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        Posted 06-05-2016
        4.00 Bullet Fast!
        • Fast!
        • Blocking control
        • Huge sound

        • Fragile
        • Spin
        • Thick!
        This blade is utterly fast. I have a lot of trouble keeping my topspin on the table. Dont even have to use my body.

        I paired it with Vega Asia Fh Vega Europe BH.
        It has a medium throw. Using Vega Asia on Cho Tokusen gave me a slightly higher arc.
        The speed i think is a bit too much. I have some trouble creating spin on the ball. Maybe with a grippier rubber like T05, Rakza X, Fastarc G-1 it becomes easier.
        Spin is ok, nothing special. Despite being 1ply hinoki there isnt that much of dwell.Unless is far from table is difficult to generate huge spin.
        ITS THICK. 11mm cpen blade, not counting rubbers. unless you have very big hands you gonna have a bad time...
        RPB is difficult. The sweetspot on the rpb is little to none, very difficult to perform a precise shot, but if you do is very rewarding. Huge spin and low arc.
        Heavy!! my setup is 213grms. Im a big guy and i still needed about a week to wrists get used to.
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        Posted 06-05-2016
        5.00 Best feeling ever
        • Feeling
        • Spin
        • Control

        • A bit slow
        • Bouncy
        It was the last blade of the musical instruments line i bought but is by far the best. No vibration, awesome feeling, blocks, topspin, serves...all good.

        The best experience i had was with medium/hard rubbers like Rakza 7, Adidas P7 and Fastarc G-1(the sponge is hard but top sheet is very elastic).
        It has high throw, flexible(not that much), huge dwell and a the top ply is mildly hard. Perfect blade for begginers and intermediate level. Unless youre in a level that youre constantly in open rallies, the speed is more than enough with modern rubbers.

        I tried with double inverted and it was awesome. With short pips, awesome too! - although had some trouble to adjust pips topspins. Now i want to try with long pips, Curl P-1R 1.2mm, im sure this blade will perform well too!

        Of all the blades i have, this is the only one if i got a chance, i would buy 3 more of them.
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        Posted 06-05-2016
        5.00 Only carbon blade i liked
        • Control
        • Speed
        • Feeling

        • Head Heavy
        • Medium Throw
        • MediumTrajectory
        I played with this blade for about 3 months. I tried with Omega IV Asia, FastArc G-1 and S-1.

        I wouldnt compare this blade to Acoustic but to Tenor. This blade is very stiff with long dwell. Its hardness is something like Tenor on low and medium gear, on power loops and counters it felt too soft, even with Omega IV Asia.

        Close and middle distance from the table this is the best blade i ever had (when paired with G-1). It does everything with control and speed.
        Far from the table, despite being able to impact huge spins i felt a loss of control, consistency wasnt there. And my game is basically consistency. I dont have footwork, tons of speed of spin, but i always throw the ball back to the court.
        Maybe if you pair this blade with less bouncy and harder rubbers like Omega V Tour and Asia, Hurricane or MX-S you can gain control away from table.
        Now, the best experience i had with this blade was with short pips. I assembled Rakza PO and Fastarc S-1 and tried to stay very close to the table. Its just awesome. Could hit everything and even consistent topspin with pips due its softness. Highly recommended Short Pips blade.

        In short:
        High Speed like TBALC, more than Viscaria, Tenor, Ludeack Fleet.
        Awesome control just like Acoustic.
        Good spin. Its very stiff and you have to be right on time to impact huge spins close to table. Medium/Long distance its a monster.
        Outstanding feeling. Felt like an allwood blade. Could only feel the carbon when i smashed. Short game is so precise.
        Medium Throw. I had to put some effort to lift spinny counter loops.
        Medium Trajectory.
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        Posted 11-20-2015
        4.00 Nice BH rubber
        • Easy to engage
        • Nice spin
        • Good block

