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    Reviews posted by VicVoc32
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    Reviews Rubbers(4)
        Posted 06-30-2016
        5.00 Awesome Spin and Feel
        • Spin
        • quality
        • control

        I have played two practises with Genesis M and I loved this rubber directly. What I like the most is the spin this rubber is able to generate, my serves got much spinnier and I really like the balance between speed and control. It's kind of different in feel from the earlier Stiga rubbers I have tried, maybe becasue it's made in China, however I think it feels much more like a euro rubber than a Chinese rubber when it comes to how it plays.

        If I compare to Tenergy I think this rubber is more spinny and and got a little higher arc. As Tom wrote I think this will be a popular rubbers that suits many offensive players.
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        Posted 09-04-2015
        5.00 Very good soft rubber
        • Spin
        • Control
        • Sound

        I tried out Stiga Airoc Soft yesterday and I think they felt very good. First I like the control and also the spin, I got very spinny serves. I have not played with so many soft rubbers before but I like the feel when hitting hard loops. I tried the rubbers with Clipper Wood and the new poly ball.
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        Posted 07-08-2015
        5.00 Nice rubbers
        • Sound
        • Spin
        • Control

        I won a couple of Calibra lt sound in a club tournament so i thought i could make a review on them. They feel pretty different from my Tenergys but still plays very good. I loved the high sound and the feel in the rubbers it must be one of the loudest rubber i have played with.

        The control was very nice, spin is awesome, and speed is good for an allround to offensive game style. The sponge was very soft, softer then i was used with but i still like the arc i got on the ball. i recommend them to players who prefer soft rubbers. Can anyone answer on the difference between Calibra lt sound and Calibra, is it just the hardness of the sponge?
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        Posted 06-23-2015
        5.00 Very good
        • Control
        • Good feel
        • not expensive

        I followed my friends and some of the members on this forums advice to get myself a Clipper. I felt like my last blade was to fast and hard to control for me so i thought that this blade could be a better alternative, and it was. I have not played with the Clipper for that long but i already like it very much. It got the control and feeling i was looking for but it still got plenty of speed and i can get the full use of my strokes.

        i have it easier to get my returns and serves short with good quality and i get a good connection with the ball, flicks also works great.

        It took a few practises to get fully used to a new blade but after adjusting my strokes a little i only feel likes it’s getting better and better. thanks for those who recommended me this blade and i will also edit this review and make it longer when i have played with the blade some more weeks.
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        Posted 06-11-2015
        3.00 Donic Blackthunder Senso V1
        • Fast
        • Good looking

        • Hard to control
        i thought i could make a short review on this blade since i couldn’t find any reviews on this blade in the equipment centre.

        i have played with Donic Blackthunder for maybe six month, i’m using it together with Tenergy 80. It’s a very stiff blade and it’s extremely fast, I like the power when playing hard strokes far away from the table, i also like the feel and the sound.

        The problem is that this blade is to fast and very hard to control. i think it’s hard to get my returns short and i have noticed that i often play to long balls when i’m out of position. this blade is made for advanced players who like fast blade, i would say this blade is OFF or maybe even OFF +.

        i can recommend it for very skilled players but for me i have noticed that i need a blade with more control. i’m glad if you can recommend me some other good blades in the comments below.
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        Posted 05-27-2015
        4.00 tenergy 80
        • spinny
        • good for my bh

        • price
        i now play with tenergy 80 on both my forehand and backhand. not so fast but good control and good spin. tenergy 80 suits my offensive game style great. the price is a little to much i think but otherwise i like them very much.
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