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    Reviews Rubbers(7)
        Posted 07-02-2017
        5.00 Huge improvement
        • Phew a good ball
        • ABS = good

        The ABS balls are a great improvement. I haven't tested long enough but from what I did try I noticed more of a XuShaoFa feeling. The balls had a crisp bounce a good improvement from Stiga's last plastic balls.
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        Posted 07-02-2017
        5.00 Tried the Rozena last night
        • Good for hits
        • Control

        • Spin
        My friend had this rubber so I tried it. He was using it with a petr korbel blade. It had a different feeling to any rubber I have ever tried, I really liked it. It felt closer to an esn rubber than to Tenergy. I would still choose Tenergy over the rozena although rozena had more hit power and would be easier against awkward players.

        The pro with this rubber is if you want to use a Butterfly rubber using the Rozena will not set you back as much as purchasing two sheets of Tenergy.
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        Posted 11-14-2016
        2.00 Lack of spin - effected by humidity
        • Not bad speed

        • Lack of spin
        • Humidity
        I played with these in a tournament. I thought they were good in training until I tried in a tournament where things became humid. The ball did not cope and just slid of my bat.
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        Posted 08-30-2015
        4.00 I give this 4 stars
        • Great durability

        So I tried this ball recently and was impressed with it actually. It did not break and it felt a lot better than other plastic balls I have tried.
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        Posted 06-04-2015
        3.00 I practised with these yesterday
        • Durable
        • Fast for plastic

        • Not round
        I tried out these plastic training balls yesterday. They were durable as none broke throughout the session, they were of good speed however so many of them were like an egg shape and not round.

        The thing is, the 3* balls are not very good, so you can imagine what the training balls are like! However they are cheap and do the job for a multi ball session. i would not recommend these for matches.
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        Posted 04-09-2015
        3.00 Was expecting better from a brand such as Butterfly!
        • Design
        • Beautiful

        • Soft
        • Slow
        • Consistency
        Okay, so I bought a pack of these balls. Visually they look very good, nice pink logo, cool design. However when I tried the Butterfly balls they felt a lot softer than other plastic balls I have tried. Also the speed was not up to scratch either. I tried my friends Butterfly Plastic ball and his felt okay so perhaps I had a bad batch. Not to sure how the plastic balls are regulated but I much prefer balls without a seam. They are faster and break less.

        Lets hope these balls get better fast!

        They are using this Butterfly plastic ball at the World Championships this month...
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        Posted 04-06-2015
        4.00 Very consistent rubber
        • Very consistent
        • Speed
        • High Control

        • Spin
        I tried this rubber on my friends blade for an hour. I found it had great control and would suggest this would be a very good rubber for someone who is trying to learn stroke play. The rubber is not to responsive like Tenergy. The Calibra Tour M has a lot of control, my only concern was the amount of spin. I struggled to get a lot of spin on service. I am a player who relies on spin, so this rubber is not for me. However this rubber would suit blockers and counter hitters very well.
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        Posted 02-28-2015
        4.00 Very lightweight and nice control
        • Nice looks
        • Great control
        • Comfortable

        • Price
        • Speed
        I tried this blade as my friend was using it at the club. The control is excellent. It is very lightweight and has very good feeling and well balanced. From close to the table and mid distance the you can spin the ball very well, the only problem was its lack in speed. But this could have been down to the rubbers, however it was Tenergy 05 on the forehand. I think this blade is ideal for developing strokes and improving your game from intermediate levels.
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        Posted 02-21-2015
        5.00 Best shoes I have tried!
        • Comfortable
        • Cool
        • Very good grip

        • Expensive
        These shoes are worth the money! You are buying an excellent product here. Shoes are very important for my back and knees and I feel these shoes keep me stable when playing. I like how they stay cool after a few matches. My old shoes my feet got very hot and sweaty quickly.

        The grip of these shoes are also very good and feel strong when I move side to side.