        • Fragile
        • Bottom out
        • Humid Weather

        Same Package, really grippy as well but way more soft when pressing finger. No smell, very little curl. I could easily reglue with simetry this rubber. when i clean the sponge, despite have softer sponge, i did not damage it just like P7. I used Norizuke San Yasaka Glue on both.
        Control control and control. This rubber is all about control. Has decent speed ( if t64 is 9.4 this is 9.0), very good spin even with small wrist movement. Dead in passive game, doesnt accept income spin. Punch blocks 80% goes to the table. Well, i punch block a lot, i love to push to the oponent do a slow loop :3
        Low throw but not like LT Sound, id say Medium Throw, like MarkV or Vega Europa. Despite the throw, 3rd ball opening is easy and very controlled and so does 2nd ball attack. At my level, most of serves are heavy-long-lateral in my BH. I can easily attack those balls, not lighting fast to win the point but i really do considerably damage. As its brother P7, P3 also shines Mid Distance when you do a full swing. The arc is awesome, trajetory low.
        In short :
        *Awesome BH Rubber
        *Dead short game
        *Little wrist movement packages tons of spin
        *Medium-low Throw
        *Grippy as rat-trap
        *I did not like the feeling that much. I prefer the P7 at this department. Feels like a Xiom rubber.
        *Durability might be an issue. It is soft (42.5 i suppose) and the topsheet is thin compared to P7, Rakza or Omegas.
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        Posted 11-20-2015
        4.00 Close to table grail.
        • Spin
        • Close to table
        • Easy to use

        • Bouncy
        • +/-slow mid dist
        • Humid weather

        Very nice package. Really, really grip and hard when pressing finger. It comes with a plastic package with holes. Doesnt have any strange smell and curls a lot. Regular dome. It really was a struggle to glue it and when i did, the sealant on the Tenor let it loose and after sanding it a bit, i still cannot reglue with perfect simetry, mainly due its curl. It really makes me mad, it is just 1mm off to the left, but really,makes, me, mad.
        Boucing the ball on it makes very little noise. Not overly bouncy with a relaxing vibration. The spin i got when i throw against the rubber is the highest i got so far. Rakza 7, H3NEO, Omega Asia, LT Plus, none. I even draw some stripes in the ball to be sure.
        When first i played with it was a disaster. Very high-throw, a bit bouncy when you go passive, but much less than Rakza 7. Just after 4 hours i started to put some balls on the table. About a 8 hours to make some quality shots. It is really a different but awesome rubber. 3rd ball opening is a breeze. With you wrist movement only you can do damage with spin. Slow loop is very easy as well, although it is bouncy short game, with a good swing you can do a slow spinny ball close to the net.
        FH exchanges you can really feel the ball sinking in the sponge, despite being overall a hard rubber, the feeling is very butter soft
        In short
        *Ultimate Spin
        *Good speed, 8.5/10 id say.
        *Pleasant feeling.
        *Not noisy
        *Low, medium, high gear are there at your will.
        *Looks very alike Rakza7 topsheet, and being its durability very alike markV (7months now and plays/look like new) i think P7 so will do last that much.
        *Rumors says Adidas is discontinuing TT products
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        Posted 11-20-2015
        5.00 Outstanding!
        • Control
        • Speed
        • Craftmanship

        • Larger head
        • Heavy

        A beautiful, well-crafted blade. Everything smooth as butter. No sharp edges. Comes with a very, very thin coat of sealant. A coat of Alcohol based sealant was applied to the handle, just to keep the gorgeous looking of it.

        At first i thought it'd be a brick in my hand due its weight - 93gr - and the oversized head. Yea, its heavy. But less head heavy than some Stigas blades i have. The rubbers take some part of it but its mainly the balance of the blade. Even tho its oversized i dont think it impacts some "pocket power shots" , compact moves.
        As a close-to-table allround offensive player, i must say it is slow when you want, and super fast when you swing enough. Before i used Adidas with Tenor, i tried Omega IV Asia both sides, Omega V Europa, Vega Europa, Tenergy 64 and the blade behavior did not change. It is dead in short-play, fast close game, and fast/super spinny mid distance rallies. A friend o mine has one too, he uses Adidas P5 and Adidas Blaze Speed SP, im not familiar with SP but the little i tried, it still offering the speed and placement control, a true do-it-all this blade is. Well, another friend o mine tried LP+Tenor and it didnt go well, too fast he said.
        In short
        *Beautiful blade
        *Outstanding Craftmanship
        *Little Vibrations...well, it does have vibrations but not like a tamborine like P500, Rosewood V, Infinity and Offensive S. It is smooth. Its vibration connects to your soul and you become as one.
        *Short/Close game very good.
        *Mid distance is where it shines. If you do a full swing, is almost a point won, spin is huge and so is the speed. In rallies i can change direction with much more accuracy than other setups.
        *Full racket i think is about 190~gr but doest feel it. Still very agile. I feel my RW5 (82gr) with 2 Rakzas 7 way more headheavy than this.
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        Posted 11-10-2015
        4.00 Good Defensive Blade
        • Control
        • Control
        • Beauty

