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      Posted 10-30-2017
      3.00 Not for me
      • Not sensitive
      • More consistency
      • Budget friendly
      • Doesnt hold well
      • go for T05
      I have tried these rubbers in max thickness on my main boy, Butterfly M.Maze OFF.

      I used to use Tenergy 05s before but decided to look for cheaper ones to get used to since I'm NOT either sponsored by Butterfly or a billionaire...

      It seemed to be tacky straight outta packaging and all seemed to go well since it certainly gave me more consistency in my shots.

      After half an hour, I could easily tell that its ability to hold and grab the ball is noticeably inferior compared to Tenergy 05 I used to use.

      I would certainly suggest you go for T05s despite it not being so budget friendly; it would feel worse, noticing it's not really worth the money after spending your money to buy this rubber.

      For those who have solid techniques and are willing to adjust to this rubber, then this one's for you.

      The only good sides I can mention are: Great for better consistency and Not as sensitive to spin.

      I'm planning to try out Joola X-plode next time. My coach used to use it and I remember being amazed with the quality of its spin and catapult effect. So this one's looking a lot more positive for me. I will write my review on it here in the future so look for my reviews!

      P.S. Andro Rasant is a great alternative for T05s but the only thing is it dies quickly...:L

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      Posted 06-20-2016
      5.00 Best rubber I have ever used.
      • Solid Control
      • Tons of spin
      • both FH and BH
      • less durability
      • expensive
      This is the third Tenergy I have tried and I feel like I have found just the right one to use for life; I tried Tenergy 80 and 80 FX before this one.

      I have tried many rubbers before, DHS Hurricane 3, Donic Easy Slick, Joola Rhyzm Tech, Butterfly Addoy, DHS G888, Tibhar Euro Soft Grip S, Andro Rasant Grip, Butterfly Roundell Soft and a lot more so it was fairly easy for me to notice the clear contrast between this one and the other.

      when having opened the package, I could feel that 'Tenergy feeling' of a soft and grippy topsheet that makes the ball sink into the rubber which I absolutely love and the rubber was no doubt built to be in its highest quality.

      I currently have this rubber in 1.9mm sponge thickness on both sides of Tibhar Paul Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon and my review will be based on this combination. Having used this combo for a while, I believe I can confidently give you accurate words about my views on this rubber. I hope you enjoy reading this review and find it helpful.

      Serving: I could feel the ball being absorbed into the sponge. I totally loved the generous dwell time that allowed me get a great control of it and produce quality intense spin. It is always a pleasure to see the phenomenal amount of spin this rubber is capable to generate and this is where my joy of using this rubber began. Yep, not any particular trouble with serving. Just so impressed that I can now feed my opponents with tons of spin with minimal effort.

      Pushes & Blocks: when doing short and long pushes, I found this rubber to have a wide range of gear allowing me to locate the ball at the desired length. Personally, when it comes to blocking, I think the grip of the rubber and the solidness of the blade are the most crucial factors to let me make some quality blocks and I think my blade and rubber did a splendid job here. Only a tiny bit of flex in my blade, not as stiff as Joo Se Hyuk blade I used before. Anyways, Nothing stopped my Tenergy 05 FX from doing its job. It felt firm and consistent when blocking and one thing that surprised and impressed me is it gave me a secure feel even when blocking smashes which did help me more in match situations.

      Forehand & Backhand Topspin: Yes, this rubber does have a low throw angle and it admittedly does. However, I found its soft topsheet and sponge let me do the topspin strokes at a closed angle(to be precise 10~20 degrees above the horizontal so fairly flat) with confidence consistently since the ball just soaks into the rubber and sponge easily. And now, this would be one of the most important factors in the match, topspin against backspin(!) This rubber made it comfortable for me to 'lift up'/'brush up' the backspin with ease without much effort. If there're some guys out there struggling with lifting up the backspin, I would definitely recommend this rubber. If the price is the matter, Andro Rasant Grip is one great alternative. I have to say, the major part of this is how easily the ball gets soaked into the rubber and sponge and I think it is one great rubber for everyone. Another fact that I would highly regard is the safety over the net. Needless to say, getting the ball over the net and in the table is the most crucial and a key part to table tennis and it is indeed essential that rubber does the job properly so we can all be confident and consistent with our shots. As a spin orientated offensive all rounder, this is a perfect rubber for me to do all these attacking strokes with high level of consistency and I can safely recommend it to any of my friends who play table tennis in similar style as mine or more offensively.

      Loops: I am going to be honest here. I am not so good at doing the backhand loops, especially, around the net or at an extreme angle. So, I will base my review of doing the loops on how I felt when doing the forehand loops. The characteristic of the rubber I have repeatedly mentioned above did help me with doing the quality loops under control. Inside out loop, side spin loop, they were all made easier for me.

      In match situations: Even when in the match this rubber allowed me to generate quality spin and shots while not compromising either the control or the consistency. I sometimes tend to be slow with my reactions but the extended dwell time helped me raise the accuracy in my shots.

      I understand how unreal this review may sound due to so many positive comments about it. It is how much this rubber has helped me and I can honestly recommend it to all intermediate players like me. The only drawbacks are as mentioned above; I am not saying the rubber is a total slime but it is not as durable compared to Andro Rasant Grip for example and yeah, obviously Tenergy rubbers are pricy for their names and technology but still the pricing of these rubbers is a bit exorbitant. I saw many reviews saying this rubber is for backhand. However, I disagree, I think this rubber provides amazing control for both forehand and backhand.

      This review is not on how I felt about this rubber straight out of the packaging. I took some time to get to know the rubber. It took me a bit of time to get used to its feel and trajectory so I can make suitable adjustments to my strokes. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it to the proper choppers who like chopping far from the distance.

