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        Posted 07-05-2015
        5.00 Beast Spin!
        • Beast Spin!
        • Control!
        • Durable!

        • Speed?
        I am using this rubber on bh on my Hurricane Hao III with Tenzone Ultra at fh. ~
        Wether speed is a con or not depends a bit on the person and blade. Though thinking the very top players of the world, offensive players might not want to use this just because of it's speed. With that said, in a matter of generating the most spin to it's amount of speed, I don't think a rubber can beat it. As mentioned in the other reviews, it would probably fit the best on a pretty hard bat. I'm using Hao III in my case, which is not beast hard, but I think it's just hard enough to fit the rubber.
        P7 is the kind of non-tensor rubber, that trully feels like a really (really, seriously, really) good ordinary rubber. By ordinary, I do not mean ordinary by any means, but when you try it, you will understand what I'm saying. It does obviously not have the tensor feel, nor is it like tenergy and mark v is inferior to this rubber.
        Say, if you liked Mark v, and want an upgraded spin/feel wise and a bit faster than the mark v while not being as fast as a Tenergy (but Yogi's explenation might be more accurate, I only have experience with Tenergy 80) and inferior to none in spin capability (while still being pretty insensitive to incomming spin) this is the rubber for you. It also has a lot of gears and I'd say it's the ultimate all rounder. ~ For more detailed info please look at Yogi_bear's review, lol.

        - NB: Bought at tt-sport*de on ebay for only 27 gbp (41 usd) with a 7 usd shipping price. 100% genuine.
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        Posted 07-05-2015
        5.00 New FH rubber for me!
        • Speed!
        • Rebound!
        • Throw Angle!

        • A bit less spin.
        This is the fastest rubber I've tried, there might be faster but I've heard it's slightly faster than Tenergy 05. In this review I'l majorly compare it to my former Donic Bluefire Jp-01 Turbo. Also, I bought my sheet of Tenzone Ultra from TT-sport*de on ebay, which I am 100% certain is genuine and for a price of 31 GBP (48 USD), and only 7 usd shipping, it is a very good deal. I'm using this on my Hurricane Hao III C-pen on fh, with Adidas P7 bh.

        First of, the Top Sheet is not identical, but very similar to that of Bluefire Jp-01 Turbo, you can notably feel the similarities due both being Tensor rubbers. But, Tenzone Ultra's major difference lies in the sponge which makes it rather different, and in this case faster with a tiny bit less spin, which I will come back to. Now, one of the very few issues I had with the Jp-01 Turbo was of how the ball sank into the rubber a few milliseconds more than I wanted and when I countered heavy top spin, it was hard to make it not go too far, if I were close to the table. I'd might have been able to overcome it and I was in good way of doing so, but this rubber made the difference/improvement I was looking for almost perfectly according to my game equipment wise, the con is the spin being slightly inferior. Although this rubber is indeed faster than Jp-01 Turbo, the ball has a faster rebound but drops a bit faster than jp-01 Turbo in it's throw angle therefore at big advantage, Close-medium distance from the table, thinking loop/top spins. Further away from table lobbing would probably be more comfortable than looping, due the more sudden drop in the throw angle, opposed to jp-01 Turbo (think Xu Xin distance lob), I do tbh feel like I have more control in my lobs with this vs Bluefire.

        Fh or bh? - In regards to penhold I could only recomend this rubber for the fh. Shakehand it might work out on bh too, but I would only recomend it if you favour a lot of bh blocking if you're a major bh blocker. For all round/offensive game, I'd keep it to the fh. (though this is my subjective thoughts on the case)
        So yes, this is the best rubber I've tried so far in regards to blocking which have led me to use the TPB for blocks/redirecting a bit more lately, but I'd have to work at balancing that. (as I would not want to waste the splendid capabilities of P7, block once before RPB/bh might be a good strategy though)

        Now, why would you not want this rubber on your fh? If your game consists of a lot of slow heavy top-spin on fh, I'd recomend something else. (Like P7?)
        I enjoy pushing under/side spin, and adding sidespin to top spins or the pure sidespin when the ball is on it's way down, the spin on these strokes was generated slightly easier with jp-01 Turbo (and P7 is rather insane in this matter, but quiet a bit slower, is non-tensor and far from as good in blocking), this also makes it not as sensitive to incomming spin as well (jp-01 Turbo is less sensitive than Tenergy 05, and this a tiny bit less sensitive than jp-01 Turbo), but a good touch can still generate a good amount of spin.

        Other thoughts?
        - I think the only reason Jp-01 Turbo had a easier time generating spin was due the increased rebound time, the top sheets are both similar and grippy afterall, therefore Tenzone Ultra just needs a more precise touch to generate same amount.
        - Flicking was a dream.
        - Throw angle was perfect imo. ofc slightly lower Than Tenergy 05 I've heard, but there are several lower, neither higher nor lower would not be any better for me.
        - A tiny bit lighter weight than Jp-01 Turbo. (did not weight, just based on intuition/feel)
        - If you're a Modern Defender, I'd imagine few rubbers matching this one in a fh killer attack. (thinking Joo Sae Hyuk style)
        - As for now durability is great, Only used for about 3 weeks, so I'l give an update when I need to change it.

        I hope my review was of some help!
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        Posted 06-15-2015
        5.00 Pretty good
        • Topspin Beast
        • Nice Speed
        • Blue sponge!