        • Very slow
        • A bit flexible
        • A bit soft
        I must say i wasnt impressed by this blade.
        I had it for 2 weeks. Played about 10 hours with it. Curl P-1R and Rakza 9 were the rubbers.
        It was the most controlable blade i ever played with. Close, Mid, far from table, i could always returns the balls.
        The problem was with offensive strokes. FH drives, LP hits, wasnt much impressive. Coming from Joo Se Hyuk as defensive setup, i think it was a huge downgrade to my game as defender.
        Sure, the beauty of the handle it something to consider, also the sound and vibration that it makes :P
        But still, a bit slow/soft/flexible for modern defensive game/my liking
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        Posted 11-10-2015
        4.00 1st soft rubber i liked
        • Soft/not mushy
        • Fast
        • Very Spinny

        • Crumbles
        • Bouncy
        • Durability
        I was skeptical about trying Nittaku rubbers. Despite owning a whole bunch of Nittaku blades i still had nightmares with Refoma and Midship SC. And as a fanboy of Rakza line i didnt thought that there would be similar rubbers to my like. I was wrong.

        It has 42 degrees. Either sponge and topsheet are very soft. It is thin, small pips and very spaced.
        Easily damaged.
        It has awesome spin potential, but due softness, might not be good on FH rallies.
        It has a high throw.
        Not linear, a bit bouncier than rakza when block and pushing.
        Does serves well. OK~ish
        A good BH rubber or an outstanding intermediate FH rubber.
        Huge sound! Reminded me a bit of LT Sound
        I dont think it ever bottomed out with me and im not a small guy, 1.83 105kg
        The setup i used was Nittaku Acoustic Carbon, Fastarc G-1 FH, Fastarc S-1 BH.
        I must say im not prepared to perform with the blade at its full potential.
        The best setup i found so far to play mid distance exchanges, counters and loops. But as i my game still close to table, i find difficult to control sometimes and adjust the distance.
        Despite all of that "dear diary..." , the setup is very good! As i tend to use BH still middle of the table, i really require a spinny controled rubber to my game. S-1 fits it. I can easily open any underspin, not mattering how heavy it is. The change between spin and speed is very easy also, 3rd/5th ball are my main weapons. I cant safely vary spin that much tho. I got the feeling sometimes that if i flatten my hits i will miss, or spin it more will get the ball too high. I prefer Rakza 7 at these moments.

        Worth a try, you wont be disappointed
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        Posted 11-10-2015
        4.00 Fast yet not so spinny SP
        • Fast
        • Nice Block
        • Awesome Counters

        • Control
        • Unpredictable
        • Weight
        2 months ago i decided to train with SPs. At first i bought 729 802-40, Stiga Clippa and Adidas Blaze Speed. 729 and Stiga were way too spinny for a full SP play to my like. I sticked with Adidas and then after, in need of more speed, i bought Rakza PO.

        The firsts session were a disaster. As it has the same sponge as Rakza 7 soft it is bullet fast. I must make the right contact and stroke to be sucessful or will end just blocking.
        The Pips are thinner and more spaced than 802-40 and Clippa, horizontaly aligned.
        I think it is as heavy as rakza 7 soft.
        It has some deceptiveness. On spinny balls block, if you dont make the wrist movement and just hit the pips, the ball with be dead or even with some back spin, it just oddly floats.
        I can get a good amount of spin on serves, just enough so oponnent doesnt easily attack.