        Nice shoes!
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        Posted 02-20-2015
        5.00 Superb control blade
        • Top end control

        • Lacks speed
        This blade has outstanding control. I really like how I can block incoming attacks very easily. Even when a player has put a lot of rotation on the ball I can block with little problems. The blade also has a carbon feel which means I can attack with speed if I want to. It is not the fastest carbon blades out there, but it certainly is one of the most controlled.
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        Posted 02-20-2015
        4.00 I like this rubber
        • Nice speed

        I tried my friends rubber in the club the other day who uses the Airoc S. I felt a good amount of speed and spin and I think I could use it myself however I am addicted to Chinese rubbers on the forehand now. I think this rubber would suit the backhand well. My only concern was sometimes away from the table the rubber lacked control. But again this could be because i'm used to tacky chinese rubbers so my stroke is used to being able to grab the ball.
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        Posted 02-15-2015
        5.00 Very popular during speed glue era!
        • Very durable
        • Good spin
        • Great speed

        • Need speed glue
        I used this rubber during the speed glue era along with Sriver. These two rubbers were extremely popular during the speed glue era. The amount of control you had to ratio of speed and spin was perfect. The only problem is without speed glue you don't have enough speed.

        Nowadays this rubber is very good for beginners and intermediate players wanting to develop their technique. I haven't seen to many players use this rubber any more. It use to be so popular! Those were the days...
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        Posted 02-15-2015
        5.00 High control for topspin play!
        • Very good feel
        • High control

        This blade has tremendous amounts of control and feel. I would recommend this blade for beginners and intermediate players. I used this blade when I was younger and it really pushed me to work on my strokes. The high control allowed me to not make many unforced errors when developing my technique. I also know a few kids starting out who use this blade and they are blocking very well to.
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        Posted 02-13-2015
        4.00 Popular ball
        • Popular

        • Durability
        A lot of my friends have been using this ball. I like it better than other plastic balls I have tried. However all in all I really dislike the new plastic balls. I hope they get better in quality.
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        Posted 02-04-2015
        5.00 Amazing Spin + Speed!
        • Super Speed!
        • Spin!

        • Needs speed glue
        This rubber is fantastic for a reason! Its the most popular rubber in China! it has excellent spin and speed. I used it during the speed glue era. My only issue now is that without boost or speed glue the rubber does not have the same speed. It requires boosting. I have yet to try the Hurricane 3 NEO which is pre glued, which I am sure is very good.

        Hurricane 3 = Amazing
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        Posted 02-02-2015
        5.00 5 stars for a reason!
        • Cheap
        • Great spin
        • Good speed

        I have given this rubber 5 stars, not because it is as good as Tenergy but because it is very cheap for how good it is. I think its an excellent rubber for beginners and intermediate players in table tennis. I have given my old sheet of Milky Way Moon to some kids I coach and it really teaches them the stroke.

        You get good spin on serves and push shots and has excellent control during topspins, the only real issue is its speed. When you want to kill the ball it can sometimes be tricky. This is where lets say Tenergy 05 excels. It is much easier to generate great speed with Tenergy. But for the Milky Way Moon's price you cannot go wrong really.

        I have heard some players boost this rubber so it is faster, perhaps this would be the best option.
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        Posted 02-02-2015
        4.00 Very good blade.
        • Very quick
        • Fast
        • Light

        I like this blade because its very fast and light. The handle has a different feel to other blades to, its quite soft on the handle and comfortable. I think the only real issue for some players is its speed, but I like to play hard, fast and aggressive. The price is reasonable to for a Carbon blade, unlike these Butterfly Carbon blades
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        Posted 02-02-2015
        5.00 World Champion table for a reason!
        • Great bounce!
        • Clean table
        • Beautiful look

        • Price
        This is the best table in the world in my opinion. It looks very nice, very sturdy. The bounce is very good and consistency. I guess the only downside is the price, but you are paying for the quality.

        This table was used in the 2011 World Cup in the UK. The surface is a nice colour to. The best table out there!
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        Posted 12-17-2014
        4.00 High quality
        • Good control
        • Good spin

        • Durability
        This is a great rubber from Joola which is a good choice for the backhand side. The soft sponge allows good spring and speed on the backhand. I always feel in good control even when hitting the ball at a high speed.

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