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    Reviews posted by vik
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    Reviews Rubbers(1)
        Posted 05-29-2017
        3.00 Butterfly g40+
        • durable
        • round

        • low spin
        • wierd sound
        This ball is fast,round,but not much spin.I would say it is soft if you hit the ball with an edge it does not crack it becomes not round witch some kind of dent
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        Posted 05-29-2017
        5.00 Wldner Dicon
        • Good speed
        • good control

        Waldner Dicon is all wood blade bud faster than Promorac OFF- or Stiga offensive classic.This wood has good feeling better than carbon blades a little bit slower.
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        Posted 07-19-2016
        4.00 Xiom Vega Europe DF
        • control
        • spin
        • price

        • power
        • speed
        Very good rubber for this price.What I don´t like if want to hit realy hard power topspin winner after service it becomes uncontrolable ball goes out or to the net.I like it more than vega pro .Vega Europe DF has softer feeling,but maybe too soft..Vega pro seems to me dead feeling.
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