        The setup im using with this SP is : Nittaku Tenor, Rakza 7 FH, Rakza PO BH.
        Although being a fast setup, it is very controlable, even with Rakza PO. It is just a positioning matter. You must get the ball off the bounce or in its higher moment you will end in the net.
        Rakza PO really shines on counter attacks. I just love to push so the oponnent loops with a high arc, yummy!
        DO NOT TRY TO CHOP. This SP is very bouncy when you put some energy into. It is not linear, it does is a ~tensor~ short pips.

        Feel free to PM if you want to ask anything else.
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        Posted 11-10-2015
        5.00 Suprisingly good
        • Very durable
        • Awesome Control
        • High speed

        • needs to breakin
        • very hard
        • must engg sponge
        I gotta be honest, the first time i tried this rubber i did not like it at all. I bought a pair and sold after 2 sessions. Back then, ive just used Rakza 7, they are a lot different to generate spin and speed.

        -48 degrees i think
        -Hard, compact sponge with an elastic top sheet.
        -DOES NEED TO BREAK IN. About 10-15 hours of play, after that, the topsheet becomes much softer and it plays much easier, in a very pleasant way.
        -Medium/high throw
        -You must engage the sponge to generate as much spin as rakza 7/t05.
        -Outstanding control in all departments. Block, serve, receive, drive, flick, loop, counterloop....the best tensor rubber in this department i found so far.
        -Huge speed but also with low gear. Slow shots are slow, fast shots are fast. A very linear rubber. You get as much speed as your stroke has.

        I think the best setups i found so far for this rubber are 7plies or carbon blades. I tried on Rosewood V, Acoustic, Acoustic Carbon, 7p2a, Ludeack, Xiom Extreme S, TB ALC(courtesy of a friend) and Viscaria. The best results were with Acoustic Carbon, 7p2a, Xiom Extreme S, TB ALC and Viscaria.
        It doest lasts alot. Most of members from both clubs i go, uses Xiom Omega IV ASIA or Europe, i see most of them change rubbers after 6-8months.

        Be patient with this rubber and you will be rewarded
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        Posted 10-31-2015
        5.00 Dem feels bro
        • Feeling
        • Control
        • Spin

        • Price
        • rubber dependant
        I decided to buy it when i got my hand on an Acoustic Carbon. This blade is amazingly controlable yet fast and spinny, i got an urge to know how tis lil brother would perform.

        I wasnt impressed at first, when knockin ball on bare wood. I wasnt impressed too when i glued Omega IV Asia and Fastarc S1. Did not have confidence in FH strokes and neither on my BH, the feeling wasnt right.
        I DO was impressed when i glued pair of rakza 7. The feeling is just a bit harder than my Nittaku Avalox P500, but more consistent, more pace. It had that dwelly dwelly feel, like time stops when you swing.
        And it is strange since im used to play with either hard rubber 47+ and soft rubber 42- but it didnt go well.45 degrees is the magic number i think.

        I does has a good amount of vibration but not exaggerated, sweetspot is ok. This blade really excels in short game and close to table loop and loop drives, it goes wherever you want. It is also very easy to vary the spin, due its high dwell and throw, i can close or open my bat without risk performing the same swing.Despite being a 5ply blade relatively thin, it has linear characteristics.

        Does it worths the money? Yea. If you have a good budget and want more feel than performance, totally go for it, you will fall in love.
        If budget is shorter and want more performance than feel, there is a bunch of 5plies that does it like Nittaku Avalox P500, Avalox P500, Xiom offensive S, Korbel, Infinity VPS V, Yasaka Extra/sweden, YEO, Latika and many others. The main competitor to Acoustic is the OSP Virtuoso- and as aint that impressed with acoustic, you should check OSP first
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        Posted 07-10-2015
        5.00 Amazing speed nice control
        • Price
        • Really Fast
        • Control

        • Its not popular!
        • Medium+Sweetspot
        • Medium
        Kiri, Energy Carbon, Hinoki. 5 ply. 7.0mm . 87gr
        2x Xiom Omega IV Asia MAX

        An outstanding product.

        I purchased this blade last week and i must say im surprized. Tried Stigas and Btys powerhouses such as Clipper, RW5, TBALC,Primorac Carbon, etc...but none assembled so well the Carbospeed characteristcs.