      To save you some fortunes, I recommend you to try DHS A4002 as a starter. This pre-assembled bat is a quality one for its price; costs around 14~16 GBP on Amazon. It has Hurricane 3 on FH and G888 on BH. It can be bought cheap on Amazon which is where I bought mine as well.

      Then move onto customizing your bats. get Andro Rasant Grip on both sides of Paul Drinkhall Allround Classic which is a controlled version of my current blade, Paul Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon.

      When you are seeking for more spin and speed, then move onto Tenergy and maybe faster blade as well

      Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it informative and helpful

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      Posted 06-17-2016
      4.00 My first Tenergy
      • Spin with ease
      • PromisingControl
      • not too fast
      • too expensive
      Tenergy 80 FX was my first ever Tenergy and I used it on both sides on Joo Se Hyuk blade, not because I am defensive but I am a big fan of him.

      This review will be on both Joo Se Hyuk blade and Tenergy 80 FX but the main focus will be on Tenergy 80 FX. Since I used some rubbers before, I made some comparisons as well.

      First impression: I had it in 1.9mm sponge thickness and I was pleased with two things. Butterfly no doubt built this rubber to be in its highest quality and I could feel the softness and grippiness of the topsheet right away.

      Serving: I was amazed at the amount of spin this rubber is capable to produce. The ball just gets absorbed into the rubber and sponge so I was able to generate tons of spin with minimal effort in my wrist action. However, it is just my personal preference but, I felt that Andro Rasant Grip is a lot softer and grippier than this rubber and helped me more with generating more spin on my serves as well as in match situations.

      Match situations: The control was just amazing. The only drawback is the throw angle being a bit low but it is something that can be worked towards to get accustomeed to. Topspin against backspin was reasonably easy but if I had to compare, I would say Tenergy 05 FX or Andro Rasant Grip would be the better options. Despit the tremendous amount of the spin this rubber can exert, the consistency during the matches was the most impressive part of using this rubber.
      the topspin drive, blocks and short pushes could be done with ease without any trouble. I can easily imagine this rubber on other blades; I have to say, The Joo Se Hyuk blade's stiffness certainly helped me do some quality, devastating smashes without compromising much control. I would personally recommend using this rubber with some reasonably stiff blades for those keen smashers.

      Overall some pros would be, loads of spin without too much effort, consistent control during the match situations, a nice forehand rubber.

      The cons are what most would expect. Price! It indeed does cost us fortunes to buy a sheet of this. And... it will take some time to get used to angling due to its trajectory and amount of spin it produces.

      From my personal experience, if you are buying rubber for the same price, go for Tenergy 05 FX for intense spin with secure control. Or, if you are for the lower prices, go for Andro Rasant Grip or Andro Backside 2.0C(not the thickness it's the name of the rubber) which are bit slower.

      It's packed with some decent control and spin so it would be worth buying this rubber for your first time using Tenergy.

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      Posted 06-16-2016
      4.00 Impressive control, thanks to ALC
      • Great feel
      • Awesome control
      • spin made easier
      • 'powerspin'???
      • slight flex
      • could be stiffer
      Rubbers used on the blade: Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX on both sides.
      I have been using this conbination for over a couple of months now. The review is based on my thoughts on the blade after I got used to how the blade works.

      I have it in flared handle and felt comfortable in hand. It felt like the most comfortable and light blade I have ever used; I tried (DHS A4002 blade, Donic Team 900 blade, Donic Schildkrot Carbotec 50, Andro Super Core Cell ALL, Joo Se Hyuk, Xiom Allround S, Stiga Carbonado 145 and Stiga Emerald VPS) in the past.

      General Topspin Strokes: Due to an extended dwell time and throw angle, I first struggled to work out the angle and how much I should brush to make quality shots. After a while, I managed to get the touch of the blade and I found the ALC giving me a stable feel on the strokes. The higher throw angle certainly helped me to hit at a closed angle(10~20degrees above the horizontal to be precise ) with confidence promising the safety over the net. I like the way every shot felt nice and stable due to the carbon layer. However, I noticed a slight flex which caused some vibration(it's how I felt personally so others may think differently). Moreover, what I really liked about this blade is, the topspin against backspin was made easier despite tenergy 05fx being said to be a spin sensitive rubber. The extended dwell time gave me an increased control and did help me generate more spin with ease but personally, I would not say it is as intense as its name, 'Powerspin'. Especially with backhand topspin I whip(or give catapult effect) more than I normally do with my wrist to ensure a smooth solid brush stroke since the blade is a bit flex.

      Spin In General(in match situations and when serving): Generating spin is indeed made easier as I can sense the feeling that I get when rubber generates a quality spin with minimal effort. When I serve, I normally prefer some weight on the head of the bat to have my wrist as a pivot to quicker the brushing motion as I whip my 'loosen' wrist fast. Most importantly, in match situations, considering the amount of pressure, it's not always easy to be meticulous with generating spin. However, I found this blade to be quite effective with allowing promising amount of spin in such situations as well. It would have been perfect for me if the head was little bit heavier and stiffer.

      Overall: I tried this blade with Tibhar Euro Soft Grip S rubber on both sides before and it looks like Tenergy 05 or 05FX would go better with this blade. The blade could be a little more stiffer and a tiny bit heavier on the head to get a soild feel on the hits. I have tried carbonado 145 before and I would say this one certainly provides better feel and greater control. I would say it is suited for intermediate players that are spin orientated. Furthermore, some quality chopping can be done from close to the table to mid distance so could be suitable for some choppers as well but not recommended for those who chop far from the table since it has a bit of flex and is not stiff enough.

      I hope you find this review helpful and enjoy the blade

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