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    Reviews Rubbers(5)
        Posted 03-30-2017
        5.00 All about control
        • Control
        • speed
        • weight

        • spin
        Ok the test is done ......testing the Rasanter R42 2mm sponge in red
        Weight of uncut rubber is 62 grams ... 175*170 mm
        As far as i do not like the feeling of the rubber the rubber just plays great ...
        I have used it on my Bh side ....
        The rubber has lot of control ,i was just surprised how stupid played balls landed on opponent side of the table . The rubber is perfect for flat hitting as for looping .
        Spin is good . If you want to apply spin you have to hit it hard ... this is not brush spin rubber, it is more drive spin rubber ... however this helps it to be practically not responding to incoming spin ...however still not as good as Tg3-60 ...
        Speed is there and it is definitely very fast rubber .... I played it with koto outer ply off+ blade, but i think off- stiff blade will helps to achieve more gears in low velocity balls...
        in short game it is still bouncy but has still good control.
        For serves .... i have to be apply high toss and punch type of serve to the ball activate the sponge it self ... other ways there is practically no spin on serves ... so it is not suited for short spiny serves.... shame (or maybe some other kind of serve which i`m not aware for now have to be used) ....
        I have borrow it to much skilled players for test and all of them like it mostly for FH .... but in combination with my off+ stiff blade it was not suited for chopping. So no review here. but it was safe to loop from mid to far distance with great control and speed.
        For now it will stay as my Bh rubber ....not for the rubber it self but i was forced in this test to use my TG3-60 on fh and i found a sleeping beauty on this rubber for short game on fh ...this is just monster and now i`m level above with my FH .......but this is other rubber
        i definitely can say yes to R42 2mm rubber. Go for it you will not regret.

        I liked this rubber so much so i bought the same one, but in Black ..
        And the spin is greater .... i not sure if it was because of blade (now i`m using limba outer ply wood) or the color or what ... But now the spin is great also on brush spin loops and short serves ... so now it is just perfect .
        I like it.
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        Posted 08-03-2015
        5.00 Good replacement for training balls
        • good for trainin

        For now the best choice ...
        In training i can not tell if this is plastic or celluloid
        in club we are using Tibhar ,Jola And XuShaofa star 40+ and only this one i`m not sure if they are celluloid or plastic ... when i just do multiple ball training.
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        Posted 07-08-2015
        5.00 Softest rubber i have ever tried.
        • Perfect feel
        • Great spin
        • Excelent control

        i`m playing with it now about for about one month and coming directly from Yasaka rakza 7 soft.
        So lets start.
        At first ... rubber is glued to custom off+ carbon blade with balsa core.

        It has a lower throw then rakza 7 soft , and it looks like more direct rubber. But The loops when you brush it are more open then rakza 7 soft. Control on loops is a little bit lower than yasaka rakza 7 soft.
        It is great for opening loops , perfect for smashing and flicks, perfect for short chops with excellent placement (i dont do chops from distance ,so i can not tel how it goes in this case) .
        It is about 20% softer and 10% faster than tenergy 80Fx .
        Great spin if you wish to spin.
        Durability looks ok ... the sponge has larger pores but smaller than the one on Rasant grip, short on net is just perfect.
        One of the best Bh rubber so far for me
        If you want to see side structure to compare here you go .:

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        Posted 04-28-2015
        5.00 Great short-to mid Distance
        • feel
        • spin

        • control
        This rubber is so far the best suited rubber for my FH.
        If you want to use it properly you have to use it on off+ or off++ blade . Do not even try it on def or all blade .(you will end with lots of balls in the net).
        I really like the linear curve of speed with this rubber. If you hit softly it has a low bounce . But if you use your whole body ,then it just go fast (but not as fast as andro rasant series of rubbers ).....
        This sponge of the rubber needs to get in playing condition ,so you have to play about 2-4 Hours to it get softer and more response .
        The control is a little bit difficult without good technique.
        The weight is medium ass all top rubbers from different brands .
        Spin is just great .. especially for serves. you can hit it soft or hard there is always a great amount of spin .
        I like the feel it gives me, when i`m using powerstrokes.... just perfect.
        Overall i can only recommend this rubber .
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        Posted 04-28-2015
        4.00 Good Ruber But not for me
        • Control
        • spin

        • speed
        • durability
        when someone is saying this rubber is fast is not true .. it is somewhere in the middle .. you need a lot of power in hand. it`s slower than DHS NEO H3 and far from Andro Rasant Grip
        But this soft sponge give it a lot of control near the net . Great for opening loops .
        Spin is good but not as the Andro R G or DHS H3
        Blocking is good and precise.
        Overall this rubber is Great for short to table game ,but not to distance play (unless you have a spare arms).
        The control from this rubber is incredible, you can return practically all with this rubber .But i can not recommend it to someone who is learning Table Tennis .

        ps.: I have played 3 matches with this rubber (both sides 80FX, off- blade) and 3 with my Andro Rasant Grip and DHS NEO H3 (off+ blade). 3 wins for BF 80FX (with great lead ) , and 3 loses (tight) with Andro and H3. But i do not like the softness of the rubber so i will try to go for non FX version (because of lack of the speed)
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        Posted 03-02-2015
        5.00 Great short-to mid Distance play
        • Perfect loops
        • Excellent spin
        • Excellent Flick

        • Durability
        Hi .... Now it is about one month I have been playing with this rubber. Initially i was confused from the throw angle on my FH so i played with it on BH ..where it is just perfect. But now i get used to it also on my FH and it is great for Power loops and Spin .. On push game it is very spiny but also a little bit more sensitive to incoming spin ... but you can easily master the incoming spin after a while. And what is the best about this Rubber is the sound ... I like it when you just hit it with power ... wow. Of course the serves are just really hard to return ... lot of spin.

        Ok after a while of playing with this rubber (i have tried off+ and all blades with it)i love it for the backhand .. the flicks are just unstoppable ,very High speed can be produced only from a fast wrist movement .... But touch play is a little bit harder with it .Short to net is ok but the transition to back line is hard to get in hand .. the sponge is really reactive and need to practice to get the good feeling for this.

        Just great rubber...

        Only think is the durability, after a month of playing I can already see my finger movements on bottom of the rubber, so im really afraid how long it will last.
        Ok after four months of playing (4 times per week, 1.5 hour practice) the top sheet is ok .... (i clean it with tap water at the end of the day ) only the finger parts is absolutely destroyed . (maybe the salt from fingers ? but my DHS NEO H3 has no issues at all so i do not now) .

        ps.: i bought it for 33 Euro from internet store.

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