        Tons of speed. Lightning fast. Drives and hits are top tier. You can easily place the ball even close to the table.
        Loops are quite tricky due medium dwell you must make a quick movement and use wrist otherwise will hit net or overtable.
        The throw is linear compared to most blades. There have to be spin in the ball to it produces an arc.
        Paired with Xiom Omega IV Asia short game is a piece of cake. Pretty dead rubber if you dont engage sponge but once you do it has monstruous spin and control. Flicks are quite good when movement is quick.
        3+ meters from table is easy, top spin rallies are menageable, id say easy but i lack the technique so wont go further.

        In short :
        Amazing blade. Easy to use.I dont know if i paired to exact holy grail rubber for this blade but despite slow strokes doesnt work that well, i cant think any drawback.
        Finishing and Craftmanship top tier. The handle is so beaultiful that i feel bad to have to dirty it. :/
        The blade is so well balanced. Even with medium++ weight rubber. 44g i think.
        Price. Ohhh the price. Bought for only 60USD.
        Not for lazyass strokes. You must go for every shot. Feet, knee, hips, back, shoulder, arm, wrist, blade!
        Very controlable short game. Tricky close to the table due linear throw.
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        Posted 07-09-2015
        5.00 Humble Price, rich experience.
        • Tons of feeling
        • Huge Sweetspot
        • Spin machine

        • Not that much
        • power after 3m
        • from table.
        As everyone mention, the feeling. The feeling with this blade is amazing, i cant describe.

        Sweetspot is almost entire blade. Mine is 87g.
        Fast, medium/hard bit of flexure.
        Control is the best ive tested. 9.5 for sure.

        I use with Rakza7 max both sides.
        I can produce monstruous spin in both slow loop or loop drive shots.My serve is very damaging. The only problem i have is flat hits but i think its more due technic/rubber than this beautiful blade.

        I recommend to anyone who like to play until 3m of table, more than that i think will lack some power.
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        Posted 07-09-2015
        3.00 Nice rookie blade.
        • Light
        • Nice feel
        • Control

        • Vibrates a lot
        • Medium-sweetspot
        I bought this blade to re educate my strokes. Previsouly i used Rosewood V with 2 Rakzas, way too fast to my level.

        I paired this blade with two Mark V AD. Yea, it is slow, reaaly slow. But that is just what i wanted. This combo has a really low throw, i mean it, so every shot i have to do the proper technic to hit the other side.

        Spin i think its low but mainly due the rubber. only if i dig deep in the sponge i can produce good spin. Thats good for my strategy because oponent is getting used to you flat and low balls and then you make a spinny slow loop. Due its elasticity i can make really fast backhand swings, being my primary kill shot.

        It is awesome for blocking topspins but tricky to do so with flat hits. Sweet spot is medium.

        Overall id rate this blade as 8, as long as you are a newplayer/developing intermediate. You must go for every shot, you will have a good control. And its light, mine came as 77g. With rubber i think its around 140g.
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        Posted 05-28-2015
        5.00 Wild beast
        • Speed
        • Consistency
        • Large Handle

        • Glueing w/o sand
        • ~price
        • Control at first
        My first real blade. Previously i was playing with an old TSP Chinese 5-S, All around, lots of vibration and slow. It was a huuuuuuge BOOM to my experience. This blade is as fast as date lenght. At first i tried with LT PLUS BH LT SOUND FH but it was ~meh~. Then i tried H3NEO FH Rakza7 BH...too heavy and did not fell right. Then i tried LT PLUS as FH and maintained Rakza 7 as BH. Supa dupa blaster master speed!! Awesome! I was able to loop consistently with BH and fast drive/smash with FH. Awesome....but still felt strange. Now i am with Rakza 7 Max both sides....WOW. Thats is! My control short, close and mid distance improved a lot as i vary speed/spin a lot during a point, it offers very smooth transitioning. The control provided by blade is good. Not superb, but good. It flexes a bit when swing too fast, which i found in hand on those far backhand angle strokes. Speed is high. Feeling...hmm...maybe i didnt my medicines up lately but it talks with you. Whenever you are with wrong rubber, stroke poorly...it tells ya. I never saw myself blaming the rubber for that difficult stroke went wrong....i knew it was me...dem feels bro. In short Tons of fells - of course, monoply hinoki is the king in this department Control - Good, yeah...good. Speed - High o/ Hardness - HARD Stiffness - Medium id say. Short game - it lacks some control but i think its due rakza. Paired with medium-soft/medium rubbers is a looping machine. Rakza 7, Omega iv euro, Sigma II Euro would be good choices. Maybe Calibra LT Spin and Airoc M too!! Ohh, mine weights 82gr! im lucky ) If you are an intermediate player and want to take TT seriously, id highly advise this blade.
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        Posted 05-12-2015
        5.00 VRUMMMMMM
        • Usain Bolt
        • Light
        • F-1 car!

