticeable. Confortable FL handle, the only thing i didn't like was both outer plies are very thin but i guess that makes it controllable. I suggest always use a fast high quality rubber on the ALL+ side, and experiment all you like with the DEF+ side.

        I bought this blade because i was struggling with my control issues which have diminished since i started using this blade. I use Skyline 3-60 on the DEF+ side of the racket but I use it for FH, FX-P on the ALL+ side for BH.

        Pros: My BH flicks above the table are now my main weapon, since i couldn't perform this with my previous blade (Tibhar triple carbon OFF++), FH topspins are good but better with not-tacky rubber since they have a lower throw angle

        Cons: Not suitable for blocking or chopping with soft rubbers, i guess i should have go for mid and hard ones. Not for the lazy, you need to generate your own power and not rely on the spring effect of hi tech rubbers

        I know this blade should be paired with pimples, but I don't know how to play with those yet, maybe in the future and I'll add it to the review.

        Overall great product, fun to play with and delivers what it promises: 9/10
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        Posted 11-20-2015
        3.00 Nothing special and expensive
        • Decent speed
        • Grippy
        • lightweight

        • Low throw
        • Shrinkage
        • short life span
        When new: The rubber is fast with a very low throw, average control.

        After a few months: The sponge shrinks (mine while still being glued to the blade), The speed decreased a little, but the throwing angle improved a bit and the increase in control is noticeable.

        the grip is remarkable in the first 6 months, after that it becomes hard to play with it, quick wrist movements no longer generate spin so you have to make full swings to do so.

        It has a very short life, you probably have to boost is you want to keep using it, after all is a very expensibe rubber.

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        Posted 11-20-2015
        4.00 Decent fast rubber - Soft Version
        • Fast
        • Grip
        • tack

        • Noise
        • TopSheet Damages
        • low throw angle
        My review is for the Soft version of the rubber, 2.1mm in Black (without any booster oil). The package of the Mid Soft and Soft version are the same, you need to check the back of the package above the barcode to read the version.

        Blade Used: Tibhar Triple Carbon (Stiff, heavy over 90gr, OFF++)

        I use this rubber on FH mostly, I try not to use it on BH away from the table because the throw angle is low and pushes goes to the net, the same goes with passive blocks.

        from my point of view the sponge is softer than Sriver Fx, Airoc S and Tenergy 80FX. In terms of speed, only faster than Sriver FX.

        Out of the box the tackiness is strong, you need to practice a 3-4 days until the tackiness decreases and the rubber gets its normal playing characteristics.

        The serves are spinny but fast and long. The tackiness is great but the speed and low throw makes it unsuitable for chopping. Excels at looping at mid distance, when properly executed the topspins, sidespins in particular create a difficult ball for the opponent

        Flat strokes will create the loudest crack I've heard, but this rubber is meant to brush loop to take advantage of the soft sponge and tacky surface which is fragile. You need to have extra care for the topsheet, since it collects a lot of dust and reacts weird with the environment and touch, so keep it clean.


        PD: It seems to me that it becomes tackier at lower room temperatures, but I don't have the time or the will, to test this theory
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        Posted 10-13-2015
        3.00 Just Decent
        • Less expensive
        • Texture
        • Bright color

        • Slow
        • Fragile
        I bought it because it's the most common and affordable, and I wanted to see how are we going to play in the future.

        The Pros: Basically is the most affordable ball that I could find at the moment I purchased it. From the physical point of view the ball has a smoother texture that keeps it more clean, by this, I mean that less dust/sweat sticks to it, also the color is a brighter white that doesn't fade too much.

        The Cons: Like many have stated it before the ball is slower, having said that, is better for my style of play since I haven't been able to adjust to the Pro rubbers that I've been using. The slower ball makes it easy to serve, trading spin for better placement on the other side of the table.

        Of course the lack of spin and speed will upset the players that like to engage in fast rallies, also the ball is more fragile than the celluloid version, so if you're a heavy hitter you'll be cracking a few more often.

        So far I found it easier to play than Stiga optimum 40+, but it doesn't compare to polyballs by Kingnik and XuShaoFa

        I just hope in the future for a quality improvement, and a lower price.
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        Posted 04-17-2015
        5.00 Great defensive rubber
        • Durable
        • Grippy

        • A little slow
        I've used it for my FH in max thickness and the speed is a little bit less than Sriver FX in theory. (mine was faster, maybe the blade had something to do with it)

        What I loved about this rubber is the grip, perfect for hard chops at any distance from the table, only experienced players with proper techique will rise those chops. The serves are easier to do since its low speed and high tackiness would allow you to perform serves with extreme spin without having the trouble of a long serve. You can do decent topspins with it but they won't be super fast.

        This rubber is for medium level players to play with and against, it's durable, tacky and reliable, but won't be popular with the offensive players.
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        Posted 04-17-2015
        4.00 Good, but not what i expected
        • Spinny
        • Fast

        • Price
        • Too brittle
        • Medium Hard
        very fast rubber suitable for the game away from the table. I use it in Max and the sponge is not soft at all, i can't feel the ball sink in even with the new plastic balls.

        The FH topspins and the sidespins (far from the table) are amazing as long as you have the proper technique, the BH chops and pushes are risky moves because of its speed and the high throw bounce of the rubber.

        The price of the rubber combined with its extreme fragility have become an issue for my tight budget.
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        Posted 02-20-2015
        4.00 Your need for speed
        • construction
        • No vibration

        • thin FL handle
        • Tag
        weights about 90g because of its 8 layers of wood and 3 layers of carbon. The quality, the look and the feel is excelent. It plays super fast even with soft rubbers (T80FX - Airoc S), so control might be an issue, there's almost no vibration on the handle when hitting the ball hard. Great blade for attackers playing mid and away from the table, is hard to play close to the table (using the above mentioned rubbers)

        edit: The blade doesn't stand damage to the sides too well, and the handle Tag sucks.

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