        • Feel
        I'l refer to my review on jp-01 Turbo. http://www.tabletennisdaily.co.uk/eq...reviews/106769
        and make a couple short comperances. Overall the two rubbers are very similar, but the touch on M1 is a slight downgrade imo.
        M1 is slightly faster, it's also slightly harder sponge/rubber speaking ofc. the hardness and speed difference lead me to believe it might be better on my fh vs the jp-01 Turbo, but personally I prefered the Jp-01 Turbo due the better feel and touch with the slightly better control that jp-01 Turbo had.
        With that said it's no worse/not much difference in topspin/counter topspin, but other shots (like atempting side or side/top spin) which required a bit more touch felt in my hands like jp-01 Turbo more easily generated more spin and was still fairly close to M1 in speed.
        But still an overall good rubber, top class from Donic!
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        Posted 03-04-2015
        5.00 Perfect Soft Sponge Control
        • Control
        • Flick/Loop
        • Backhand

        • A bit slow?
        With the blade: Hurricane Hao III (pen), FH: Jp 01-Turbo and this on the backhand. I must say I'm very pleased with this rubber.
        It has a very grippy top sheet, yet not as reactive to spin as you'd think. The rubber is great for Looping and flicking, the flicking is even a bit more precise (maybe a bit linear is the right word?) and easy than on my fh rubber. (though overall it's the technique it comes down to)
        Before I got this I was using Mark V (unboosted) I liked the Mark V, but I absolutely loved this one. It had a much nicer touch, a bit more speed and much more gears with at least as much control, if not more.
        Probably suits several blades, but recommended to use it on a medium Hard-hard blade.
        Overall I'd recommend anyone this as a bh rubber. (both for penhold and shakehand!)
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        Posted 03-02-2015
        5.00 Perfect!
        • Control!
        • Speed and Spin!
        • Dark Pinch

        • Price?
        This is the first racket I was truly content with to a Perfect degree! (C-Pen version) First off the dark pinch is perfect and really nice. (In contrast to the very light pinched Silver line Carbon). Secondly - It has very little vibrations, the little vibration the blade has is comfortable in my hand.
        The blades structure itself is: koto - ayous (horizontal) - fiberglass - ayous (horizontal) - koto. Whereby the Fiber glass core is probably the source of the nice dark pinch.
        The blade is pretty hard (Not TOO hard, just medium hard!) yet VERY controlled and much more loopable than you'd think (which also means it's great for spin!) with that hardness. I sealed the blade as well, which also give the whole blade a dark nicer colour with a darker blue handle that now matches the blue sponge of the bluefire. (although that's not the main point of sealing). It's said sealing the blade differs the hardness, which is probably correct but to a VERY small degree, but I would personally recommend sealing it, as it also makes it more durable!

        It has as far as I'm concerned a big sweet spot and its speed is (as mentioned above) perfect with the amount of control it has. To put it this way I highly doubt you will get ANY blade with as much speed and still have the same amount of control. You will have to look for a while. (personally using with it with Donic Bluefire jp 01-turbo and jp-03). This blade is with that said probably optimized for medium to far distance shooting, mainly medium-far. It works good close to the table, but there are probably other blades better for close to the table (but those would obviously be worse in further away from the table!)
        I prefer to step a bit back so for me it's perfect!
        If I were to point out any cons with this blade, it MIGHT be the durability. I've had no major damage on it after 2-3 months use (but that's not a very long time), and it seems good so far. But I would recommend the users to "handle with care" (solely based on the feeling I get while using it) if not you should just get the DHS PG 13. (roughly same structure without the same quality control) :P
        I've had it for more than a year now, a couple bumps on the edge due some hard punche that hit the table or table edge, but it has great durability.
        Extra Update:
        Hurricane Hao III (With Adidas Tenzone Ultra and P7) - I call it "The Excalibur of Holy Grails".
        This blade in the form of a racket, was given 3 phoenix feathers in it's center core (glass fiber) for a swagical touch and it's surface is filled with the holly african wood known as Koto. It has the extraordinary ability to expelliarmus any death ball back on the table with a under/side spin more sneaky than a Basilisk, or a top/side spin that not even Dobby would be able to handle with his Elf magic. Oh you prefer clean loop? Well that's original, try a light one first and the table might make it out with just a scratch.

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        Posted 03-01-2015
        5.00 Almost Perfect
        • Speed and Spin!
        • Catapult Effect!
        • Blue Sponge!

        • Rebound time?
        This is my first review so bare with me, I've used this rubber for a few months now (on a hurricane Hao III - Pen) I believe it's suited better on a bit harder blades. I use it for my fore hand (black version, 2.00 mm). On close to the table I believe it's doing very good, but when flicking close to net I needed a bit time getting used to it, often flicked it a bit too low. (aka needs a nice touch on flicks)
        Before I used this I had a go with Tenergy 80 (for a short while), comparing to the 80 it's more forgiving, and it's throw angle was for my preference better than the tenergy 80's (which had a bit higher throw angle.) Another thing that I find very usefull, but is the second, among the two things that might take some time to master, is the catapult/trajectory arc on harder shots, when you do a hard topspin punch you can feel the rubber bouncing it out with boosted speed. (which is the catapult efect, more speed compared to other rubbers without the so called "catapult" effect) which is imo a powerful weapon when you learn to control it, because several of my harder shots went just too far at the start, but got the hang of it after a while. Despite the speed maybe not being optimal (according to some people) I don't think you need more speed than what the catapult effect gives. Any faster would be too fast for my taste.
        Aside from those two things I'd say the rubber is pretty much Perfect. And hey, the sponge is blue, fancy that?

        Edit: At the time i wrote this, I meant everything I wrote, but after trying Adidas Tenzone Ultra, I'd say the rebound time in Jp-01 Turbo is a bit of a con. Read the Tenzone Ultra review for more info.

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