        • sponge crubbles
        • not for rookies
        • OFF+ not good :(

        This rubber is a dream! Of course, it has its cons but other side of the table really shines!

        LT Plus is a very hard sponge rubber with medium top sheet i think.
        It is not tacky but it is grippy. Top spins are a breeze. Loop is tricky due low arc. Full motion text book stroke needed.
        This is the perfect rubber for those who like to pressure all the time. You can change speed very well although change spin needs some keen.
        Serve is very very good, either with a jpen or a shakehand i was able to produce huge under, side and topspin serves!
        Not good on OFF+ blades, it wont have any feeling and will be way too fast.

        I use it on a Jpen Yasaka Aries 8, used on a Malin Extra Special and used on a Rosewood V.
        As jpen it awesome! the one ply hinoki adds a smooth arc and makes looping a breeze. awesome!
        with Malin extra special there was little feeling, difficult to loop. good for drive. block was tricky.
        With Rosewood V is awesome! One was made for other. Soulmates!

        In short

        Not good on OFF+/carbon blades.
        Nice serves
        Huge amount of speed, insane
        Nice spin if proper technic.
        Ok~ish blocks.
        Low arc
        Medium catapult
        Very good attack control. ))))

        Aw, i almost forgot. When you try to cut the rubber be aware because it crumbles when a box cutter/stiletto is used! id recommend a very sharp scisor
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        Posted 05-12-2015
        5.00 Underrated rubber :(((
        • Easy to use
        • Last very long
        • Spin/Speed huge!

        • need full motion
        • accept inc spin
        • Price?
        It is awesome BH rubber for all blade. Also very good FH to off/off- blades.
        It is very easy to vary speed/spin in your game. You can flick, loop, push and drive very well, excells at loop though.
        It grips the ball so well that will even make a coffee if you want it to.
        If you are a jack of all trades in the game, this rubber will help you!
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        Posted 05-12-2015
        5.00 7 ply awesomeness
        • Awesome sound
        • Really fast
        • Close to table

        • Weight~90-95
        • not for beginner
        I used it for 4 months with CH grip.
        It is heavy, even with some rubber changes. It will take about a week to start stroking comfortably.
        I used rakza 7fh omega iv asia fh and lt sound fh lt plus bh.

        With the rakza setup it was good for looping, close to the table with a smooth arc.
        I felt some deficiency at close games, very receptive to incoming spin and i found hard to adjust.
        Mid range (1-2m away) it still producing good speed and control, more than enough id say.
        Away from the table i cant say because im terrible at it, sorry.

        With the Calibra setup, way lighter i must say, it was better for drives and pushes, costing a bit of loop. The very soft sponge of LT Sound made every ball hit the table, medium arc, with some spin. Top spin exchange with huge direction changes was a breeze.

        Did i mention is has little vibration? Compared to my previous Aries 8 and current RW V, it is rock solid!

        In short--

        Close-mid range
        Medium soft sponges
        Loop is good, topspin/smashes awesome!
        Passive block is good, pushes well it some expertise.
        Must watch rubbers weight, combined it can be over 190 easily!
        Very durable. Not a single scratch till now.
        handsome grip!
        it is yasaka!
        Easy to sell also, i think.
        Price/Benefit ratio is little! just 70usd for a blade that will last way more than any of my dates and performs like any 150~usd 7ply all wood blade!
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